Andrei Jikh – Zero To A Million

Who Is Andrei Jikh? 

Andrei Jikh is a magician, entrepreneur, Youtuber, investor, and the creator of Zero To A Million. He currently owns a finance Youtube channel that provides content related to financial management, stock investing, cryptocurrency, and more. 

As of May 2021, his Youtube channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers. That is a huge figure for a finance channel on Youtube. 

But before I talk to you about Zero to a Million, I need to be up front with you: I have some red flags. The first concern is that it doesn’t tell you enough about making MONEY from Youtube, more about how to create youtube videos. To make money from YT, you need to become an AFFILIATE, selling other people’s products.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Zero To A Million. But since you are here to learn about Zero To A Million, lets get back to our review of that:

Now, to continue… Andre Jikh is also very active on Patreon where he offers subscription service to the latest stock investing insights and information related to the stock market. He made at least $25,000 per month from his Patreon members alone. 

Andrei Jikh did not start his career as a Youtuber, this was more of a side hustle that turned into a cash-generating machine for him that enabled him to go full time as a Youtuber. He was a magician before embarking on his journey as a Youtuber. 

Andrei Jikh grew up learning magic, especially card magic tricks, and when he was 19 years old, he got hired by a business start-up to teach people how to do card magic tricks online. 

He hit a big deal in his career in 2013 when he was assigned to prepare the cast of a Hollywood movie, Now You See Me 2 for their roles as magicians. From there, he was involved in a few commercials such as National Geographic Brain Games and GoPro advertisements. 

His awareness of the importance of finance started when his parents got involved in a big debt after moving from Russia to the United States of America as circus performers. He started saving money from his day job until he was financially secured and comfortable pursuing another career. 

He started his first Youtube career in January 2019 as he uploaded his first finance video. He told Business Insiders that he was saving for five years and living below his means just to get a chance on making Youtube his career. 

Andrei Jikh seems like a very committed guy and serious about being a Youtuber when he spent almost $10,000 on a new studio and equipment for his Youtube videos. 

Not only that, he has claimed that he spent on average 50 hours per week researching, editing, and shooting his Youtube videos. 

When he started his Youtube channel in January 2019, he did not make any money in his first month and his second month, but things started to kick in for him as he consistently uploads videos on his Youtube channel. 

March 2019 brings him $90 of Youtube Ad revenues, it does not seem much right? But his channel got acceleration in growth and earning as it enters April with around $1,400 of ads revenue earning for that month. This can be considered as a side hustle income already and can pay for a lot of expenses on his side. 

Then his channel keeps growing until November 2019 where he reaches the point where he can consider Youtube as his main source of income as he made $30,000 in a single month. Andrei Jikh continues to produce videos and increase his revenue from that point until now, using the money that he earned on stock investment, cryptocurrency, and more. 

One concept that Andrei Jikh is trying to portray is financial minimalism, the same principle that another fellow finance Youtuber, Graham Stephan practices. 

This means he lives a simple life without a luxury lifestyle, fancy cars,exsive stuff. 

Another amazing thing about Andrei Jikh is that he made his Youtube channel successful in just a few months. 

Now people are wondering what are his secrets? What did he do to enable his Youtube channel to grow so fast in a very competitive finance and money management niche?

After many requests by his subscribers, he finally created a Youtube course on how he builds a successful Youtube channel which is called Zero To A Million. Now, let’s look at what Zero To A Million is about. 

What Is Zero To A Million?

Zero To A Million is a program created by Andrei Jikh which aims to help you grow your brand on Youtube. At this point, we already know that Andrei is qualified in teaching people how to grow a Youtube brand successfully as he created his Youtube channel and made it his full-time income in just a few months. 

We all know that Youtube is getting really competitive every day as more and more people decide to become a Youtuber. Some people work hard in creating videos and consistently posting them for years but achieve no significant results with the efforts that they give. 

However, Youtube being the second largest search engine in the world attracts people to make it as an income opportunity. The question is, can you create a successful Youtube brand with Andrei Jikh’s course? 

The answer to that question is rather complex because it is influenced by many variables such as your video quality, consistency, and the Youtube algorithm itself. 

With Zero To A Million, Andrei teaches you how to build your brand on Youtube and make money with it, he did not make a big claim that you will be making millions of dollars with Youtube even though the course title is Zero To A Million. 

Another thing that he mentioned in his video is that it takes a lot of time to create a high-quality Youtube video, edit them, get new ideas on upcoming videos, and many more. His advice is if you want to build a Youtube channel, you need to be willing to put in the time and be serious with it, otherwise, it is better to just forget about it and pursue other stuff that is worth your time. 

