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190 replies on “Youtube Cash Testimonials”


Very interesting idea! Maybe a lot more simple this way!


Great course. Thanks for the info


Great Tips, This is very powerful if you want people to view your website.

Tom B.says:

Hi Chad,

All I can say is WOW!

I’ve purchased a lot of information products in the past – and can honestly say you really over deliver.

You could have easily charged hundreds of dollars for all of the valuable secrets you reveal in this video course and it would have been worth every

I’m just looking through some of the notes I’ve been taking where you demonstrate:

How to use other peoples’ popular YouTube videos to make money for yourself

How to create your own YouTube videos at no cost using free software that’s readily available and easy to use

How to have the website URL you want to promote show up in your YouTube video so you can make more money

How to get your own YouTube videos rated higher so they’ll be getting more views by potential customers

How to get your own YouTube videos showing up as related videos to other people’s extremely popular videos that get tons of views each day

How to modify your video so you can upload it many times to YouTube so it will be seen by lots more people

How to choose the best keywords and tags to be associated with your video so it has the best chance of ranking high in the search engines

How to properly set up your own YouTube accounts so you’ll have the best chance of being successful

How to get your videos distributed over the Internet to multiple networks for free so they’ll appear on more sites than just YouTube

How to use the social bookmarking sites to help drive more viewers to your videos

How to get your videos to show up on the first page of Google’s search engine within a few days for your targeted keywords

I’m certain that by following the directions in your YouTube Cash Secrets Course I’ll be able to quickly increase the profits in my various niche sites.

Thanks again for all this great information.


Tom B.

Bill Morgansays:

Wow! I thought I knew how to get good rankings and views for my videos. This information rocks, you make it simple to follow and explain the whole process, so that even I can follow it . Thank You
Bill Morgan

Jose Marquessays:

Hi, Chad!
I’ve just signed up to your course and I’d like to say that it’s a fantastic tool with valuable tips.
Thanks a lot!


I Love it!
Easy, Easy, Easy!
Jump in while the getting is good!
Many Thanks,


I love this info chad, it’s like the missing piece for SEM

Thanks for making it so affordable

Rick Bryantsays:

Hey Chad – I just started your Youtube Cash Secrets course – fantastic info!! What a concept. I had never thought of doing this, but I can already see the potential goldmine. Thanks – Rick


Hi Chad,

Youtube Cash Secrets Videos – Great content and very unique methods for driving traffic to websites. A real opportunity for Affiliate marketers!



Chad this is YouTube Cash Video Course has good methods of using traffic from the videos on Youtube. Visitor Value is a concept I heard about however, I don’t use it as part of marketing techniques. I must admit the video’s accelerate my learning and not to mention the traffic that’ll soon be going to my site. You Rock Chad!

Brian Woodbridgesays:

I love the video series from arborgroup it was very interesting and informative…


I love it! I have just started the course, and already my mind is sparking on the many applications it can have! I’m excited!!


Hi Chad!

Great info! I love it. Now since I have a product that fits in 3-4 categories, I’m going to open different Youtube accounts for the same video with targeted keywords. This is one tactic that I learned from your course. If one video is not performing well at least I can count on the others, and this will help me track which video is driving more traffic to my product than the others and focus more on that one! Great info! Thanks a lot.

Mauruce aka @Godzilla



I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along for quite sometime now. Now that it is here, I’m going to put maximum effort into it.

It’s the best easy-to-foll0w video course that I’ve ever come across.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.




What else can I say? You are so great! I can’t wait to apply your techniques! This One the BEST Video Tutorials I have ever seen!

CJ from Article Writing Newssays:

I’m impressed.. impressed enough to allow the delayed payment to go thru (thanks for that opportunity, btw)! These videos of yours are awesome! I thought I knew what you were going to tell us, but you totally surprised me with completely new ideas! Good on ya, mate!


Hey Chad, Wow,Fantastic,Brilliant, what a buzz watching the videos over and over my mind racing at the ways I can implement this great stuff,a question can we have some more please? Thanks Chad…..


Wow Chad what a great tool for getting traffic. Can’t wait to look at more videos.


Hi Chad.
What a way to spend a Sunday Afternoon! Great information I can hardly wait to try it. I found an hysterical video related to my niche. I’m still laughing. Thanks.


Hi Chad, Just finishes your video series. I plan to implement the tips in #8 right now with videos I have already created. These videos are awesome. Thanks.


hey D this is a great lesson I have videos on youtube i’ve trying to promote for my website and I think this method is going to workout fine. please email me more techniques in video marketing. Thanks


yes it’s me again D man you keep this good stuff up. Thanks!!


your techniques is every penny D. Please email me more marketing strategies. Thanks!


