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Hi Chad,

All I can say is WOW!

I’ve purchased a lot of information products in the past – and can honestly say you really over deliver.

You could have easily charged hundreds of dollars for all of the valuable secrets you reveal in this video course and it would have been worth every

I’m just looking through some of the notes I’ve been taking where you demonstrate:

How to use other peoples’ popular YouTube videos to make money for yourself

How to create your own YouTube videos at no cost using free software that’s readily available and easy to use

How to have the website URL you want to promote show up in your YouTube video so you can make more money

How to get your own YouTube videos rated higher so they’ll be getting more views by potential customers

How to get your own YouTube videos showing up as related videos to other people’s extremely popular videos that get tons of views each day

How to modify your video so you can upload it many times to YouTube so it will be seen by lots more people

How to choose the best keywords and tags to be associated with your video so it has the best chance of ranking high in the search engines

How to properly set up your own YouTube accounts so you’ll have the best chance of being successful

How to get your videos distributed over the Internet to multiple networks for free so they’ll appear on more sites than just YouTube

How to use the social bookmarking sites to help drive more viewers to your videos

How to get your videos to show up on the first page of Google’s search engine within a few days for your targeted keywords

I’m certain that by following the directions in your YouTube Cash Secrets Course I’ll be able to quickly increase the profits in my various niche sites.

Thanks again for all this great information.


Tom B.

Wow! I thought I knew how to get good rankings and views for my videos. This information rocks, you make it simple to follow and explain the whole process, so that even I can follow it . Thank You
Bill Morgan

I Love it!
Easy, Easy, Easy!
Jump in while the getting is good!
Many Thanks,

Hey Chad – I just started your Youtube Cash Secrets course – fantastic info!! What a concept. I had never thought of doing this, but I can already see the potential goldmine. Thanks – Rick

Hi Chad,

Youtube Cash Secrets Videos – Great content and very unique methods for driving traffic to websites. A real opportunity for Affiliate marketers!


Chad this is YouTube Cash Video Course has good methods of using traffic from the videos on Youtube. Visitor Value is a concept I heard about however, I don’t use it as part of marketing techniques. I must admit the video’s accelerate my learning and not to mention the traffic that’ll soon be going to my site. You Rock Chad!

I love it! I have just started the course, and already my mind is sparking on the many applications it can have! I’m excited!!

Hi Chad!

Great info! I love it. Now since I have a product that fits in 3-4 categories, I’m going to open different Youtube accounts for the same video with targeted keywords. This is one tactic that I learned from your course. If one video is not performing well at least I can count on the others, and this will help me track which video is driving more traffic to my product than the others and focus more on that one! Great info! Thanks a lot.

Mauruce aka @Godzilla


I’ve been waiting for something like this to come along for quite sometime now. Now that it is here, I’m going to put maximum effort into it.

It’s the best easy-to-foll0w video course that I’ve ever come across.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



What else can I say? You are so great! I can’t wait to apply your techniques! This One the BEST Video Tutorials I have ever seen!

I’m impressed.. impressed enough to allow the delayed payment to go thru (thanks for that opportunity, btw)! These videos of yours are awesome! I thought I knew what you were going to tell us, but you totally surprised me with completely new ideas! Good on ya, mate!

Hey Chad, Wow,Fantastic,Brilliant, what a buzz watching the videos over and over my mind racing at the ways I can implement this great stuff,a question can we have some more please? Thanks Chad…..

Hi Chad.
What a way to spend a Sunday Afternoon! Great information I can hardly wait to try it. I found an hysterical video related to my niche. I’m still laughing. Thanks.

Hi Chad, Just finishes your video series. I plan to implement the tips in #8 right now with videos I have already created. These videos are awesome. Thanks.

hey D this is a great lesson I have videos on youtube i’ve trying to promote for my website and I think this method is going to workout fine. please email me more techniques in video marketing. Thanks

Hey Chad. I really enjoyed the videos. I already created my first page and uploaded my first video. Now is time for me to promote it. I’m pretty sure I will profit from youtube.


man dude, I’m in shock…. I m so excited I can’t think straight…. Imagining how rich i’m fixen to get without a web site or nothin…
i gotta go to bed and sleep on it, before I come baack and start doen it.

you are shitting me bro,…. oh my god, I can’t believe how elementary this is and it’s practically guaranteed to get monster traffic, for anything.

