3 Step Plan Gets You Fulltime Online Income!

Many people overthink Internet Marketing. It is understandable, there is so much regurgitated information out there, blended with a huge soup of MISINFORMATION produced by wannabe gurus who don’t know how to generate income themselves, except selling how to make money products.

I’ve been teaching, and doing, this same business model for many many years. I consider it the final frontier of Internet Marketing. Compared to many business models out there, it is much easier to succeed using this business model than any other.

Step 1: Setup a maps listing in a local market and rank it to the top 3 of google maps.

Step 2: When people start calling the phone number in the listing, sell those phone calls to a local business.

Step 3: Repeat in the same geographic area until the business owner can’t handle any more calls or they’re forced to hire an inbound closer, then move to the next city!

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39 replies on “3 Step Plan Gets You Fulltime Online Income!”


Would love to join, I have learnt a lot from you, but I am still not earning big money to make this investment, to be honest I feel tempted to join and then ask you a refund but that is very dishonest.

Thankyou for all your wonderful videos!!!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Thanks for being honest!


Hey Chad,

I’ve bought a number of your courses including your auto-blogging / blackhat / domain tweak etc.

I’m tempted to join but I’m sitting on the fence in case the info inside is what I’ve already bought.

Is it still worth joining if I have most of your past stuff?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: There is a ton of brand new content in there that I’ve never put in any product. Foreign Language SEO, Google Images Algorithm, Plus the SEO software tools are all brand new. The adsense method I teach is different from what I taught in the Blackhat course as well.

Kyle Marvelsays:

Thanks for making this available.

I am a member of another coachTing club that I really havent used.

It is about rep management. I am paying 97 a month.

I really don’t like or want to contact Doctors, Dentists and other professionals as an unproven and ask for a 5k contract.

I still need a website and other “stuff” to operate a biz to biz selling model.

I would love to have 100-300 daily from adsense.
Is that an attainable number with your program?

Also, will you have to change your model to reflect the latest slap?
From another email

According to the official Google Webmaster Central Blog, The search engine now considers sites that have advertising above the fold to be a nuisance to searchers.

Here is what they had to say…

In our ongoing effort to help you find more high-quality websites in search results, today we’re launching an algorithmic change that looks at the layout of a webpage and the amount of content you see on the page once you click on a result.

As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve heard complaints from users that if they click on a result and it’s difficult to find the actual content, they aren’t happy with the experience. Rather than scrolling down the page past a slew of ads, users want to see content right away. So sites that don’t have much content “above-the-fold” can be affected by this change. If you click on a website and the part of the website you see first either doesn’t have a lot of visible content above-the-fold or dedicates a large fraction of the site’s initial screen real estate to ads, that’s not a very good user experience. Such sites may not rank as highly going forward.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes $100-$300 daily and even more, is totally the goal of the members area. I will help you get there! And regarding the recent algorithm change, it shouldn’t affect it my training. I don’t teach folks to plaster ads all over their site, just a couple simple adsense blocks, and your content should always show above the fold.



Can you offer an annual or 6 month option for your SEO coaching club ? I would like to join but I hate monthly memberships. I would rather pay an annual or bi-annual membership fee and forget about it instead of the monthly debits… just a thought. You could offer a discount with the higher cost as well.



ANSWER FROM CHAD: I’ll consider adding this. For this launch we wont’ be adding it, maybe if I open up again in the future…


Is all the information that you list on your page , available for everyone as soon as you sign up for the club? Or are the modules open one month at a time?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: all the modules are currently available. Some are complete standalone courses, and others have maybe 50% of the content available and we’re still creating the rest. Many will have constantly updating content as the weeks/months go by. We will be adding more topic areas in the future as well.


I have not been able to get an adsense account set up. Do you recommend another ad publishing program?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Do you mean your adsense application is getting rejected? If this is the case, I show you how to get around this and get accepted!


Chad – does this include access to your Autoblog Cash System and updated IP address & wordpress plugin for the cloaker, or are those separate products that aren’t part of this “cash club” system?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Thats a different product, the cloaker/autoblog stuff isn’t in the SEO Cash Club. We did pull a few videos/techniques from the autoblog course for the members area, but by and large SEO Cash Club is totally unique content.

Don Martinsays:

Good day Chad,
I have a couple of questions prior to pulling the trigger on this membership.