D man if these techniques work dinner is on me. it’s worth every penny. Thanks D

Gianny Roberssays:

Hey Chad. I really enjoyed the videos. I already created my first page and uploaded my first video. Now is time for me to promote it. I’m pretty sure I will profit from youtube.


dean dyersays:

man dude, I’m in shock…. I m so excited I can’t think straight…. Imagining how rich i’m fixen to get without a web site or nothin…
i gotta go to bed and sleep on it, before I come baack and start doen it.

dean dyersays:

oh man, this is so right in front of you…. geez. I cant’ believe how simple it is to get somewhere out of nothin.

dean dyersays:

you are shitting me bro,…. oh my god, I can’t believe how elementary this is and it’s practically guaranteed to get monster traffic, for anything.


Hi Chad,

Very innovative. Definitely NOT a “me too” course. I will be implementing this before the sun sets .


Hal Kohnsays:

Thank you for a very practical and informative approach.

It is refreshing to see a really helpful course, and not something that has already been beaten to uselessness.

dean dyersays:

hey Chad,
Now that I’ve had this free trial for two days, and only have played the videos over and over to get mentally empowered.
I’ve signed up with the and it is nothing like it is in your video. And it is the most confusing and very discouraging….

so could you review the trendrr site and give us an update. please.


dean dyersays:

so chad,
the trendrr account that you have is obviously the pro series…. and that’s why you have so many options…
I don’t have the money to buy into it.
could you discuss the free trendrr account please?

Maria Patakisays:

Hí Chad,

Thank you so much for these very very useful and easily understandable videos!
It’s a great work of YOU!


dean dyersays:

so chad,
what do you think about some people might not really understand the important value that their high rank actually has, cause they are just doing it for fun or their cause and it accidentally hit the big time.

so maybe knowing your people and how to approach them would be a good thing too. I mean getting the link for nothing would be even better right?


dean dyersays:

hey man,
you need to update these videos, cause clickbank is totally not like this one you got..

and nothing actually makes since like whats in this video.

The Cash Leverage Groupsays:

Hi Chad,

Great set of videos there!

There are some interesting ideas in your course that I fully intend to implement with my own videos. I have seen the power of videos myself in driving Traffic to my websites and Blogs. The great thing is, Chad’s incredible information will work on your video campaigns again and again, with videos that you may have posted initially months, even years ago. That is why I Love video Marketing, and utilising information like Chad’s YouTube video secrets makes an already powerful advertising medium, that much more powerful! Highly recommended!

Jason A. Christie (ceo)
The Cash Leverage Group

Neil Ferreesays:

It’s still a wee bit too early to report my exact stats on 2 of your YT tricks, but I suspect that your technique for adding a Comment and/or Video Response to a YT video (after installing the FF add-on) will help get my Vids ranked better.

Coincidentally, another savvy social media marketing offered a similar tactic. the jury is till out, but I predict a favorable verdict.

Suffice to say, your insight and ability to show “how to” get rank so we can make bank is worth the time and effort which means I’ll be coming back for more of the same. Well done Chad. ~ Neil


This stuff is pretty cool, Chad.

I never really thought about using video marketing before. Obviously it has great traffic-driving power. And without traffic, you’ve got nothing. You’re dead in the Internet water.

I must admit, I certainly had no knowledge of the tactics you illustrate in your videos. I can’t wait to try them out. Nuff said.

Stephen Jonessays:

Great job. Easy to understand video regarding Youtube

Alexander Schumannsays:

A Great Course, thank you!

Grant Thomsonsays:

Hey there Chad

What can I say….PURE GENIUS. I couldn’t stop watching and went through entire training in one go! Awesome content here bro. This is the best course I have ever purchased. I am off now to put it into action, cannot wait to get on forst page of Google.

Well done and keep up the great work


Thank you so much for these very useful and easily understandable videos!
I have been wanting to use videos but did not really now how to go about it this will help, what great idea .


I must admit, I certainly had no knowledge of the tactics you illustrate in your videos. I can’t wait to try them out. Nuff said

ben woodssays:

Hey Chadd,

I’ve just signed up to your course and I’d like to say that it “ROCK’S”

Thanks much,



Hey Chad,

This stuff is unbelievable!! Thank you SO much for making it available and enlightening so many as to the power of video marketing!

Joy Adamssays:

Chad, this is great stuff!! I can’t wait to get to work on my videos. IT would seem that it is more powerful than article marketing which everyone else is promoting for free traffic. What is your opinion on that? Do you do any article marketing too..or strictly videos? I’m very curious to know :)

Thanks again!