Zero To A Million Course Overview

What Will You Get With Zero To A Million? 

Zero To A Million is priced at $495 for the full course and if you decide to go for an upgrade which is their group coaching for 6 months and access to their discord chat, it will cost you another $2495. 

When you buy his course, you will get the following :

  • Access to 70 different instructional step-by-step videos 
  • Photoshop templates for your Youtube channel 
  • LUT Pack for film and video project 

There are 8 modules in this course with different topics on each module. Below, I share the summary of each module in Zero To A Million.

Module 1: Introduction 

First of all, Andrei begins with the introduction to his Youtube course and what the course is about. He explains that he will cover everything that you need to know about building a profitable brand on Youtube and making money from it. 

However, there is an extra focus made by Andrei toward video production and Youtube SEO. 

Module 2: Niche and Brand 

The second module takes you toward the difference between a niche and a brand. Andrei explains that you can take your channel to one of these routes as both of them have their pros and cons. 

Andrei further explains both of these pathways can make you a lot of money but you will have to approach each path differently. 

Some of the things to consider are whether to go for informational video, animation video, personal branding, and many more. 

One thing that Andrei mentions is that if you are going toward a niche channel, it is better to focus on the sub-niche. This is to make sure your channel gets ranked and gains exposure easily as opposed to a big niche where everyone tries to make content about it.  

Module 3: Setting Up A Channel 

In this module, Andrei covers some common setups and everything that you need to do when setting up your Youtube channel. One good thing about this course is that Andrei provides you with photoshop templates that you can use for your Youtube channel banner and picture. These templates are proven to make your channel look attractive for your viewers and potential subscribers. 

Another thing that Andrei covers is some basic settings on your Youtube channel that includes the keywords of your channel, your Youtube channel SEO, etc. 

Module 4: Making Videos 

This module has the second biggest content after the marketing module which shows how important is your video quality for the Youtube algorithm. Here, Andrei teaches you how to create an amazing quality video. You do not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on studio and video equipment but if you want to get a serious result then you need to spend some money on good video equipment. 

He also teaches you some video editing and provides you with a LUT pack that you can use in your video and film projects. 

Module 5: Marketing 

In the fifth module, Andrei talks about the marketing side of your Youtube brand and channel. Based on Andrei, it is not enough to just wait for your video to get ranked on Youtube and hoping that Youtube will give exposure to your videos. 

Here, Andrei has a lot of marketing tips that you can apply to gain early exposure for your videos so that Youtube has enough data from your videos to determine whether it is a good video or not. 

Module 6: Money

This module covers how you can make money with your Youtube channel as well as some optimization tips that can help you make more money with each method. 

The most common way for a Youtuber to make money on Youtube is through Youtube Ads revenue, and this is a good way for you to make money because once you start to get more subscribers, your video views will increase too. 

Andrei also explains his monetization tactics on Youtube which include affiliate marketing with stock trading companies and cryptocurrency platforms. 

You can find any companies that suit your niches because these companies want influencers to promote their products and services so that they will get sales and you will be paid commission for each sale, it is a win-win situation. 

Module 7: Secrets 

In the seventh module, Andrei shares some of his Youtube secrets that he claims is not available elsewhere. He also explains that these secret tips and tricks help make his Youtube channel grow and get exposure fast. 

Module 8: Closing 

In the last module, Andrei summarizes everything that you have learned throughout the course and what are the steps that you need to take since you have completed the entire course. He also mentions some mistakes that other Youtubers made that prevent them from growing and getting the exposure that they want. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Andrei Jikh is a legit and successful Youtuber that knows his stuff and the mechanics behind a good Youtube video and getting views to your Youtube videos 
  • High-quality training videos that cover all aspects of creating a brand with Youtube and making money with it. 
  • Good price for the full course at $459 because some of the other Youtube courses out there can cost from $997 up to $2000. 


  • Being successful with Youtube is not as easy as it may look and it requires a lot of time and effort to make a good income with your Youtube channel. 
  • The price for the group coaching call is quite expensive which is $2495 for a one-hour session every week for 6 months. 

Final Verdict  

In conclusion, do I recommend Zero To A Million? The answer is yes because it is a good and detailed Youtube course that covers everything that you need to know about building a profitable Youtube channel. 

When compared with other courses out there, Andrei Jikh’s course provides more value with a cheaper course price at $459 which is at least half of the price of the other courses in the market.

However, I think that the group coaching call which is the upsell for Zero To A Million is a bit overpriced at $2495, as you will only get one hour of session per week for 6 months. It would be reasonable to pay that amount of money if you get a personal one-on-one session with Andrei Jikh himself.