In the (Adsense)video you mention not having many other significant costs. I would assume we have to buy domain names, hosting etc; Will we need to buy any particular number of domains that are exact match (or are exact match domains necessary?)
The reason I ask refers to a situation whereby, for example, I may own names in a particular niche category (ie; health,finance or weight loss) that while they contain the main keyword may not be considered exact match. Are these types of domain names able to be utilized in your system, or do I need to plan on purchasing a number of new domains? What number of domains/websites would you think would need to be tested in order to likely achieve a level of $50 a day and/or around a $100 per day. I’m not asking for income promises , just an approximation based on others progress who perhaps are able to spend the time to have utilized your teachings.

I purchased a prior offering from you and found it to be highly informative, however, at that time I was employed full time and due to demands made of my time, I wasn’t able to implement those tactics. Now a different scenario exists. I’ve got the time but I also need to leverage a limited highly budgeted amount of available funds. That’s why I would like to have information to be able to realistically plan and budget what I’m going to need to spend to be able to extract at least a base average of $50 days consistently within the span of 3-4 months.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you already have websites, you can put the new sites on the same hosting (I’m assuming you have some sort of reseller acct). So the main cost for you would be domain names and possibly backlink services, depending on what strategy you choose. We have some great shoestring budget type strategies as well. I would need to see your domain names to know if they would work for this particular technique. In the course I’m assuming people are starting from scratch so I encourage exact match domains. But if you have domains with age and existing backlinks with keywords in the domains, its possible you’d be able to use those instead. Anyway, WORST CASE SENARIO, your sites generate $1/day within 20 days. You’ll sti1l have paid for all the domain names by the end of the first month. 50 sites like that, you’ll easily be at $50/day. Hope this helps.


Do we have to stay in membership to continue using the software(s) or we can use even after out of membership?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Most of the software is tied to your membership ID so if you cancel the membership the software wouldn’t work. Some of the tools are also web based, so are only accessed inside the members area. We will be releasing some blackhat bots that probably will keep working if you cancel, but most of the other stuff will stop working.


If this is too general a question, just say so, but if we follow your plan is there any kind of timeframe for reaching a stable $100/day total? How many sites would this take and what kind of hours/day do you recommend (approx.), based on what you teach?

My goals this year include hitting $500/day by the end of the year through multiple income streams. I’d love to be able to get 20% of that passively through your techniques here.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: David, this is easily possible with the techniques I teach. In fact, as I think about it, I should be charging more for this monthly program! (your investment = $97/month, your income = $3000/mo – hey!). If you look at my earlier response to Don Martin you’ll see the sort of timeframe you can expect to reach your goals. Its not an income promise though, but will give you an idea of what we’re dealing with.

Don Martinsays:

Thanks for the reply Chad,
The domains I refer to are mostly just that. Names I purchased but didn’t have the time to utilize. Some of them did have websites but were taken down about a year ago when the hosting company went out of business. They were not making money because they were out of date and ignored and died on the vine.
Any place in particular I can send you the list of domains to be able to ascertain which may be usable? If any of them are , I can perhaps use them
to start and add on emd with generated cashflow.
Thanks again,

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I could take a look at the list if you email it to me.


Chad – thanks for your answers. Not to be too pesky, but just wanted to see if you could indicate any sort of time commitment need. I believe Don referred to this questions as well. In general terms, per site, are we talking 1-2 hours/day for a month? a few hours set-up per site?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Time involved, WAY less than that. Thats the great thing about adsense! I’d say after you get it setup, maybe an hour per week? Probably even less than that, because most of the work you do will be monitoring all your sites at once.


Actually, $10 a day would be enough to retire my mother from work. She lives in Central America and that’s what she earns per day, then pays for travel, food, and clothes expenses from that and ends up with about $5. How many hours of work would it take to generate just $10 per day? Assuming I’m of above average abilities and already have most software, hosting etc.
Thanks Chad,

ANSWER FROM CHAD: In general, if you’re spending more than 1 hour per week per website that you own, you’re doing something wrong. since you work with the sites in batches, its probably just a few minutes per week per site, in reality, but it sort of depends on the site. I have sites bringing in adsense income that I don’t even look at for WEEKS at a time.


OK Buddy – You’ve not let me down yet so I’m jumping in. I used to do quite well with Adsense but with a full-time job and a young baby my time is extremely limited. Autopilot sounds great!


i’m totally on the fence thinking about getting in. can you go over the cancellation process if i discontinue? Can I opt-out online or by email?

p.s. i would like to say to anyone out there that i have followed chaddo for awhile and purchased these types of programs from him (and seth) in the past and I would say that the products are of high value.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: easy just shoot an email to

Don Martinsays:

Just sent email..thanks for the input.


Robert Blakesays:

Hey Chad,

I am all over wanting to build set it and forget it streams of income.
However, I also have some affiliate sites in a very competitive niche that I want to drive targeted traffic to without having to sit at my PC all day long to monitor everything.