— from another Happy Customer–

Hi Chad,

I bought the course today and immediately watched the videos (with my tongue out the rightside of my mouth salivating)

All I can say is ” UnFriggin Believable ” . You didn’t disapoint

Dude, your secret techniques and out of the box thinking blew me away.

Just the secret in Video 1 alone I will recoup my cost 100x fold. (I never would have thought of this technique)

Video 6 is my favourite, talk about MASSIVE TRAFFIC Idea with little work.

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE Take this course down so we can keep these secrets to ourselves and stay above the competition. ^#$^^ Only Kidding

I Highly recommend this course to anyone.

JUST Buy it. You will never regret it.

Love ya work Chad.

Bris, Australia

Ted Wsays:

I just rec’d this course on youtubecash videos and can see this is every bit worth the measily price of 27.00 i pay in 7 days.

I appreciate Chad opening up to us the truths of how we can attatch ourselves to these great traffic spots and hopefully monetize them

Thanks Chad
Ted “newbie”

Roland Varduhnsays:

“When the student is ready – the master will come!”

Hi Chad,

Thanks for sharing your insider know-how and perfect timing for my online ventures.



Great info- and it seems so simple. I am gonna try it now. Thanks!!!


Hi Chad,

I have purchased a lot of “how to” courses in the past and I have to say that this is one the best I have purchased. The fact that you let people try it for 7 days before they pay shows how confident you are in your product which is what made me go through with the transaction.

I have yet to go through all the videos but the first one alone is well worth the price you are charging for the course.

I’m going to get my affiliate link and start promoting your product on my website at

Thanks Chad for the great “How To Make Money With Youtube” training course!

PS. Do you have an affiliate video I can rebrand and upload to youtube so I can start promoting your course?


You are a blessing Chad. Who knew YouTube had so much to offer. I’m only thru the 3rd video but I’m learning alot.

Priscilla Parham


Hello ! Chad: Yes I have to Say Wow! This is Powerful,And I am Going to Emplement Very Soon,This is the One,The Old Masters would Say “A Fool Chatters and a Wise man Listens! And I listened to yours-Its Awesome.I’m Looking forword to More! & Getting My Easy Self Defense Private Lesson for all Ages! Up and Running! thanks to you! StephanChuckNorris*International Celebrity Double!And Martial Arts Master Instr.4 the Private Lesson!

Jesper Lassensays:

Hi Chad,

looking forward to look into the next videos – this first one was OK, just to know about the subject. I like the education style and your step-by-step-almost-for-dummies-way – might be because a lot of this is all new to me in general. Never worked with net subjects before although I have seen and purchased a lot the latest 2 months. But I know enough until now to be able to say that many sell stuff of absolutely no value while others really have something to offer. Value for the money. Think you´re one of them.

Enjoy, Jesper

Tom O'Boylesays:

Very interesting information. Once again, you provide a proven method of increasing traffic to my site.


Thanks for the turorial. OK! I was skeptical. Your lesson is exciting.

Tom O'Boylesays:

Another great course! I never can get enough of your effective, tested methods of increasing Google rankings and the resultant traffic increases. Keep it coming!
Tom O’Boyle

Brian Clarksays:

This is something I have never thought of as a method of increasing traffic through youtube thanks for the advice and keep’em coming.

Michael Kingsays:

Hey Chad.
Great info on youtube traffic. I’ve been playing with them for awhile now but the tactics you reveal have so far blown me away.
Thanks and keep it up!
Mike King

Jorge Mayosays:


It is a great video!! It explains you many things I never thought before.

Thank you




It’s simple and effective.awesome traffic immediately.thanks

Jorge Mayosays:

I have seen all videos and they are an excelent promotion course.

Good work!!

Regards from Europe.

Jorge Mayor
Virtualizza, S.L.


Viewed the first 2 videos. Interesting concepts and very creative as well.


I only have one frustration so far. There seems no reasonable way to ask questions in regard to specifics of how a particular component of the teaching concept may work.

Ron Martinsays:


I just bought your Youtube Cash Secrets and All I can say is “This Is Assume”
I have watch the first three videos and already found ways to make money!

To whoever is reading this, You have got to get this course. If you are into YouTube at all and if you’re not, then you need to start…… follow this cash secrets and you will make money………

Thanks Chad!

Ron Martin


This is the first fun thing I’ve seen since I started working online.
Thank you for your help


Very good idea, better than advertising

g bennettsays:

Great Stuff, thanks for sharing

PK Smithsays:

Love your style, Chad. You have opened an entire new niche!

PK Smithsays:

That’s exactly what I needed to know. I sit at the computer watching videos wondering how can I do that too. Thanks so much for sharing this really valuable skill and technique. I am not an intuitive learner. Showing is knowing. What a time saver!



