Inbound Closer Review -Why I don’t recommend Payton Welch’s Course

What is Inbound Closer?

From the name Inbound Closer, what comes to your mind? Sales and closing deals? You are right but there is more to that.  You probably got here by searching for Inbound Closer Reviews because you’re looking for info on the Payton Welch Course.

Inbound Closer is a program about telemarketing and digital marketing. It teaches you a high-demand and high-income skill which is closing high ticket deals over the phone. 

But before you read more about Inbound Closer and Payton Welch, let me teach you how to setup an online business that doesn’t depend on you being tied to the phone all day. In fact, I’m the one HIRING inbound closers and they are begging to work for me. Why? Because of this business model which makes the phone ring off the hook with more calls than one inbound closer can handle: Full Video Here

Here’s the link to the course my daughter in the video used.

But lets get back to Inbound closer. Payton Welch, the creator of this program assures you that you can have some success in the marketing and sales industry in as short as 21 days once you implement the training that is available in his course. 

He guaranteed you that you can land your first high ticket client within your first week of training. 

Payton focuses this course in the area of digital marketing particularly affiliate marketing. When we are talking about affiliate marketing, there are different price categories of online products and services. 

For low ticket and medium ticket items, they can be sold using copywriting, video ads, etc. But when we are dealing with high ticket items that cost more than $1,000, the prospects need to be really confident in the product or services that they are going to invest in. 

This is where Inbound Closer applies, which is to convert the prospect into customers over the phone. 

Telemarketing used to be very popular back when the internet was not widely used by people globally. Surprisingly, most companies still perform high ticket deal closing through phone, this is why Payton explains that this is one of the skills that you need to learn. 

Either you are going to work for a company or you simply want to close more clients for your business, high ticket deal closing is one skill that you want to acquire. 

Payton Welch created this platform as a work-from-home opportunity for people out there that want to make big money fast. The definition of inbound itself in marketing terms is the process of moving potential customers inward toward your product or platform. This is usually done using continued communications to provide content that leads need to make a purchasing decision. Inbound closers usually communicate to their potential clients through phone calls or telemarketing.

Telemarketing is an old-school way of direct marketing which involves a salesman persuading potential customers that are not aware of the product or service, to buy them from the salesman. If you ever watch the famous Hollywood movie, the Wolf Of Wall Street where the movie revolves around a good telemarketing salesman, Jordan Belfort persuading people to buy low value as well as nonexistent stocks to make wealth for himself.

One of the main reasons that telemarketers are still needed today is because of high ticket sales. People do not usually make a high purchase online as they might require extra information regarding the product or service that they are interested in. High ticket sales can be from $1,000 and up to more than $30,000 for business services.  

Payton explains that from his platform, you will learn how to generate high-quality leads online, how to improve your sales skill as well as closing deals. The main idea of this program is to incorporate telemarketing and online marketing together. This way you will potentially make money faster than the usual telemarketers as you have the skills and tactics that give you the competitive advantage that you need.

If you learn the skills and strategies that Payton teaches on the platform, you will be able to reach out to potential prospects easily and close deals for any program or courses that you are a part of. Once you close the deals, you will receive commissions which are your main income from this business. This is where Inbound Closer applies, which is to convert the prospect into customers over the phone or on web calls.

If you ever land on the Inbound Closer sales page, you would be hooked by the claims that are made by Payton Welch on making a lot of money with this high-income skill. One of the bold claims that he made is that you can make a full-time income online in as little as 21 days under his guidance.

Another one is that you only need to take 1 to 2 hours per day to make a full-time income with his 2 step formula and 6-page pdf. That may sound a bit too good to be true right? To decide whether this program works for you, let’s look at who is the man behind the course, Payton Welch.

Payton Welch Income?

Payton Welch (sometimes spelled Payton Welsh for people looking for Inbound Closer) is a digital marketing expert, businessman, and real estate investor. He is famous for his previous course Sales Mentor which also teaches about closing deals and making sales. 

If you’re interested in Payton Welch’s Course, you should know that he has taken more than 3000 inbound calls that generate him more than $42 Million in sales. A part of his profit, he invests in home rentals to diversify his portfolio. 

He is also the senior traffic advisor and digital marketing consultant for Traffic and Funnels. It is a company founded by his older brother, Taylor Welch, and his partner, Chris Evan.  