Is there training towards this goal in the member’s area?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Adsense Income is just ONE of the modules. We have a ton of brand new videos on traffic generation that will help you, see you in the members area!


Robert Blakesays:


Another question please. As a matter of personal expression and wanting to make some dough through publishing, I am in a Kindle book publishing training. Its good and very good.

However, I wonder if within your training there is or are tools to help me boost sales on my books once published through an alternative ninja promotion effort beyond the good job Amazon does getting Kindle titles to buyers who have shown interest in my niche subject?

Thanks again. :-)


Don Martinsays:

Jumped in based on your definite maybe :>)

Robert Blakesays:

I jumped in Chad. :-)

Gerry Youngsays:


Been following you for a couple of years. I am a single, blind Dad with no more children left at home. I am willing to take the plunge this year but I am sorry that my credit card will not be here until the week after January 22. That sucks!!! Oh, well, missed out this time but maybe next.

Thank you for all of the free info that I have gotten from you over the past couple of years. Guaranteed that we will be talking in the future.

Thank you,


ok, i’m in one more quick question:

my main objective (long term) is to also use these techniques to drive quality, targeted traffic to my e-commerce site (either directly or through web 2.0 \buffer\ sites). of course I lke adsense income too but I have never tried it (and yes, google rejected me for an adsense account. boo. but as you say it looks like there is a work-around for this in the Cash Club membership, yes?)

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes there is a workaround for getting banned/rejected from having an adsense account. In my membership I talk about this. If you want to drive traffic to your ecommerce site, this will be valuable for you as well, focus on the backlinking sections, these will really help your traffic.


Can these sites be set up on sub-domains in order to reduce the upfront costs of buying 50-100 domains? Or would .info domains work better than a .com subdomain? How much time to complete each site on average including SEO (assembly line style)? What’s the limit on how many sites one person could handle?
Thanks Chad.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I show you how to get these sites to pay for their own domain registration and initial backlinking so you are essentially setting up these sites for NOTHING. It is an awesome strategy that allows you to scale this up for almost zero cost! Subdomains probably wouldn’t work for this specific strategy, and .info domains are discouraged because they are usually associated with low quality spammy sites. Setting up these sites only takes an hour or two at most! Re: how many sites you can handle, in my members area we go into a lot of detail about how many sites you should have. There are some specific google policies that came into play last year that you need to consider, those are usually more of a factor than your own time limitation.


Is the business model covered in the membership site geared solely to adsense sites or will it also cover making money with other affiliate website business models? If so, what other models will be covered?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: No, adsense is just ONE of the modules covered. Actually, many of the modules deal more with traffic generation for ANY site, no matter what kind of monetization you use this will really ramp up your sites.

Skye Gunnersays:

Hey Chad –
This may be redundant . . .Yet I just want to make sure on this
Always liked your info solid good bank-able info

My first goal is to cover my monthly $97 costs . . .that what a good business person does.

As example, it seems that your Adsense approach may be the most fluid and

While I’m asking for income guarantees . . .based on your experience approximately how many Adsense sites would be needed to cover the monthly tuition

Look forward to your reply
Standing by – Skye

ANSWER FROM CHAD: It is difficult to say, but it shouldn’t take more than a few of these to pay for the tuition. If you do your keyword research you could pay for the course with only ONE of these sites.


are there step by step videos or is everything spread out, I find it easier to foloow something step by step

ANSWER FROM CHAD: It is step by step

Kyle Marvelsays:

I wonder if you can give an unbiased review on a software I am just about to buy from a wso.

It seems good but everything seems good there.

The main thing is that is find EMD’s. For under 30 it might be worth it.

It is hard to get an unbiased opinion from a wso.

Please, don’t put this in the q and a list above.

I don’t want to seem like another affiliate.

If you think it is really good, send me your aff link from warrior forum.

I will be joining also before dead line. Thanks for the reply in advance.

Thanks, Kyle.

Robert Blakesays:


Since jumping in yesterday, when I attempt to go into the member’s area, I get redirected to your copy page. I was too busy with other things to mention it until now. Please advise.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I intended to be chained to the computer today fixing stuff like this, but instead I spent the day in the hospital with my wife. I’ll be emailing everyone about it. But Robert, shoot us an email at , seth will be fixing all errors like this first thing in the morning, so sorry about this!

Skye Gunnersays:

Chad –
THX for your reply
It was a honest typo . . .( how embarrassing )

No I’m NOT asking for a income guarantee

Just wanting to cover “overhead” as my first goal . . .then into profit
Thank you for your answer(s)

One more question if I may . . . .as far as the Adsense sites
Will you give direction / instruction or resources on how to construct / build the site(s)?

