Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021

I am not an affiliate for this program. There are so many fake Wealthy Affiliate reviews sites that are simply veiled promotions for the program. In fact, even if you search wealthy affiliate unbiased review or wealthy affiliate scam, you’ll be hard pressed to find an article that mentions a single negative point of this program.

Now, I need to be frank with you. I have been making money online for over 20 years, and I have major concerns with the Wealthy Affiliate business model.

My main concern is this: Since you only make money by selling someone else’s product, the product owners may not pay you. They may change their commission structure. They may remove their products from the market. I have PERSONALLY had all these things happen. Instead, learn a business model that puts you in total control. You keep all the profits and you own all the products. And it takes less time to setup than a Wealthy Affiliate business. It uses a loophole in the google maps system to get you autopilot monthly payments. Video Here.

My own teenage kids even make money with this business model!

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Wealthy Affiliate. But since you are here to learn about Wealthy Affiliate, lets get back to our review of that:

I reached out to two of my students to review this for me. They both spent a lot of time in the program and have some unusual insights for you.

Here is what Emmet has to say:

I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate but you will find no links here to join the program. I intend to do things a bit outside of the box. I am actually going to discuss the good points along  with the not so good points and when I am done you will have a full understanding exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is all about

Who I Am

Hello My name is Emmitt, as mentioned earlier I joined Wealthy Affiliate May, 2019. I don’t think my story is really all that different from thousands of others out there. I want a better life, with more time to spend with family and friends. I want to be financially secure. In short I am the average Joe.

 I have tried several “Make Money Online Business Models” and spent more money than I care to remember on Hollow Promises, by so called Internet Gurus, to make me rich but not just rich they would do it in weeks if not days. I think you get where I am going with this. 

The truth is that with all of the Business Models that I have tried it was possible to make money. The thing that gets you hooked is the possibility of getting that big pay-day now not sometime down the road. Let’s face it who doesn’t want money sooner rather than later. 

I was looking through my email and I noticed an email the subject read “This Little Square could change your Life. The subject line intrigued me so I opened the email. The Link led To Wealthy Affiliate.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Basically, it is a training program that teaches you how to start a business online using affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products and get paid a commission every time that product is sold. So as a member of Wealthy Affiliate group you will access to a Boot Camp course, 70 short video lessons pertaining to about 10mins in length. You’ll be walked through the 7 levels of the course with the process of succeeding through each lesson successfully. This gives a newbie or an advanced marketer the foundation of actual hands on knowledge whilst managing each task to make for themselves a successful online business in your chosen niche.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

I was impressed by the welcoming entrance, clicking into the free for a limited time platform of Wealthy Affiliate. My mind was a flurry of exciting emotions. For me, it felt like I clicked into an online candy shop with new internet information. The feeling was like a sponge effect, the absorption was blatantly addictive.

The bright lights of widgets, the array of platforms filled with educational videos, incentive levels of learning, affiliate products, promotions, building websites, accessible domains, hosting platforms and best of all the growing community at Wealthy Affiliate. Truly! There is always something new and exciting.

There’s this 24/7 carousel of helpful communication with pleasantries a place to go to when you’re needing info quickly, the inviting welcomes of goodwill from the marketing affiliates busy at work, picture yourself stepping on to the online campus at Wealthy Affiliate, there is so much to take in. 

Where and How do I sign up?

After joining, the choices are simple. Choosing an account starting with taking a selfie adding a written description of the lifestyle you live and what your ideals are for your plans. I feel in a way it keeps the self-accountability awareness alive. 

Start For Free

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to join with their free account Called a Starter Package, here is what comes along with the free account. Let’s have a look!

Starter membership no cost: No Credit Card needed, 24/7 days live support help, Q&A 7 days, Daily Personal Blog, No classes, Beginner website and hosting package, level 1 core training, Jaxxy starter (keyword search help)

This is the level I started and stayed at. It was a pleasure to come in daily and blog about my daily thoughts.

There are definite benefits with  joining the Starter Package. First it allows you to see exactly how the program works, what is available and you do not need a credit card there is no obligation. The Starter Package Offers 1 Free website that is hosted on their subdomain. Next there is the training The starter Package is limited to 10 Core certification Classes, 10 affiliate bootcamp training lessons, 50 onsite training modules and 2 training classrooms. The 10 core certification training classes are enough to get your feet wet and give you a fairly good idea of what you are doing. 

Next there is the Support. The starter package offers these features, 7 days of 24/7 Live help, 7 days of integrated training help, 7 days of Networking with their experts and 30 monthly keyword searches. They also offer 50 training modules and 2 training classrooms. This offer might not seem adequate; it is enough to give you a sample of the world of online marketing.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

The Premium membership costs $49.00 per month. Premium Plus costs $99/month.

Premium membership offers 10 Websites, unlimited 24/7 Live help, Unlimited networking with the experts, unlimited keyword searches and unlimited integrated training help. The training is in depth they offer 50 core certification courses, 70 Affiliate Bootcamp training courses, over 1000 training modules and over 400 live class data base. 