He is an emerging entrepreneur and as of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be around 2 million dollars and growing.

However, a few years ago he was working in a department store working 9 to 5. Later, his brother Taylor Welch, who owns Traffic and Funnels, helped him turn his life around.

You may think that it is easy for Payton because his brother owns a multi-million dollar company and he probably just takes care of his brother without working toward success himself right? If that is what you think, then it is quite the opposite because Payton worked his way to a high sales and marketing position in Traffic and Funnels as well as Inbound Closer starting as a salesman and telemarketer.

As Payton had to work his way from the bottom, he learned and developed some strategies that he used to make him millions of dollars in sales from inbound calls. As Taylor Welch realized that his brother is doing very well in sales and marketing, he started to appoint Payton in some sales training courses that Traffic and Funnels offer to their clients. Eventually, Payton plays a big part in a subsidiary company of Traffic and Funnel called the Sales Mentor.

If you have stumbled upon one of the Sales Mentor Youtube ads, then the below script should be familiar to you. 

“Do you want to earn a living online?”

“Well, the reality is you have two options.”

“First, you could build a business like all these other two-hour webinars are telling you to do, and you can spend the next two years working 70-hour weeks, on top of your 9 to 5, until you get things off the ground. Nothing wrong with that,”

“But I’ll prove to you in a second why you’d actually be taking the long route because there’s another option. And just like the 1,621 people who’ve used that option to replace their 9 to 5 within 21 days, you’ll see, clear as day, how you can get all the good things you want.”

From my research, I have found out that the Inbound Closer course and certification operates under the company name, Sales Mentor. Sales Mentor was also a course that Payton Welch promoted before that promised to teach you the same high-income skill which is telemarketing and closing deals.

This is why people got confused about whether Sales Mentor and Inbound Closer are the same courses. There are two different courses with two different sets of prices but the main training is quite the same.

Other than that, Payton is also involved in producing free Youtube video content related to sales and marketing. He occasionally produces content in his brother’s Youtube channel, Traffic, and Funnels while operating his main Youtube channel, Sales Mentor at the same time.

Payton and Taylor Welch might not look very popular on Youtube but these guys are surely making big money with paid Youtube advertising for their sales and marketing mentorship courses and services.

If you take a look at the Sales Mentor Youtube channel, the channel only has close to 500 subscribers but one of the videos in there has more than 3 million views in just one month. Most probably, Payton uses that video as an ad to pitch potential clients to his Sales Mentor and Inbound Closer program.

This is what most people misunderstand about internet marketing and digital course creators, they might not be popular and have big authority pages like some other make money online gurus do but some of them make huge money working in silence and keeping a low profile.

However, looking at his Instagram profile and feeds, I would say that he is moving toward the direction of famous online entrepreneurs like Tai Lopez and Kevin David where he showcases his luxury lifestyle on social media to gain attention from potential clients that will buy their courses. There is nothing wrong with that because as a millionaire, you probably would have spent some of your money on entertainment right?

Is Payton Welch A Scam?

Payton Welch might not be a scam but like I said before he does make some bold statements about his program, Inbound Closer, and these statements seem too good to be true. Here is one of the emails that I received from him regarding his program. In the email, he outlined some of the key things on why it is important for us financially to listen to his advice. 

“Hey, you got this, right?

This is the video you requested…

And it shows how you can earn daily commission checks with just a phone and a 6-page PDF.

No skills, “street smarts” or business experience needed. No agencies, no freelancing, no affiliate marketing, no online courses – none of that.

>> Watch this 23-min training video to see how.

You’ll discover…

  • The ONE high-demand skill that puts you dead-center in a booming $129 billion-dollar industry that will stuff your pockets with daily commission checks of $240, $480, $980 or more [0:45]
  • How 1,621 people just replaced their 9-5 income… by earning those commission checks part-time, from anywhere in the world, using nothing but a phone and a 6-page PDF [1:35]
  • How this skill takes you “straight to the money”, so you can earn just as much money, freedom, and impact as any online business owner… without starting a business (no tech, capital, or set-up required) [4:21]
  • Do you own a cell phone? Can you read a 6-page PDF? If so, then you have everything you need to fill a desperate need in this booming, $129 billion-dollar industry (working just 1-2 hours a day) [11:36]
  • Live Demo: Look over my shoulder as I walk you through my 2-step formula for earning your first daily commissions in as little as one week (and totally replacing your 9-to-5) [18:42]
  • Why you can forget about dropshipping, lead-gen agencies, affiliate marketing, online courses, consulting, real estate, and everything else you’ve heard about online [3:12]

If you follow my advice in this video to the letter…

You can earn your first commission check in as little as one week…

And totally replace your 9-to-5 income before this time next month.