Anyone even thinking about using video in their marketing should do themselves a favor and buy your course. The information is top flight.

From the first introductory video you give techniques that I would not have thought of in a million years.

Very well done…



Man I’ve heard about this long ago and just trying it – I fill like I’ve been doing Internet Marketing with BLINDERS ON!!!!

Thanks and let me Know if there’s anything new out there.


don nakatsuchisays:

Wow! Very informative technique. I will give it a try



i am a newbie at this internet stuff. i even had my site made for me.
so this information really helps me
i am looking forward to using this info, it is so well done even i can understand it. great work.


Making Money Online Philippinessays:

This is very informative. Better than social media guru products that I have purchased before. I have been wondering how to maximize the potential of my Youtube videos. Now I know!


very useful idea, although I have heard of it before but not in that much detail – you could certainly make a substantial income from this!


Hi Chad

Once again you push the boat out with your techniques and traffic building secrets.
Incredible…anyboby scepticle about this course ..don’t be.
More than worth it’s value
Ken – WebSMARTDna /DiscoverSecretsfor


Hi Chad,

I hope you’re well.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the wealth of information you share
with us in this youtube course.

I’m new to this method of marketing, but straight away I can see the potential of how powerful this method is to drive traffic to you website and create a fantastic income stream.

Anyway thanks again for everything you sharing such fantastic info.
Please let me know when you have an update or further info on this subject.

To your continued success.



Wow, Chad. So much actionable info, so plainly explained that a 10-year-old could do it. Thank you for the videos. Now I’m off to play!

Talmage Shipmansays:

This course reminds me of the old V8 commercials where the guy slaps himself upside the head and says “I could have had a V8!”. This idea is so simple and obvious I should of have thought of it. Easily implemented and successful, this course is well worth the price of the education.

If you cannot see the potential of this technique you are in the wrong profession. Get this set of videos! You’ll be glad you did.



Realy good video – thanks for it – I´m a total newbee and I will implemend it


Shama Kernsays:

Now here are some really original ideas. I have been looking for a course about video marketing, and this one is great and very affordable. Thanks.

Shama Kernsays:

This is a really excellent course about using video and I have learned a lot from it. The price is more than fair. I am starting to implement the ideas now. The course is free for the first 7 days, and you only have to pay after that period. I will happily pay for it.

Paul Saunderssays:

Way cool techniques I love the info and I am enjoying the course so far. Great strategy!

Paul Saunderssays:

Great techniques I play to use them to product a new video section of my blog The Beatles Place

Ivars Elksnissays:

I highly recommend this course. It would take ten years of searching the internet to compile these unpublished secrets.

Basically, even at the going price, I would consider it FREE!

Just applying one of the suggestions by CHAD more than makes up for the initial cost of downloading.

Hector the Collectorsays:

Hey Chad,

Hector the Collector here to say this are EXTREAMLY POWERFUL YOUTUBE STRATEGIES and glad I got your course! These POWERFUL YOUTUBE STRATEGIES I now use as one of my secret weapons.


Hi Chad,
This is a really excellent course about using video and I have learned a lot from it. The price is more than fair. I am starting to implement the ideas now. The course is free for the first 7 days, and you only have to pay after that period. I will happily pay for it.
I liked the fact that I can offer a combination of AdWords campaigns with keywords related videos and affiliate programs!
Sincerely, Teodor.

Andy Thompsonsays:

Hey Chad,

Thanks for the excellent in depth videos, wow what an idea !!! Can`t wait to get to get started im just going through the videos at this moment.

Thanks again Bro. ;O)

Thom Dickeysays:

Hi Chad

Just finished watching the first video and I’ve got to say that you did a great job. I look forward to watching the remaining videos and learning some new techniques. Thank you so very much

Fern Josephsays:

Hi Chad

I have finished the YouTube Cash videos and once again you deliver in unbelievable style! These are excellent, informative and I have implemented most of the techniques already and my views are rising fast!

These techniques are so good that I have been approached by Animal Planet to use one of my videos on an upcoming show. The clip had only been up for 5 days when they contacted me and I had implemented all your techniques on this particular clip.Imagine the traffic that could come from that?

Thanks again for another top product. I am off to buy Google Maps now!
Go Chad Warrior!

Greg Taylorsays:

Great stuff Chad!

I am experienced in Internet marketing and have purchased and learned quite a bit of info on video marketing.

There is unique easy to do methods here that I have never heard of and I am implementing them TODAY!

Thank you so much for being one of the FEW Internet marketers who provide REAL doable methods that I know will get results…at a “steal” of a price!