This is the most popular package consisting of up to 10 websites you build, totally unlimited support, 52+ expertise classes, core training for all levels, free SSL, feedback Platform, Enhanced hosting security, Jaxxy Lite $19mthly value (keyword search app), Unlimited Keyword Search, Certification achievement for Core Training, Bootcamp Core Training, 1000+ Training Modules, Daily backup, Assured Security, Private Messaging, Communicate with Merchants.

From the Premium account onwards I can only imagine, the success to be great when the consistent effort is ongoing. Yes for sure it’s achievable, the mindset is powerful, producing creativity that can flow and set your thoughts and communication a light. Wealthy Affiliate offers many classes live and pre-recorded to help you gain and build success in your niche online business.

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Cost

Premium Plus $99.00 monthly subscription: Is the King Daddy of the Wealthy Affiliate Programme. Inclusive of everything I have mentioned in the above accounts AND more. Wealthy Affiliate offers Priority Expert Private Help, Jaxxy Enterprise $99mth value, Instant Competition Analysis, Keyword Idea Generation, 5x Multi-Thread Search, 10,000 SiteRank Analysis Scans, Automated Domain Availability Search.

As mentioned above these are the monthly billing account pricings, for the ability to afford choice, there is a yearly subscription and its substantially cheaper. The Premium is $495yrly saving $93.00 and the Premium Plus is $995yrly saving $193.00. Wow! Clearly the Premium Plus account is the preferable choice. Though when you first start out, unless you know what you’re wanting, the free subscription will be the way to go. After spending time in the forum room introducing yourself and finding your way around, you’ll want to check out what is right for you. The two routes to choose from, BootCamp or WA Affiliate program, both routes where the learning steps are levels aspiring to a successful Affiliate Marketers Status.

Positive Points

Both the Free account and the Premium account have their positive points here are a few for both sides

Free Account
  • It is Free – what else can I say 
  • 1 Free Website – Although the Free Accounts website is hosted on their sub domain it is still possible to get results with some work.
  • Training – Yes the training is on the limited it does give you a solid overview of how things work and what is expected of you and what you can expect from the course.
  • Online Help – The 7 days that are offered is adequate to get you started
  • Keyword Research – Again you are limited to 30 free searches per month it is sufficient to help you get started and steer you in the right direction
Premium Account
  • Cost – $49.00 per month or $349.00 per year making the annual membership about 40% cheaper than the monthly price
  • 10 Websites – This is a nice feature it allows you to target several niches. For those of you who are not familiar with the term Niche it is defined as (a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.) which means that you can develop each website to target a specific product or service thus allowing you to diversify and enter several markets at the same time.
  • Online Help – WA has over 1.4 million members from around the world.  There are always members online that are willing and able to assist. Having the  ability to reach out for guidance can be a big asset for you. It’s 2:A.M. and you are having a problem with choosing the right website plug-in. All you need to do is post your question and there is always someone on that can assist you.
  • Keyword Research – WA uses a program called Jaxxy for keyword research and like most keyword tools it does a good job having the ability to do as many searches as you want is invaluable as keywords are still a big part of the Google Algorithm
  • Training – The training is laid out in a step by step fashion making it easy to follow and understand. complete a task move to the next and they are designed to continually add to your knowledge and skills each module building on the next.

Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Complaints.

  • NO Refunds – Once you hit the pay button it is too late for regrets they have a NO REFUND policy. You do have the option to cancel at any time but the initial payment will not be refunded
  • Niche Selection – Many people have trouble choosing a niche to pursue and just as many people get stuck at this point and there is basically no guidance for the students. The most common response is to find something that excites you. Here is sample of the nicheselection training
  • Outdated Training – Some of the training videos were more than 6 years ago. There is one thing that you can count on with Google is change. It is also true that what was relevant to Google ranking system 6 years ago may not be as important today. Google + is no longer with us and what has replaced the training, well as of yet nothing.  here is what is located in the training module
  • Emphasis on promoting Wealthy Affiliate – I do not like the fact that instead of helping you and guiding you toward a niche that will work for you they instead simply steer you into promoting WA. 
  • To Much Information – There is a lot happening on the WA site people chatting questions being asked videos being posted, questions being answered, Niche topics being discussed. I could be very easy to get distracted and start bouncing from one thing to the next.
  • not enough 1 on 1 help

Any Incentives?

They offer incentives for performance, including an all expenses paid trip to Vegas, that’s Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. All expenses incur a private conference where you can interact with like minded, super successful affiliate marketers and receive insights into what’s in store for the future of Affiliate marketing with Wealthy Affiliate. That aside the trip offers all the glam and glitter Las Vegas has to offer as well delighting ones self in the brilliant experience, which is said to be highly achievable for anyone wanting to join the Affiliate Marketing journey.

Why I Don’t Recommend Wealthy Affiliate

I don’t recommend starting out with affiliate marketing, simply because it will take a lot of work to succeed, and in the end you wont own the product and you wont control the commission structure.

It is much better to build assets that you control. Where you own 100% of the product and 100% of the traffic.

This is easier than you think! I recommend going with a lead generation business instead.

Click here to read about my recommended business model.