Sounds pretty insane right?

Well, you’re right, it’s absolutely absurd…

Yet that’s exactly how it happened for me, and 1,621 others…

So go here now, and I’ll break everything down for you step-by-step

Talk soon,


From this email, he will forward you to a 23 minutes video of him explaining how one high demand skill put you dead-center in a thriving, $129 billion-dollar industry that will stuff your pockets with daily commissions of checks of $980 or more.

He starts the training video with some emotional triggers for his potential clients that are still working 9 to 5 jobs to imagine how long it will take to quit their job and be their boss enjoying life on their terms. He shares a story where exactly 2 years ago he was working a 9 to 5 job and hated it until he developed this high-income skill that changed his life forever.

He further explains how you can work from a minimum of 1 to 2 hours per day and still make a full-time income enough for you to live a well-balanced life. Working from anywhere while traveling is also another point that Payton mentions in his training video.

According to him, most online businesses like creating online courses, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, coaching, and consulting require a lot of hard work and time to be invested into the business which can range from 60 to 70 hours per week to get the business on a successful track in 1 to 2 years. Not only that, he claims that most online businesses require you to put a few thousand dollars into them to turn them into a cash-generating machine for you.

This is why he does not recommend any of the online business models which are outlined in the picture above. Then, he explains how you can make money online straight to the gold pot without creating any business and waiting for a long time to receive the income which is using the high-income skill of telemarketing.

He claims that if you follow his steps in the video, you will be flooded with online entrepreneurs that own multi-million dollar businesses desperate to give big commission checks to you. Yes, that sounds too good to be true. He and 1600 of his students use this high-income skill only using a phone and a pdf sheet that he will share with you inside his course.

Here, he explains the exact steps on how the money-making process of successful online businesses works and what is your role with this high-income skill that can help them make big money.

Step 1: The big online entrepreneurs advertise their products and services on social media, usually they will offer something for free which can either be free pdf or free online training to get potential clients’ information. 

Step 2: Once the customers are inside their email list and platform, they will offer their low ticket to medium ticket products or services. This is like the basic step for online creators or businesses to sell their courses and services. 

Step 3: The third step is by offering the clients a premium or high ticket program. High ticket simply means the program can cost from $1,000 or $5,000 or even $10,000. This is where most online entrepreneurs make their big money.  

Payton explains on step 3 is where inbound closers are usually needed by big online businesses out there. He makes an example of a Ferrari dealership, people would not go to the Ferrari car dealership and make a purchase immediately, unless you are Bill Gates or Elon Musk. People would tend to ask for more information regarding the products and services to make a big purchase as it requires a huge transfer of money and they need to think wisely before making a purchasing decision. 

Now the question is does his course deliver the value that he promises on his sales page and email? To know about that, let’s look inside his course and the modules in it. 

What is included in the course?

With a $97 purchase of the Inbound Closer main course, you will get access to the following materials and bonuses: 

  • The Inbound Closing Accelerator: Video Course that will take you from zero experience to professional high ticket closer in 21 days. This video compilation is the lesson that Payton used to produce $42 million in sales after over 3,000 inbound calls. 
  • Daily Commission Check Blueprint: The two-part step-by-step module on how to land your first high ticket client in one week.
  • Bonus #1 – Access to The Inbound Closer Mastermind Group: Private Facebook Group where you will get all the supports that you need from their team, as well as a place where you can discuss and practice sales skills with fellow community members.
  • Bonus #2 – Access to a network of online entrepreneurs: Taylor Welch’s online entrepreneur list from his company Traffic & Funnels.
  • Post-Calls recording and breakdown – Your collection of calls analyzed by 7 figures closers so you can improve your closing skill. 

However, once you are inside the main inbound closer program, you will be forwarded to an upsell page by Taylor Welch, his brother on pre-vetted clients hand-delivered to you and “ A Client-Connection Mastermind for an extra $997”. 

