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Hey Chad,

Powerful stuff, indeed! People are in danger of profiting seriously from your strategies & teachings. Hardly anyone teaches this stuff, so this helps to level the playing field a little, and opens up a world of opportunity that was perhaps previously out of reach for some of us.

Really love your stuff, and looking forward to plenty more!

Thanks a bunch


This is the only realistic method of making money I have seen among the hundreds of offers I get every month. I was very glad to buy this course. These are awesome strategies that are truly original; totally free of the rehashed go to Clickbank blah blah blah.

Don’t know where you get all these techniques from but they are incredible.

Thanks so much,

Juan Carlos

Yesterday my roommate graduated from a restaurant course. While he was taking his exams, I used your system to find the key words with 1, 3, or 10 boxes, created the website, google account, etc etc, videos, pictures, the naming rules, on and on. TO THE LETTER.

I have a screen shot of posting it to the BizCenter yesterday (12/18) and a screen shot of the maps placement – POSITION #2 out of 2 TODAY (12/19)!

I’m not brave enought to give away the simple search phrase cuz I don’t want to kill roomies opportunities here, but lets just say in Washington DC, to get that placement is nothing short of brilliance – and without paying the fist advertising dollar!

It works and I’m happy to tell anyone that in person. Your info ROCKS.

Chad. you’ll have to meld this comment and my last together, I left out one or two details. The reason for me creating the website and placement was to give roomie a “jump start” in his new catering profession. He walks in with the diplima yesterday and I show him his placement today…holly cow.

Great stuff Chad, I’m a big fan of yours and have only just started so I’m trying to catchup. This You Tube course is absolutely awesome as is all your other stuff up to now but this takes the prize. Yourtips and tricks have always got great hooks and angles but using video is the now power for sure.

I’m still applying so I’ll give you a progress report soon, so far so good. Thanks.


Great information bro, thanks a ton, very very insightful. Im putting it into action right now…

A unique way to leverage other peoples efforts to make money. Your method is simple and cheap. Great way for newbies as well as vets to get traffic and backlinks to their site quickly. It don’t get easier than this method to generate quality traffic for your website. Get youtube cash secrets!

Talmage Shipman

Wow,what an amazing idea is this? I´m really more than allured by your method and my edxcitement is far beyond imagination.
Hey,this is one of the easiest and best applicable ideas I´ve heard of for years.
Congrats and awaiting your next highlight !

Wonderful and Clever way to make something out of nothing. What a concept!!!

Love this technique. Can’t wait to start doing this on my own

Thanks Chad!

Hi Chad! I’m an artist from Perth, Western Australia and I’ve just recently uploaded my first youtube video and wondering how to get more traffic. So your email was really timely! Thanks for a really clear and informative first video, when I first saw it it really gave me a light bulb moment and I went a-ha that’s not a bad way of solving the problem about getting traffic! thanks mate!

Thanks Chad, these videos are very clear and well organized. I’ll most certainly be using some of the techniques you’ve shown to drive traffic to all my niche blogs. I’ll also be making sure I create a lot more videos this year to feed this traffic system.

Well after 3 years doing and learning IM I thought I knew most of it. Obviously I did’nt! This stuff was a total eye opener for me. Already started implementing it. Thank you this is really great stuff.

Hi Chad.

Thanks for the info. There are so many interesting things to learn. I did not know that you can “pull” a photo on windows movie maker to make it stay showing longer, also the free sourceforge audio software is great. Making youtube videos without a camera! Thanks for the helpful tips. Keith Kelly from

Hi Chad,

this is a GREAT course!

I thought I’d get one great idea but in in fact you deliver TWO excellent strategies to make the most out of video marketing that I have not really found anywhere else. I call them the “Video Traffic Strategy” and the “Video Leverage Strategy”.

I just recently stumbled upon your website, watched one of your videos – and was hooked! You’re a hooker, man! And I confess I’m an addict :-)

So to anyone sitting on the fence – DO NOT get this course! ( I want to keep these strategies hush-hush and to myself…)

There are not too many marketers that give away the farm for free, trusting that the content that they provide is good enough to make people happily pay although they already did get the product. I guess this speaks for itself…

Hey Chad!