Greg Taylor Internet MLM Mentor

Herbert Reedsays:

What Can I Say Its A Great System

Tom Richardssays:

Hi Chad, I’m just getting started and after viewing the first video I can already see that the way you teach this will be a great help. Thanks and I will see more of you in these courses.


Very interesting material. I haven’t seen this taught elsewhere. I can’t wait to try it out.

Mike Mcloughlinsays:

Excellent stuff Chad, keep it coming!




A very unique but doable process to not only get more traffice to your site or affiliate program but to earn more money. I will be watching the rest of your videos to quickly learn more of the great info you have and to help my clients to become more successful.



I have never seen any tutorial or video so explicit, highly useful and doable products like this one before. Its a great product.

Thanks a lot.

John Dutasays:

Looks promising and you are very clear in thought.


Hey Chad,

Powerful stuff, indeed! People are in danger of profiting seriously from your strategies & teachings. Hardly anyone teaches this stuff, so this helps to level the playing field a little, and opens up a world of opportunity that was perhaps previously out of reach for some of us.

Really love your stuff, and looking forward to plenty more!

Thanks a bunch



This is the only realistic method of making money I have seen among the hundreds of offers I get every month. I was very glad to buy this course. These are awesome strategies that are truly original; totally free of the rehashed go to Clickbank blah blah blah.

Don’t know where you get all these techniques from but they are incredible.

Thanks so much,

Juan Carlos

Lance Orndorffsays:

Yesterday my roommate graduated from a restaurant course. While he was taking his exams, I used your system to find the key words with 1, 3, or 10 boxes, created the website, google account, etc etc, videos, pictures, the naming rules, on and on. TO THE LETTER.

I have a screen shot of posting it to the BizCenter yesterday (12/18) and a screen shot of the maps placement – POSITION #2 out of 2 TODAY (12/19)!

I’m not brave enought to give away the simple search phrase cuz I don’t want to kill roomies opportunities here, but lets just say in Washington DC, to get that placement is nothing short of brilliance – and without paying the fist advertising dollar!

It works and I’m happy to tell anyone that in person. Your info ROCKS.

Lance Orndorffsays:

Chad. you’ll have to meld this comment and my last together, I left out one or two details. The reason for me creating the website and placement was to give roomie a “jump start” in his new catering profession. He walks in with the diplima yesterday and I show him his placement today…holly cow.

Len Hillsays:

Great stuff Chad, I’m a big fan of yours and have only just started so I’m trying to catchup. This You Tube course is absolutely awesome as is all your other stuff up to now but this takes the prize. Yourtips and tricks have always got great hooks and angles but using video is the now power for sure.

I’m still applying so I’ll give you a progress report soon, so far so good. Thanks.



Great information bro, thanks a ton, very very insightful. Im putting it into action right now…

Talmage Shipmansays:

A unique way to leverage other peoples efforts to make money. Your method is simple and cheap. Great way for newbies as well as vets to get traffic and backlinks to their site quickly. It don’t get easier than this method to generate quality traffic for your website. Get youtube cash secrets!

Talmage Shipman

Reinhard Schumachersays:

Wow,what an amazing idea is this? I´m really more than allured by your method and my edxcitement is far beyond imagination.
Hey,this is one of the easiest and best applicable ideas I´ve heard of for years.
Congrats and awaiting your next highlight !

Martin Quinlansays:

Wow Video 1 alone is worth the course. Ive bought loads of programs. Forget them all. Check out this course and prepare to retire.
Thanks so much


Wonderful and Clever way to make something out of nothing. What a concept!!!

Love this technique. Can’t wait to start doing this on my own

Thanks Chad!

Samith Pichsays:

Hi Chad! I’m an artist from Perth, Western Australia and I’ve just recently uploaded my first youtube video and wondering how to get more traffic. So your email was really timely! Thanks for a really clear and informative first video, when I first saw it it really gave me a light bulb moment and I went a-ha that’s not a bad way of solving the problem about getting traffic! thanks mate!


hey chad,
very interesting video,lots of great info, i`ll be in touch.

Steve Turnersays:

I think your video videos, thus far, are illustrative of creatively developing
new and unique ways and systems to exploit the video market. This is great!

Sandra Mortonsays:

Thanks Chad, these videos are very clear and well organized. I’ll most certainly be using some of the techniques you’ve shown to drive traffic to all my niche blogs. I’ll also be making sure I create a lot more videos this year to feed this traffic system.


Great idea. I will try it.


Well after 3 years doing and learning IM I thought I knew most of it. Obviously I did’nt! This stuff was a total eye opener for me. Already started implementing it. Thank you this is really great stuff.