Below is Taylor explaining what he means by pre-vetted client delivered straight to you: 

“The Inbound Closer isn’t the only business that I own and operate. 

I also own a $21MM company where I teach online businesses how to grow from six or seven figures to $10MM and beyond, using inbound marketing and closing processes… 

In total, I have 757 business owners who trust me as their mentor, and every single one of them relies on Inbound Closers to help their inbound leads move forward.

The poorest of these business owners charge $9,800 for their high-dollar offer…

Most of them attract 7-10 inbound leads per day who apply for a phone call… 

And all of these business owners would make perfect clients for you!

Just imagine if I vouched for your credibility and skill.

As their mentor, these business owners already follow my advice to a “T”… 

So you can bet your bottom dollar you’d land your first client… 

And start swimming in those $980 commissions the moment I connect you.”

Another bonus that Payton offers here is a “Client-Connection Mastermind”. 

Inside this mastermind, you’ll find a small group of our most committed Inbound Closer. Who either earns 6 figures or more right now, or will be in a matter of weeks, and more than 312 pre-vetted business owners (my personal clients) who meet three criteria:

  • They charge at least $5,800 for their high-dollar offer
  • They attract 7-10 inbound leads per day minimum
  • And they’re actively hiring closers like you

Each of these business owners are hand-picked specifically because they are searching for Inbound Closers. They invest a minimum of $18,000 to get access to this connection service. This is the kind of connection and mastermind that they are offering as an upgrade to their main Inbound Closer course. 

Now, let’s move on to the content of the main Inbound Closer program.

Course Content Breakdown 


The Inbound Closing Accelerator is a 21-day, zero-to-pro accelerator that breaks down Taylor’s proprietary, Inbound Closing system, refined and perfected after taking more than 3,180 calls and closing more than $42 million in new business. This is like a short course for students who want to get started fast. There is 3 weeks’ worth of training here and most of them are simplified to effectiveness.

Week 0 

This is just like an introduction week for the Inbound Closer Accelerator, Payton starts the quick lesson with an explanation of the roadmap that you need to go through as an inbound closer. He shares some main things that you need to take care of to be successful in this program.

Then, he helps you to understand the math of an inbound closer and the four things that matter for you to make a good return as an inbound closer. He also includes some frequently asked questions regarding the topic to give you a rough idea of what is your job as an inbound closer.

He ends the week training with daily mind medicine that can keep your mind ready for upcoming challenges that you will be facing as an inbound closer. He also shares two success stories of Chey’s story and Taylor’s story going from zero experience to making $21,000 in a single commission check.

Week 1

Payton starts the first week with a mindset exercise, this exercise is meant to be used in the morning to create your vision as a closer. Then, he jumps straight into the sales training with the first one as to how to use the 7-figures sales script that he provides you in the course. There is a video dedicated to the sales script alone and some homework that you should do to get used to it.

Week one also covers some other topics such as the Reflex Selling System, special bonus training from Taylor Welch, and Sales Mentor coaching with Eli Wilde. Then, they give you a Five Rules Of Communication worksheet as homework for week 1.

Week 2

In week 2, the lesson starts with audio coaching on common objections faced by closers when they try to close their clients. Then, Payton continues with the Reflex Selling System from the previous work as it is a big topic to cover and very important for you as an inbound closer.

Moving on, you will learn a few things about sales calls. Here, Payton shares some sales call videos that you can review and learn from. The next 2 lessons cover topics about philosophy and tactics as well as another Sales Mentor coaching with Eli Wilde. Just like the previous week, the training ends with a worksheet to be filled as homework for you.

Week 3

Week 3 lesson starts on some video recordings of previous questions and answers called from the team and the students in the course. Then, Payton moves to the last part of Reflex Selling System training and sales call review by Taylor Welch. As you can see they stick with the main formula that works and focus on mastering them instead of doing a lot of things and not being good at them. The last video talks about equity sales and what it is about. They also provide a bonus lesson and cheatsheet with the name, Daily Commission Check Blueprint.

Now that we cover the crash course of Inbound Closer, let’s move to the main certification program.