Many thanks for your reply – Skye


Chad- What is the final cutoff time on Sunday?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Probably 11pm or midnight eastern time.

Why are you calling this SEO Cash Club?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: The focus is making money using free traffic from SEO, and it is a monthly membership “club”

Is the focus primarily on On-page, Off-page SEO? Is this membership mostly about driving traffic to our sites using SEO?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: On and off page SEO, and yes, about driving traffic to your sites using seo

Will you also be teaching Site Structure, Content Creation, and Site Building as well for Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, other Affiliate Networks like CJ, CPA, etc?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes we mainly cover traffic generation, and you can drive that traffic to any type of monetization method you want. As of now, we’re focusing on adsense because it is the easiest to do for everyone and the quickest to profit, but the traffic generation strategies will work for anyone.

How long do you espect it will take us to build a typical adsense site?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: A couple hours

Will you cover Blogging, Building Review sites, and Building Authority sites, or is this mostly about building Sniper-style sites suing Exact Match and/or Aged Domains?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: not really review sites, but we will talk about all the other stuff you listed.

Is this traiining mostly geared toward Newbies that have never built a site or will there be plenty for Intermediate and advanced folks as well.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: There is good advanced stuff in there too

Would Exact Match Domain finding software be beneficial to us for this membership, or will it be provided in the membership?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I do provide some software for this, but if you have a good tool for it, go for it, anything that gets you an edge.

What other typs of software, plugins, themes, or outsourced services will our success depend upon, that are not provided in the membership? Thanks, Chad!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Mainly if you want to outsource backlinking, this is an extra cost. For the most part no other software will be required. I do recommend a lot of software however, to speed up the process of everything I teach.

Bienvenu Akoasays:

Hello Chad,

My main model is basically to work with local companies. Does the content currently available allow me to help my clients’ websites rank higher, faster and/or get more traffic?I would not want to get in now if that content will be available only several months down the road…

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Some of the modules will be added to in the coming months/weeks, but many of the modules have COMPLETE content already in them, you don’t have to wait.


Hi Chad –

I was going through all the comments for last few days. I am really interested to go for the membership.. but before that I would like to know whether it will be beneficial for me or not.

I am running 3 wallpaper websites and having adsense ads on it, but my income/traffic is not much. After using your techniques will I be able to increase my income something like $30-40 / day.

Thank you

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We can help you with these most likely. You can send the domains, but I wont be able to look at them until later on today. My wife is suddenly in the hospital, need to go be with her, the timing of all this is blowing my mind. Seth will be checking support requests for login issues/payment issues and we’ll get everything straightened out tonight


Signed up yesterday and couldn´t be more happy with the multitude of income options provided.

Great stuff, Chad!


Hi Chad

I’m very close to signing up, but I wanted to ask a
couple questions before I do.

1. I’m looking at purchasing some good backlinking programs and
plug-ins. Does your program have these types of software in it (good ones),
or will I still have to buy them? It would save me money if I didn’t
have to buy.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Without knowing which backlinking program, its hard to say. We do have automated tools and unique sources of backlinks that you probably won’t see anywhere else. Also, I make recommendations inside the members area of what type of backlinking programs to purchase if you go that route.

2. The unique deep web content you will show us, can these be used in
curating type websites besides adsense/affiliate/niche type sites. Curated
content is all the rage right now and if it can be used as such it would be
great to build authority type sites without me having to buy curation software.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: The deep web content is more for adsense sites and buffer sites, and web 2.0 link network creation. Probably not for authority type money sites. I get into alot of specifics in the members area.


Max Profitsays:


I just signed up today, and I am very excited about learning the techniques and strategies you have developed – and more importantly, about implementing them.


Max Profit


Hello Chad,
I have about 35 blogs that I built in various niches and they are over a year old and I have not been able to make much money with them. They have Adsense and other affiliate ads on them with good content and Youtube videos. Will your course help me to make money with my sites? Otherwise I am thinking of giving up and see if I can sell them.


Sounds like a pretty good course chad, but I have to say that I am not interested in adsense at all. dont like it and never did. I cant focus my business on small text ads – seems pointless to me – but it might be great for some…

Adebayo Adeleyesays:

Any chance at all of re-opening this or getting a link to a sales page for this. I want in, a friend of mine is killing the foreign language market in Ad$sense.


Nice and thanks for the tips. Unfortunally I had some 1001 other stories, but don’t have enough time to go into this. Good luck anyway.

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