Paul Burseysays:

Simple and effective course that you can implement immediately. Thanks


Hi Chad.

Thanks for the info. There are so many interesting things to learn. I did not know that you can “pull” a photo on windows movie maker to make it stay showing longer, also the free sourceforge audio software is great. Making youtube videos without a camera! Thanks for the helpful tips. Keith Kelly from


Cool! I’m interested. I want more!


Hi Chad,

this is a GREAT course!

I thought I’d get one great idea but in in fact you deliver TWO excellent strategies to make the most out of video marketing that I have not really found anywhere else. I call them the “Video Traffic Strategy” and the “Video Leverage Strategy”.

I just recently stumbled upon your website, watched one of your videos – and was hooked! You’re a hooker, man! And I confess I’m an addict :-)

So to anyone sitting on the fence – DO NOT get this course! ( I want to keep these strategies hush-hush and to myself…)

There are not too many marketers that give away the farm for free, trusting that the content that they provide is good enough to make people happily pay although they already did get the product. I guess this speaks for itself…


This is great stuff.


Hey Chad!

Just finished watching the first video, wow. Great stuff, I can’t wait to watch the rest of them! I really liked the way you have it set up to try for 7 days with out spending a cent. Great idea!


Absolutely most fascinating course. Awesome. And easy to follow too!
Thank you so much.

Sonny Chenowethsays:

Wow! what an incredible tactic. This is a blockbuster of an idea to gain big time traffic. Thanks for making the valuable information available at such a reasonable cost.


I watched the first video Chad, and I believe in being on the top of SERP’s with my videos soon. This info is very powerful, thank you so much! Well Done!


Hi Chad,

Unique idea. I don’t think many marketers heard of this idea.


Wow! Amazing! This is an excellent idea for those who are camera shy and not quite ready to use their own faces yet. This is great stuff. Thanks!


Hi Chad,

Thanks for this great lesson ,i just have no words.
There is one thing left just start making videos !
Thanks again

Mandy and Dereksays:

Very interesting – I am amazed at the thought that goes into something like this. Its definitely thinking outside the box. Clever!

Cathy sugdensays:

Well – there’s a secret that hadn’t even crossed my mind!! Great content Chad. Let’s hook up on facebook.
Cathy in the UK:-)

Mark Schragsays:

Thanks for over delivering. WOW!!!

In the past I have purchased, too many courses that promised so much and delivered so little. Just from watching video 1, I can determine that my return on investment for this course, will be one of the top courses I have purchased, and by far for traffic generation.

I can’t wait to see the remaining training videos, for the techniques you teach are invaluable. If one can not make money on the internet , with your techniques, they never will and should keep their daytime job.

Thanks again!!!

Mark Schrag


Hi Chad,

Your content rocks! There is so much rubbish out there on the internet and so many people just wasting their money. You have come up with by far, the best information that I have received so far.

Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Donna Whitesays:

Hi Chad,

Alright. At first, I thought: “huh? No way!! There’s no way that guy would do that just because I ask him. Not with 45,000,000 views!” But then after the first few minutes, I’m thinking: “why not?” I can see me following through with this exactly how you described in the first video and making money doing this. In fact, the more I think about it, the more intrigued I am and will continue on to video #2 as soon as I hit the “submit comment” button below this box. LOL This is going to be fun.



dude!! this is killer content right there!! i mean how long would this take like less then 2omins to set up?!? well i dont have give anything away but hell ya this rocks!! you got try it out people seriously.

Chad your the man!



The information in the videos was great. I am confident it will vastly improve my income as well as my list.

Thanks a million.



Great Course I really never thought about this but Im going to start using this with site. Thanks


This is a great course on how to achieve high ranking in Google by using YouTube video. I highly recomend it.

Thanks very much.

Geoff Lordsays:

Hi Chad

Thanks for the new V2 of Youtube cash Secrets.

I purchased V! some time ago and got one of my Videos into to the top position in my Niche as a result of your methods.

Not bad when you consider I am a one man “go it Alone” guy competing aginst some of the Biggest Players In the World In my particular Niche !!

I have Been going through some of the Updated techniques in V2 and Boy have you been busy….this stuff is red Hot…..

anyway I have no more time right now for this testimonial stuff…..

must get back to watching the next training Video….!!!!

Geoff Lord



This is powerful stuff!
You keep improving your course already better than most of products out there.
Within budget.
Need I have to say more?


Great video course Chad.



Chad is BAd to the bone. I’m really glad I did not have to pay what this course
is worth, I would’ve had to fill out an application for a second mortgage. Hey
dude, on a scale from one to ten, you’re Sandra Bullock BAD ASS.


Its a Brilliant Course Chad Cheers.