Here are the modules topics that you will discover inside the course 
  • Module 0: Becoming The Person Who Deserves Success 
  • Module 1: Closer’s Mindset 
  • Module 2: Self Empowerment 
  • Module 3: Introduction To Closing 
  • Module 4: Closing With Confidence 
  • Module 5: Mastering Objections 
  • Module 6: Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer  


Module 0: Becoming The Person Who Deserves Success 

This is an introduction to the main Inbound Closer program, like every other online course out there they will always start with some points on how to make the program work for you. The first video lesson is about being successful in this program and what you should keep an eye on. They even include a pdf sheet just for this topic alone to make sure you are on the right track toward success.

Then, Payton talks briefly about the biggest opportunity that you can choose in today’s marketplace which of course is inbound closing because you do need to build a business to make money from it. After that, he takes you on how the certification program works and what are the next things that you should focus on.

Module one ends with some mindset lessons that cover four things which are starting at the bottom, you are not going to drown, beating fear and insecurity, and the person who you are going to become.

Module 1: Closer’s Mindset 

The first module covers some theory and mindset lessons that Payton thinks will differentiate you between a successful inbound closer and the one that is going to struggle in closing deals. He first gives an overview of what the closer’s mindset is, then moves on to some advice of raising your standards when trying to sell something. 

After that, Payton covers a few theories that can make you a life-changing income as an inbound closer, those theories and lessons are: 

  • The 3 Beliefs That Leads To Sales Gold 
  • Laws Of Wealth and How To Make More Money 
  • How To Remove The Ceiling Of Your Earning Potential 
  • Mastering Energy – 10 Points Of Personal Optimization 
  • Habits of Control 

Not only that but there are also some bonus lessons in the module to complement the main training which are : 

  • Finding Great Partners With Eli & Taylor 
  • If People Aren’t Criticizing You, You Are Playing Small
  • Money Mindset 
  • Promoted To Chaos – How To Advance Beyond Your Comfort Zone 

As you can see, most of the lessons in the first module are about mindset and theory to become rich as a closer.

Module 2: Self-Empowerment 

From the module title, you should already know that it is going to be about another part of theory and mindset in this course. This time, the lesson starts with Eli Wilde who is a sales mentor in the course teaching you about self-empowerment. He explains that self-empowerment is crucial because you want to appear as an expert in front of your potential client, this way they would listen to your advice and give you more trust. 

Then, he talks about how sales is a leadership and this is a way to master your mindset as a closer. Other than that, Eli talks about the difference between being a guardian for your client and a salesperson. In the end, he shares some critical elements when you want to close deals. 

There are also some bonus lessons in this module which are : 

  • Risk Versus Safety 
  • What Is ROI – Changing Your Perceptions On Types Of ROI 
  • What To Do When You Have Lost Your Drive 
Module 3: Introduction To Closing 

In module 3 is where the closing lesson starts, the introduction lesson to closing is taught by Eli Wilde. Then, he talks about closing high ticket deals which can range from $1,000 up to even $100,000 in some cases so you need to understand the main component of the training to close them. He then gives an overview of inbound closing calls before moving on to taking notes tips as a professional closer.

Other than that, he also teaches you how to prep like a pro. There are some call preparations that you can do to increase the chance of you closing the deals during the calls. Then, he explains what you should do to open the call and set the frame so that you are on the track to converting the prospect into paying clients.

During the call, He shares some challenging questions that you need to ask your clients that will eventually lead you to get sales from them. The module ends with a bonus roleplay lesson with Taylor Welch.

Module 4: Closing With Confidence 

Module 4 is the continuation of the previous module where Eli talks about some introduction on closing and what should you do before and during the calls. Now, Eli talks about closing with confidence. We all know that to be a successful salesman, you need to be a confident person or at least appear as a confident individual during the call.

Realistically, your prospect will doubt you if they found you as being shy on your questions and proposal or if you stutter during the conversation and explanation. 3 videos cover closing with confidence in this module.

After that, he moves to chunk up and chunking down to close big deals as well as some notes on aggression transcript. This is simply you being more aggressive as a salesman when you see that you can do that. This only applies to specific situations so you need to be careful to not scare off your prospects.

Module 5: Mastering Objections 

During sales calls, the objections might come from the prospect and this is normal in telemarketing. Thus, you need to be good at handling objections as this might be the difference between a sale and a phone call that leads to nothing.

In this module, Eli Wilde talks about the objection phase that you need to go through as a closer, this is a part of the game. To prepare you for mastering objections, Eli gives a lesson on advanced objection handling which is through closing deals with patterns and frameworks. He also provides you with an objection handling slide that you can use when you work.

