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Each search trick is done live, well explained to get insights on how to evaluate video views and potential traffic as well as how YouTube shows demographics. The video lesson is specific to topic to build on the lesson from the previous one and the length of the video is short, but to the point.

You always give such good insights. This is valuable information. It will help my marketing efforts a lot.


I must say that I have purchased more Internet Training programs than I care to admit, several specifically focused on YouTube.

I have found NOTHING that even comes close to the detailed nuances that you deliver. Not to mention– for a very fair price.

You and your brother Seth over deliver….big time!

Kevin Kydd

Never ever in my life have I purchased a course that makes it sneaky easy to get gobs of traffic thru YouTube. After the first video I just saw, I was just simply blown away!

This course really, really rocks!!! Chad, you are one hell of a genius, both you and Seth. Nothing comes close or can even touch it!!!

I am so ecstatic and happy that I purchased your program. Along with the rest of the them, You’re the tops!!!

Hi Chad – just getting into your course now, been through the first video – excellent idea, going through the second vid now – this is a fantastic course already, and the techniques seem so simple, it’s great – but i never would have thought of these myself – knowledge is power!

Thanks again!

Brilliant, Chad!

When I watched the “Black Hat” vid about purchasing YouTube accounts I thought I had made a mistake getting this course because just buying accounts or links isn’t what I can afford to do.

Watching the other vids about creating videos and mass distributing over and over again to get “free” traffic is just stunning.

You have once again delivered a “moment of clarity” to a struggling marketer.

Thank you, Chad & Seth.

Yes, but do the tricks taught pay for the course?

Taking your example in Video 1 with a click through rate of 0.005 (1/2 of 1 percent) and extending that with a purchase rate of 1.5 percent produces the following:

CT of 380,000 x 0.015 purchases = 5,700 products sold.
A $47 product equals a gross of some$267,900
Or with a $27 product – $153,900. Of course it may take a couple of months to realize that.
And so far I have watched on one video. WOW!

Seth, you certainly have a teacher’s heart.
Thank you for the clarity of your explanations and the repetition of the key points.
And a reAALY big thank you for NOT employing a “nervous cursor”.

Hi Chad:

Just finished watching the second video…..the one on spotting ‘trending’ videos. Nice. I can see there’s some information there that I’ll wager most people never even paid any attention to.

Going on the #3 now.


Hi Chad,

I have been watching your email videos promoting your Youtube Cash Secrets for a few months now. Both fence sitting and thinking I did not have enough free time at the moment to go through the course.

The special video for the Christmas sale got me off the fence. I had to see just the one video you mentioned. I have to say the one video I wanted to watch and did watch was worth the whole price I paid for your course even if I never watched any of the other videos.

Good stuff!

Thanks Chad,

Nice info. I like cutting right to the heart of the matter and getting to the meat right away.

I’ll be studying all this as soon as possible so I can hire other people to do it for me.


After 6 months of ownership, I now know this has been one of the best values of any course I have ever purchased on the internet. The videos are informative and I have referred to them time and time again as I implement new techniques in my YouTube strategy. Initially, it was more info than I could handle, but after a few techniques actually started working, I went back and re-watched the videos I hadn’t used. I have literally lost any fear of entering a market on YouTube because I have solid tricks in my bag and can quickly and easily get attention and views from YouTube. Please don’t buy this course.

With every video I watch in this series I keep getting more and more great ideas of how to take advantage of video for the marketing of my wholesale pre-paid credit cards.

I see the day when I’ll want to hire you Chad to take over the overflow of projects I’m already dreaming up for these fantastic ideas.

Bruce Nelkin LMT

Man Chad,

you really, really scored a touchdown and more with your YouTube course, I bet the other gurus are salivating at your success. The techniques are very, very simple, even for a newbie like me! It is nothing like the other courses I purchased from all of the other Internet Marketers who claim to be the masters of the universe out there.

You have really made it so simple and I always take notes and apply the principles from it, no need for a college degree to understand what one needs to be doing to make gobs of money here. I really love this course and the others too. Instead of pushing someone’s else product who they claim they have reviewed it and just collecting the commission, you just stay with your courses and upgrade them the minute you hear of the latest changes.

You’re the best, Chad and your brother Seth too! Happy Holidays to your lovely family too! Peace!

Hay!Chad,what a great piece of rare sense of doing things!Man, you’re a genius.Keep it up!And don’t let these kind of valued info run lose on the streets.
Do hope you would stand by me and hold my hands always!

Great Stuff! I’m excited to get started being a paparazzi and get lots of traffic hits! Awesome!

Hey Chad,
I am sure 99% of web traffic masters don’t know this! How did you find this traffic technique?
Please post more and more…

same ole stuff@!!!

yeah, you just sit around with your brother an d dream up this stuff? What would i call it other than ”same ole’ stuff” ? Hmmmmmmmmmm…..

Freaking GENIUS man. You two guys were dropped off the UFO over Chicago to do the same stuff Leonardo da Vinci did during the Renaissance. I had a picture of Leo I wanted to insert because it even looks like your brother….Leo da Man. The aliens left you guys off to:

Make man take on big frickin leap for mankind. Unbelievable: ‘same ole Genius stuff. ‘

You never disappoint. That’s what I mean when I say “same ole stuff” . Always top braniac info. Love it!


I paid the trial offer to get in to take a peek at the course and I was totally blown away by all the strategies and techniques by Chad and Seth.

If you are on the fence guys this is the time to jump off and get in ..

Yesi Gebreselassie


This is the first of many comments I am sure. I am going through the YouTube Cash course and as usual your information and advice is stellar and you back it up with testing and proven results. As you know I have been a supporter for years and good content and pure value keeps me coming back.

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