Great insight in using others video’s on youtube to get traffic to my website


The technique looks great. Actually, I have seen it being described before somewhere, and forgotten it. So, obviously, I have to take action and try it myself.


Chad is the real deal. I believe I own about everything Chad he has ever put out. He tells it like it is and gives you quality stuff. If you are willing to implement the things he has to offer you will definitely make money doing it. Keep up the good work Chaddo!!


This is a super way to get YouTube traffic for my products and services. Great “outside the box” thinking and techniques!


Chad dude,

I just watched the first video and all I can say is: wow!
You did it again! This technique is really creative…
This one technique can easily pay for the entire program…many times over.
Let me go back and see what we’ve got in the other vids.


Peter Beckenhamsays:

Absolutely superb training program.
I have only completed 4 parts so far and you have already blown me away with the information, tis and techniques you have shared.
Just can’t wait to get to the next video and start implementing these “ground breaking” ideas. Again many thanks – this course was by far the best investment i have made this year!

Betsy Modglinsays:

Your You Tube Cash Secrets offers outstanding techniques and tools for anyone wanting to harness the power of You Tube. I think all of us know that not only is You Tube powerful right now, but is only going to get more and more powerful with the continued growth of video. Consequently, your course is a must have for anyone wishing to drive massive traffic to their own links. Thanks for sharing — well worth the investment!

Betsy Modglin


So far I have not seen or heard anyone teaching this search trick. It is well known that YouTube gets traffic, searches and views. Learning how to tap into that traffic is huge. I am looking forward to learning more and utilizing this.


Each search trick is done live, well explained to get insights on how to evaluate video views and potential traffic as well as how YouTube shows demographics. The video lesson is specific to topic to build on the lesson from the previous one and the length of the video is short, but to the point.


A lot of new info here, showing methods ready to be used. I love this.


You always give such good insights. This is valuable information. It will help my marketing efforts a lot.

Gert COPPENSsays:

Can’t wait to try it out

James Gunnsays:

Hey Chad,

I love your stuff, you have such a devious mind !


Alan Ssays:

Man o man,

My head is spinning after going just through first 5 videos.

Chaddo, you are genious.

Cheerio from Down Under

kevin kyddsays:


I must say that I have purchased more Internet Training programs than I care to admit, several specifically focused on YouTube.

I have found NOTHING that even comes close to the detailed nuances that you deliver. Not to mention– for a very fair price.

You and your brother Seth over deliver….big time!

Kevin Kydd


Great video! This first video has the amount of content in most courses.

Matt M.says:

Watch the videos and then take action.


Never ever in my life have I purchased a course that makes it sneaky easy to get gobs of traffic thru YouTube. After the first video I just saw, I was just simply blown away!

This course really, really rocks!!! Chad, you are one hell of a genius, both you and Seth. Nothing comes close or can even touch it!!!

I am so ecstatic and happy that I purchased your program. Along with the rest of the them, You’re the tops!!!


Hi Chad – just getting into your course now, been through the first video – excellent idea, going through the second vid now – this is a fantastic course already, and the techniques seem so simple, it’s great – but i never would have thought of these myself – knowledge is power!

Thanks again!

John R Munnssays:

I have used tube mogul. It works. Heard of but haven’t used heyspread. Good information.
Thanks Chad.


Brilliant, Chad!

When I watched the “Black Hat” vid about purchasing YouTube accounts I thought I had made a mistake getting this course because just buying accounts or links isn’t what I can afford to do.

Watching the other vids about creating videos and mass distributing over and over again to get “free” traffic is just stunning.

You have once again delivered a “moment of clarity” to a struggling marketer.


Good stuff


Carroll Alexandersays:

Thank you, Chad & Seth.

Yes, but do the tricks taught pay for the course?

Taking your example in Video 1 with a click through rate of 0.005 (1/2 of 1 percent) and extending that with a purchase rate of 1.5 percent produces the following:

CT of 380,000 x 0.015 purchases = 5,700 products sold.
A $47 product equals a gross of some$267,900
Or with a $27 product – $153,900. Of course it may take a couple of months to realize that.
And so far I have watched on one video. WOW!

Shelia Norlingsays:

This is EXACTLY what I needed!! Thank you for putting this information together in such an easy to use format!


Carroll Alexandersays:

Seth, you certainly have a teacher’s heart.
Thank you for the clarity of your explanations and the repetition of the key points.
And a reAALY big thank you for NOT employing a “nervous cursor”.

art williamssays:

Hi Chad:

Just finished watching the second video…..the one on spotting ‘trending’ videos. Nice. I can see there’s some information there that I’ll wager most people never even paid any attention to.

