Review of Ali Alqaraghuli’s Business Course

Business strategies play an essential role in the growth of businesses; finding the right strategy can make your business grow with ease. 

Due to this, people come up with programs that teach strategies that promise exponential growth. But do all these strategies actually work the way they said they would? Definitely not. But we can only determine if they work or not by actually paying attention to the program. 

Today, our focus will be on one of the courses that stands out for its unique offer: Ali Alqaraguli’s program.

I want to be upfront before we go any further. This course WILL teach you how to grow your business, but FIRST you need to have experience running your own business! If you’re just starting your first business, don’t subscribe to this program. You need the experience of how to take a business from failing online, to online success, or Ali’s program won’t do you any good.

My other issue with this business model is you have to CONTINUALLY be on the search for new clients. I prefer a much more autopilot business model. A business I can setup that runs without me needing to keep hustling for new clients.

Here’s the course I recommend instead. My own teenagers are using this course to setup autopilot businesses online that require very little ongoing work. There’s a Free Video On This Business Model Here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is a much more automated business model than Ali Alqaraghuli’s course. But since you are here to learn about Ali’s program, lets get back to our review of that:

What is Ali’s Program About?

Ali has always believed that most successful tech businesses such as NASA, SpaceX, Tesla, etc. thrive due to the framework they use. According to him, most of them use an engineering framework that is very popular but only in the electromagnetic engineering field. He claims this framework can help you double your revenue in 28 days. 

Who is Ali Alqaraghuli?

Ali was born in Iraq in 1996 and he migrated to the United States to further his education in 2010. We can say this move has paid off greatly since Ali now has a stellar educational background. He pursued a science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Buffalo from 2014 to 2018. He pursued his Masters and Ph.D. in the same field. He interned in multiple engineering companies including TTM Technologies, Northrop Grumman, and MIT Lincoln Laboratory. 

He is currently a teaching professor at Xavier University and a graduate research assistant and Dean’s Fellow at Northeastern University. He interned at NASA, and according to him, he was blown away by the framework the company used. He saw the same thing when he worked briefly at SpaceX. 

This compelled him to start his own company and use the framework to scale the business. Ali is the author of the book What Every Electrical Engineering Student Must Know. The book details how students can find the area to focus on, how to build their network, and finally how to plan their career. 

He has received multiple honors and awards including the Best Student Paper Award, IEEE WoWMOM 6G-NTN in 2021 and 2022. He was also awarded the CSTEP Student of the Year Award at the University at Buffalo in 2018. 

Ali has contributed to several publications including “Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Slot-Fed Flexible Vinyl-Printed Yagi-Uda Antenna for CubeSat Applications”, IEEE Workshop on Antenna Technology (iWAT), Dublin, Ireland, 2022. 

He also reviews magazines and offers keynotes at Xavier University. 

How Does Ali’s Program Work?

Ali doesn’t reveal anything about the framework he mentions so much or how he runs his program. To get started, you need to book a call with him and he will tell you what to do next to access his coaching service. You can find the link to book a call on his YouTube channel called Ali Alquaraguli. 

What is the Cost of Ali’s Program?

Just like the structure of the program, the cost is also unknown. However, his book “What Every Electrical Engineering Student Must Know: Find Your Area of Focus, Build Your Network, and Design Your Career” costs $8.99 for the Kindle version and $13.99 for the paperback version. 

Refund Policy

Again, the refund policy has not been mentioned. 

Should You Invest in Ali’s Program?

Since there is no information about the framework Ali is always talking about, it can be difficult to make it say whether are not it is worth investing in it. However, we have found reviews from other people who claim that Ali’s coaching was a game-changer for them. It is however not comforting that these reviews are on Ali’s YouTube channel. 

So Ali created this channel in January 2021 but the only content on the page are reviews of people he has coached. One reviewer claimed to have scaled from barely making $5K a month to $77K per month. His most recent review is from someone called Cory who mentioned that he used to work over 60 hours a week but he was unable to scale his business. After working with Ali, he has managed to increase his revenue by 80% while working fewer hours. According to him, he now earns over $20K in revenue. 

One assuring thing about these reviews is that they are video reviews from people who are willing to put themselves out there. But there are no reviews about his coaching services on credible review platforms. 

The reviews about his book on Amazon are, however, great with people saying it gave them everything they need to pursue their Electrical Engineering program. If the reviews on his book are anything to go by, it is worth booking a call and hearing what he has to say about his consultation services. 

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