Inbound Closer Review -Why I don’t recommend Payton Welch’s Course

What is Inbound Closer?

From the name Inbound Closer, what comes to your mind? Sales and closing deals? You are right but there is more to that.  You probably got here by searching for Inbound Closer Reviews because you’re looking for info on the Payton Welch Course.

Inbound Closer is a program about telemarketing and digital marketing. It teaches you a high-demand and high-income skill which is closing high ticket deals over the phone. 

Payton Welch, the creator of this program assures you that you can have some success in the marketing and sales industry in as short as 21 days once you implement the training that is available in his course. 

He guaranteed you that you can land your first high ticket client within your first week of training. 

Payton focuses this course in the area of digital marketing particularly affiliate marketing. When we are talking about affiliate marketing, there are different price categories of online products and services. 

For low ticket and medium ticket items, they can be sold using copywriting, video ads, etc. But when we are dealing with high ticket items that cost more than $1,000, the prospects need to be really confident in the product or services that they are going to invest in. 

This is where Inbound Closer applies, which is to convert the prospect into customers over the phone. 

Telemarketing used to be very popular back when the internet was not widely used by people globally. Surprisingly, most companies still perform high ticket deal closing through phone, this is why Payton explains that this is one of the skills that you need to learn. 

Either you are going to work for a company or you simply want to close more clients for your business, high ticket deal closing is one skill that you want to acquire. 

Payton Welch Income?

Payton Welch (sometimes spelled Payton Welsh for people looking for Inbound Closer) is a digital marketing expert, businessman, and real estate investor. He is famous for his previous course Sales Mentor which also teaches about closing deals and making sales. 

If you’re interested in Payton Welch’s Course, you should know that he has taken more than 3000 inbound calls that generate him more than $42 Million in sales. A part of his profit, he invests in home rentals to diversify his portfolio. 

He is also the senior traffic advisor and digital marketing consultant for Traffic and Funnels. It is a company founded by his older brother, Taylor Welch, and his partner, Chris Evan.  

What is included in the course?

With a $97 purchase of the Inbound Closer main course, you will get access to the following materials and bonuses: 

  • The Inbound Closing Accelerator: Video Course that will take you from zero experience to professional high ticket closer in 21 days. This video compilation is the lesson that Payton used to produce $42 million in sales after over 3,000 inbound calls. 
  • Daily Commission Check Blueprint: The two-part step-by-step module on how to land your first high ticket client in one week.
  • Bonus #1 – Access to The Inbound Closer Mastermind Group: Private Facebook Group where you will get all the supports that you need from their team, as well as a place where you can discuss and practice sales skills with fellow community members.
  • Bonus #2 – Access to a network of online entrepreneurs: Taylor Welch’s online entrepreneur list from his company Traffic & Funnels.
  • Post-Calls recording and breakdown – Your collection of calls analyzed by 7 figures closers so you can improve your closing skill. 

Course Content Breakdown 

Here are the modules topics that you will discover inside the course 

  • Module 0: Becoming The Person Who Deserves Success 
  • Module 1: Closer’s Mindset 
  • Module 2: Self Empowerment 
  • Module 3: Introduction To Closing 
  • Module 4: Closing With Confidence 
  • Module 5: Mastering Objections 
  • Module 6: Becoming A Professional Inbound Closer  

Everyone wants to be successful but not everyone gets it right? Before he starts teaching you the main lesson, Payton explains that this course is not going to work if you do not put in the action and steps that they reveal. 

Closing deals with phones for companies is going to be a different kind of challenge for digital marketers, plus the consistency that you need to even land a high-ticket client is not going to be easy. 

When it comes to selling verbally, person to another person, most of the lesson that Payton teaches is psychology and persuasion techniques. 

Starting from the first module, Payton explains that you need to have a closer mindset. What does this mindset mean? There are a couple of things that are mentioned in the first module. 

First, you need to be a person that does small consistent tasks every day. The key is consistency because this is different from a passive online business, you are trying to sell high ticket items so it needs to be accompanied with consistent action. 

Another thing that he mentions is beginners closer should stop waiting for the feeling that tomorrow is going to be the day, there is no perfect moment, and motivation does not come every day, so in a closer mindset, you need to be prepared with some mental toughness developed inside you. 

The main practical training starts from modules 3 to 5. This is where you will learn how to be a high ticket closer, in other words, a very good salesman. There are a lot of digital marketers out there as most businesses operate online these days. 

To be a splendid digital marketer, you need to possess an extra skill that will differentiate you from other digital marketers. 

As a senior digital marketing consultant, Payton explains that once you started moving toward becoming a professional inbound closer, then that is where you will see a lot of money coming in, he emphasizes that the work that you do today and the skill you develop is going to be worth it. 

Also, Payton will provide with you a pdf training manual, the pdf is all you need when you are closing deals with your clients. 

That is a short summary of what you will learn in this $97 course. For me, the content that you get for this price, is not bad. Let’s move to the pros and cons of this course. 

Pros and Cons 


  • You do not need to possess any skills or sales experience to get started on this course.
  • The price is reasonable as they overdeliver the values and information that you will receive.
  • Payton has a lot of experience in telemarketing and closing deal so the stuff that he teaches come from his own experience. 
  • They provide a Pdf training manual to assist you when closing high ticket deals.
  • A good Facebook community where you can practice your closing skill and ask any question to their team and other members.


  • There are expensive upsells of the advanced version of Inbound closer that will cost you thousands of dollars. 
  • On their sales page, they promised you that this is going to be easy and you will get rich quickly with this skill which is not true at all as it requires a lot of hard work. 

Why I don’t recommend Inbound Closer

My thought on this program is if you want to learn a new skill or better communication with anyone, then this course could help you.

But if receiving calls from clients constantly, talking to them during unpredicted hours, and being consistent every day with the work does not sound compelling to you, then I suggest you get into a different career.

The main problem with this model is that it requires that YOU do all the work.

Instead you should learn this business model. It works on autopilot and requires very little time on your part once you set it all up. It also doesn’t depend on you learning how to do sales.