Apartment Investor Mastery Review

Real estate investment is still one of the most lucrative forms of investment and we are certain that this isn’t going to change anytime soon. In recent times, multifamily properties have gained prominence as one of the hottest real estate investments.

But how do people make ridiculous profits from multifamily investments despite all the obstacles and unexpected situations that real estate investors face? It mostly boils down to experience since most investors learn to pick up signs to help them make good investment decisions.

This gives the indication that newbies do not have the chance to make good profits in multifamily investment but that is not the case. Most newbies do well when they replicate the process of experienced investors and this is why there are lots of programs that teach people how to invest. 

Let’s talk about one of these prominent programs. This platform; Apartment Investor Mastery claims to guide investors to make six figures or more through real estate but is this true? Let’s find out more about the program.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Apartment Investor Mastery program. But since you are here to learn about Apartment Investor Mastery, lets get back to that:

What is Apartment Investor Mastery?

This is a platform that offers a wide variety of programs that focus on helping newbie investors to invest in apartments. They offer free training, one-on-one mentoring, and home study courses.

Who are the Creators of Apartment Investor Mastery?

The company was founded by Brad Sumrok in 2012. He initially worked as an account manager for over 5 years and then went on to work as a broker for another 5 years before starting his real estate investment company. 

Although he set up his real estate investment training company in 2012, he started investing in 2002. He started with a 32-unit apartment complex and his business grew quickly. He was able to retire from his six-figure job within 3 years.

He started training other people to invest in multi-family apartments. Over the years, his training helped his students secure over $3.5 billion in apartment deals. He managed to move from the 32-unit apartment he started with to owning over 7500 units in 11 US markets. 

Brad has been featured on Realty411, Old Capital Podcast, Think Realty, and Get Rich Education. He also won the National Apartment Association Independent Owner of the Year in 2012 and the Top 50 Real Estate Investment Opinion Makers and Market Leaders Award in 2014. 

Brad’s wife, Jenn joined him in his business as it flourished and now they are both committed to helping other people gain financial freedom through multifamily investments. 

How Does Apartment Investor Mastery Work?

The platform offers a wide variety of programs to suit every demand. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned investor, the company has something to help you scale quickly. There is the Foundation program that is designed for newbies. This program has 18 comprehensive modules that cover all the basics of multifamily investment. You will learn how to make informed decisions and invest passionately. There will also be live webinars that cover comprehensive real estate topics. All lessons will be delivered by Brad himself.

You will also get to network with other investors, and deal sponsors. Brad will also give you sample contracts, his personal property analyzer spreadsheet, and other documents that will help you do due diligence on your deals. 

This program also gives you access to Brad’s private group where you get to meet other people on the same journey as you and build connections for your career. You get to join other students on property bus tours that are accessible to only students. 

The Personal Mentoring Program includes everything in the Foundations program along with one-on-one mentoring that will help fine-tune your deal acquisition skill. You will also have direct access to a team of experts who will share their knowledge with you. 

There is also the Home Study Course that takes you through lessons on wealth creation, early retirement, property acquisition, Brad’s investing process, how to raise funds for your investment, templates for relevant paperwork, and a lot more. 

There is also a free 5-day training that introduces you to multifamily investment. 

Cost of Apartment Investor Mastery Programs. 

The Foundations program costs a one-time payment of $8000. The cost of the one-on-one mentorship program hasn’t been revealed. You will need to complete a short form, schedule a call with the team to discuss your goals, and then you will receive a quote. The Home Study Course costs $98. 

Refund Policy 

The company has not specified any refund policy. It may be stated in the fine print. 

Should You Invest in Investor Mastery Programs?

It seems Brad is offering a lot of value through his training but we cannot tell if it is worth the price. Unfortunately, there are no independent reviews about the program and this makes it difficult for us to believe the claims of the company. 

The company has been in existence for over a decade and it is not a good sign that we cannot find reviews on review sites apart from their official site. Aside this, it is difficult to justify the pricing for the Foundation program since the program seems to offer knowledge but no guarantee of success. 

If you want to try out the program, try the Home Study Course since it is not expensive. If you like what you see and are certain that you will benefit more from other programs, you can then go ahead to invest in the other ones. But be ready to push yourself to learn since you will be studying at your own pace.

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