Once you can handle objections, then you are on the highway to making sales and closing deals.

Module 6: Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer 

The last module will be unlocked when you finish module 5 lessons, and this module is just a final bonus to prepare you for becoming a professional inbound closer. Here, there is one final video with Eli Wilde on closing. There is also one video that you need to watch for you to pass the certification.

Once you pass the certification, you will be forwarded to a video page on how to get access to the Closers and Owners network. There is also a bonus exclusive interview of Payton Welch on the importance of mentorship and growth as a closer. Finally, they give you templates to make a good inbound closer profile bio.

Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone gets it right? Before he starts teaching you the main lesson, Payton explains that this course is not going to work if you do not put in the action and steps that they reveal. 

Closing deals with phones for companies is going to be a different kind of challenge for digital marketers, plus the consistency that you need to even land a high-ticket client is not going to be easy. 

When it comes to selling verbally, person to another person, most of the lesson that Payton teaches is psychology and persuasion techniques. 

Starting from the first module, Payton explains that you need to have a closer mindset. What does this mindset mean? There are a couple of things that are mentioned in the first module. 

First, you need to be a person that does small consistent tasks every day. The key is consistency because this is different from a passive online business, you are trying to sell high ticket items so it needs to be accompanied with consistent action. 

Another thing that he mentions is beginners closer should stop waiting for the feeling that tomorrow is going to be the day, there is no perfect moment, and motivation does not come every day, so in a closer mindset, you need to be prepared with some mental toughness developed inside you. 

The main practical training starts from modules 3 to 5. This is where you will learn how to be a high ticket closer, in other words, a very good salesman. There are a lot of digital marketers out there as most businesses operate online these days. 

To be a splendid digital marketer, you need to possess an extra skill that will differentiate you from other digital marketers. 

As a senior digital marketing consultant, Payton explains that once you started moving toward becoming a professional inbound closer, then that is where you will see a lot of money coming in, he emphasizes that the work that you do today and the skill you develop is going to be worth it. 

Also, Payton will provide with you a pdf training manual, the pdf is all you need when you are closing deals with your clients. 

That is a short summary of what you will learn in this $97 course. For me, the content that you get for this price, is not bad. Let’s move to the pros and cons of this course. 

Pros and Cons 


  • You do not need to possess any skills or sales experience to get started on this course.
  • The price is reasonable as they overdeliver the values and information that you will receive.
  • Payton has a lot of experience in telemarketing and closing deal so the stuff that he teaches come from his own experience. 
  • They provide a Pdf training manual to assist you when closing high ticket deals.
  • A good Facebook community where you can practice your closing skill and ask any question to their team and other members.


  • There are expensive upsells of the advanced version of Inbound closer that will cost you thousands of dollars. 
  • On their sales page, they promised you that this is going to be easy and you will get rich quickly with this skill which is not true at all as it requires a lot of hard work. 

Is Inbound Closer Legit?

To determine whether Inbound Closer is legit or not, I have surfed the web for other students’ reviews on the course. The best place where I can find a discussion on people that have bought their course is on Reddit.

Below is a positive review about Inbound Closer. As you can see below one of Payton’s students explains how the whole program works. This clarification is important because some people called Payton a scam because they thought that they will have access to the company’s name and contact once they get into the Inbound Closer Accelerator course priced at $97.

This is not true because as explained by Payton and his team, the insider information and contacts will only be shared with you once you complete the Inbound Closer Certification program which is priced at $997. 

Below is another student of Inbound Closer with an update on what he has learned so far and his thoughts on the program. As you can see, Payton might look scammy with the overpromising ads but he does provide a lot of value to the program. The important thing here is that it is not as easy as Payton promised this work should be because being an inbound closer takes a lot of hard work and experience to master it.

Why I don’t recommend Inbound Closer

My thought on this program is if you want to learn a new skill or better communication with anyone, then this course could help you.

But if receiving calls from clients constantly, talking to them during unpredicted hours, and being consistent every day with the work does not sound compelling to you, then I suggest you get into a different career.

The main problem with this model is that it requires that YOU do all the work.

Instead you should learn this business model. It works on autopilot and requires very little time on your part once you set it all up. You wont be chained to the phone (it works on autopilot). It also doesn’t depend on you learning how to do sales.