Thank you for a very practical and informative approach.

It is refreshing to see a really helpful course, and not something that has already been beaten to uselessness.

hey Chad,
Now that I’ve had this free trial for two days, and only have played the videos over and over to get mentally empowered.
I’ve signed up with the and it is nothing like it is in your video. And it is the most confusing and very discouraging….

so could you review the trendrr site and give us an update. please.


so chad,
the trendrr account that you have is obviously the pro series…. and that’s why you have so many options…
I don’t have the money to buy into it.
could you discuss the free trendrr account please?

so chad,
what do you think about some people might not really understand the important value that their high rank actually has, cause they are just doing it for fun or their cause and it accidentally hit the big time.

so maybe knowing your people and how to approach them would be a good thing too. I mean getting the link for nothing would be even better right?


Hi Chad,

Great set of videos there!

There are some interesting ideas in your course that I fully intend to implement with my own videos. I have seen the power of videos myself in driving Traffic to my websites and Blogs. The great thing is, Chad’s incredible information will work on your video campaigns again and again, with videos that you may have posted initially months, even years ago. That is why I Love video Marketing, and utilising information like Chad’s YouTube video secrets makes an already powerful advertising medium, that much more powerful! Highly recommended!

Jason A. Christie (ceo)
The Cash Leverage Group

It’s still a wee bit too early to report my exact stats on 2 of your YT tricks, but I suspect that your technique for adding a Comment and/or Video Response to a YT video (after installing the FF add-on) will help get my Vids ranked better.

Coincidentally, another savvy social media marketing offered a similar tactic. the jury is till out, but I predict a favorable verdict.

Suffice to say, your insight and ability to show “how to” get rank so we can make bank is worth the time and effort which means I’ll be coming back for more of the same. Well done Chad. ~ Neil

This stuff is pretty cool, Chad.

I never really thought about using video marketing before. Obviously it has great traffic-driving power. And without traffic, you’ve got nothing. You’re dead in the Internet water.

I must admit, I certainly had no knowledge of the tactics you illustrate in your videos. I can’t wait to try them out. Nuff said.

Hey there Chad

What can I say….PURE GENIUS. I couldn’t stop watching and went through entire training in one go! Awesome content here bro. This is the best course I have ever purchased. I am off now to put it into action, cannot wait to get on forst page of Google.

Well done and keep up the great work

Thank you so much for these very useful and easily understandable videos!
I have been wanting to use videos but did not really now how to go about it this will help, what great idea .

Hey Chad,

This stuff is unbelievable!! Thank you SO much for making it available and enlightening so many as to the power of video marketing!

Chad, this is great stuff!! I can’t wait to get to work on my videos. IT would seem that it is more powerful than article marketing which everyone else is promoting for free traffic. What is your opinion on that? Do you do any article marketing too..or strictly videos? I’m very curious to know :)

Thanks again!

— from another Happy Customer–

Hi Chad,

I bought the course today and immediately watched the videos (with my tongue out the rightside of my mouth salivating)

All I can say is ” UnFriggin Believable ” . You didn’t disapoint

Dude, your secret techniques and out of the box thinking blew me away.

Just the secret in Video 1 alone I will recoup my cost 100x fold. (I never would have thought of this technique)

Video 6 is my favourite, talk about MASSIVE TRAFFIC Idea with little work.

PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE Take this course down so we can keep these secrets to ourselves and stay above the competition. ^#$^^ Only Kidding

I Highly recommend this course to anyone.

JUST Buy it. You will never regret it.

Love ya work Chad.

Bris, Australia

I just rec’d this course on youtubecash videos and can see this is every bit worth the measily price of 27.00 i pay in 7 days.

I appreciate Chad opening up to us the truths of how we can attatch ourselves to these great traffic spots and hopefully monetize them

Thanks Chad
Ted “newbie”

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