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Setting up a Google Maps listing

Go here to see How to Make Money from Google Maps as a complete Newbie.

If you are new to all this, don’t read the below articles. Just click the link above to learn how to build a business with Google Maps.

The below articles are meant for people who are already immersed in the world of Google Maps and making money with it.

If you are a Google Maps Geek, here are some deep dives into Google’s Map system and its ranking algorithm.

  1. An explanation of the Algorithm of Google Maps from Chad Kimball, yours truly. IF you are real google maps expert you may think my explanation overly simplistic, but the basics of the Google Maps Algorithm have changed very little over the years. Website Authority, Proximity, Citations (which are basically localized backlinks) and more recently, Reviews.
  2. Related to the above, I discuss the importance of website authority to Google Maps Ranking
  3. How to properly manage the Q and A Section of your local listing.
  4. How to properly utilize Maps Posts
  5. What to do if you can’t find your listing.
  6. Using photos as a Maps ranking signal. 
Local Search

Phone and Text Verification on Google Maps

Just got this today.

Yes folks it does still exist!

phone verify google maps

Chad Kimball Google Maps Expert