Just finished watching the first video, wow. Great stuff, I can’t wait to watch the rest of them! I really liked the way you have it set up to try for 7 days with out spending a cent. Great idea!

Absolutely most fascinating course. Awesome. And easy to follow too!
Thank you so much.

I watched the first video Chad, and I believe in being on the top of SERP’s with my videos soon. This info is very powerful, thank you so much! Well Done!

Wow! Amazing! This is an excellent idea for those who are camera shy and not quite ready to use their own faces yet. This is great stuff. Thanks!

Hi Chad,

Thanks for this great lesson ,i just have no words.
There is one thing left just start making videos !
Thanks again

Thanks for over delivering. WOW!!!

In the past I have purchased, too many courses that promised so much and delivered so little. Just from watching video 1, I can determine that my return on investment for this course, will be one of the top courses I have purchased, and by far for traffic generation.

I can’t wait to see the remaining training videos, for the techniques you teach are invaluable. If one can not make money on the internet , with your techniques, they never will and should keep their daytime job.

Thanks again!!!

Mark Schrag

Hi Chad,

Your content rocks! There is so much rubbish out there on the internet and so many people just wasting their money. You have come up with by far, the best information that I have received so far.

Many thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi Chad,

Alright. At first, I thought: “huh? No way!! There’s no way that guy would do that just because I ask him. Not with 45,000,000 views!” But then after the first few minutes, I’m thinking: “why not?” I can see me following through with this exactly how you described in the first video and making money doing this. In fact, the more I think about it, the more intrigued I am and will continue on to video #2 as soon as I hit the “submit comment” button below this box. LOL This is going to be fun.


dude!! this is killer content right there!! i mean how long would this take like less then 2omins to set up?!? well i dont have give anything away but hell ya this rocks!! you got try it out people seriously.

Chad your the man!


The information in the videos was great. I am confident it will vastly improve my income as well as my list.

Thanks a million.


This is a great course on how to achieve high ranking in Google by using YouTube video. I highly recomend it.

Thanks very much.

Hi Chad

Thanks for the new V2 of Youtube cash Secrets.

I purchased V! some time ago and got one of my Videos into to the top position in my Niche as a result of your methods.

Not bad when you consider I am a one man “go it Alone” guy competing aginst some of the Biggest Players In the World In my particular Niche !!

I have Been going through some of the Updated techniques in V2 and Boy have you been busy….this stuff is red Hot…..

anyway I have no more time right now for this testimonial stuff…..

must get back to watching the next training Video….!!!!

Geoff Lord


This is powerful stuff!
You keep improving your course already better than most of products out there.
Within budget.
Need I have to say more?

Chad is BAd to the bone. I’m really glad I did not have to pay what this course
is worth, I would’ve had to fill out an application for a second mortgage. Hey
dude, on a scale from one to ten, you’re Sandra Bullock BAD ASS.

The technique looks great. Actually, I have seen it being described before somewhere, and forgotten it. So, obviously, I have to take action and try it myself.

Chad is the real deal. I believe I own about everything Chad he has ever put out. He tells it like it is and gives you quality stuff. If you are willing to implement the things he has to offer you will definitely make money doing it. Keep up the good work Chaddo!!

This is a super way to get YouTube traffic for my products and services. Great “outside the box” thinking and techniques!

Chad dude,

I just watched the first video and all I can say is: wow!
You did it again! This technique is really creative…
This one technique can easily pay for the entire program…many times over.
Let me go back and see what we’ve got in the other vids.


Absolutely superb training program.
I have only completed 4 parts so far and you have already blown me away with the information, tis and techniques you have shared.
Just can’t wait to get to the next video and start implementing these “ground breaking” ideas. Again many thanks – this course was by far the best investment i have made this year!

Your You Tube Cash Secrets offers outstanding techniques and tools for anyone wanting to harness the power of You Tube. I think all of us know that not only is You Tube powerful right now, but is only going to get more and more powerful with the continued growth of video. Consequently, your course is a must have for anyone wishing to drive massive traffic to their own links. Thanks for sharing — well worth the investment!

Betsy Modglin

So far I have not seen or heard anyone teaching this search trick. It is well known that YouTube gets traffic, searches and views. Learning how to tap into that traffic is huge. I am looking forward to learning more and utilizing this.

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