Going on the #3 now.


Jasbir Khannasays:

1st video seen – awesome info. Can’t wait to see the rest. Going to try this one out straight away.



Barry Jenningssays:

great job, cant wait to see more!

Hilton Spencersays:

Great course Chad. It’s probably the easiest way to get traffic to any website that I’ve seen in a long time.


Great first video Chad (and Seth). I’m really looking forward to video #2, which I’m sure will be equally revealing.

Hilton Spencersays:


This makes a lot of sense. I’ll be doing this stuff from now on.

Great job



Hi Chad

This is a smart way to get traffic and it would
be much less than Ad words



Dave McNabbsays:

Hi Chad,

I have been watching your email videos promoting your Youtube Cash Secrets for a few months now. Both fence sitting and thinking I did not have enough free time at the moment to go through the course.

The special video for the Christmas sale got me off the fence. I had to see just the one video you mentioned. I have to say the one video I wanted to watch and did watch was worth the whole price I paid for your course even if I never watched any of the other videos.

Good stuff!

Bruce Nelkinsays:

Thanks Chad,

Nice info. I like cutting right to the heart of the matter and getting to the meat right away.

I’ll be studying all this as soon as possible so I can hire other people to do it for me.


Payday Loans By Paulsays:

Hey Chad: Just purchased your course. Viewed the first video. You Tube is all new to me so your course will get me where I need to go. Thanks!


After 6 months of ownership, I now know this has been one of the best values of any course I have ever purchased on the internet. The videos are informative and I have referred to them time and time again as I implement new techniques in my YouTube strategy. Initially, it was more info than I could handle, but after a few techniques actually started working, I went back and re-watched the videos I hadn’t used. I have literally lost any fear of entering a market on YouTube because I have solid tricks in my bag and can quickly and easily get attention and views from YouTube. Please don’t buy this course.


Always mind expanding content and excellent service. The net wouldn’t be the same without you guys.


Bruce Nelkinsays:

With every video I watch in this series I keep getting more and more great ideas of how to take advantage of video for the marketing of my wholesale pre-paid credit cards.

I see the day when I’ll want to hire you Chad to take over the overflow of projects I’m already dreaming up for these fantastic ideas.

Bruce Nelkin LMT


Hi Chad,

I think will purchase second DVD also :)


In Truth Simlicity and Love.



Man Chad,

you really, really scored a touchdown and more with your YouTube course, I bet the other gurus are salivating at your success. The techniques are very, very simple, even for a newbie like me! It is nothing like the other courses I purchased from all of the other Internet Marketers who claim to be the masters of the universe out there.

You have really made it so simple and I always take notes and apply the principles from it, no need for a college degree to understand what one needs to be doing to make gobs of money here. I really love this course and the others too. Instead of pushing someone’s else product who they claim they have reviewed it and just collecting the commission, you just stay with your courses and upgrade them the minute you hear of the latest changes.

You’re the best, Chad and your brother Seth too! Happy Holidays to your lovely family too! Peace!


Hay!Chad,what a great piece of rare sense of doing things!Man, you’re a genius.Keep it up!And don’t let these kind of valued info run lose on the streets.
Do hope you would stand by me and hold my hands always!


Great Stuff! I’m excited to get started being a paparazzi and get lots of traffic hits! Awesome!


Hey Chad,
I am sure 99% of web traffic masters don’t know this! How did you find this traffic technique?
Please post more and more…


Hi Chad,

Youtube cash awesome course
What great techniques!!!!!!



Stever Robertssays:

Thanks Chad – your video explains clearly and without any padding your ideas – wish all marketeers were as clear as you!


same ole stuff@!!!

yeah, you just sit around with your brother an d dream up this stuff? What would i call it other than ”same ole’ stuff” ? Hmmmmmmmmmm…..

Freaking GENIUS man. You two guys were dropped off the UFO over Chicago to do the same stuff Leonardo da Vinci did during the Renaissance. I had a picture of Leo I wanted to insert because it even looks like your brother….Leo da Man. The aliens left you guys off to:

Make man take on big frickin leap for mankind. Unbelievable: ‘same ole Genius stuff. ‘

You never disappoint. That’s what I mean when I say “same ole stuff” . Always top braniac info. Love it!



I paid the trial offer to get in to take a peek at the course and I was totally blown away by all the strategies and techniques by Chad and Seth.

If you are on the fence guys this is the time to jump off and get in ..

Yesi Gebreselassie

Changa G.says:


This is the first of many comments I am sure. I am going through the YouTube Cash course and as usual your information and advice is stellar and you back it up with testing and proven results. As you know I have been a supporter for years and good content and pure value keeps me coming back.

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