Jenna Turner Reviews

Jenna Turner Reviews

You’ve probably stumbled on Jenna’s course when looking for ways to generate passive, achieve financial freedom, or looking to pivot from your present job to pursue bigger opportunities. 

Whatever your reason, you can be confident about getting the value for your investment. Jenna is a serial entrepreneur who believes in breaking down goals to simple actionable steps to achieve them. 

She has developed a range of workbooks to help people make money online. Here’s a detailed review of Jenna Turner’s workbooks.

So let me just butt-in right here. Sure, the promise of $millions or $billions is great, but this is SOMEONE ELSE’S program, and you have to play by their rules. If you want to set up a business that YOU OWN, watch this intriguing video. It teaches you how to setup a business on based on Google Maps, that provides an autopilot income. You can do it from anywhere in the world. Even my teenage daughter is running a business using this technique.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Jenna Turner’s course. But since you are here to learn about Jenna Turner, lets get back to our review of that:

Who is Jenna Turner?

Jenna Turner is a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. The Georgia-based mom embarked on entrepreneurship in 2015 along with her husband Justin. They established a construction company which they ran successfully albeit being in their 20s and expecting their first child.

This motivated them to do more. 

Jenna admits that juggling between being new parents, entrepreneurship, and running a business was no easy feat. However, it gave them a sense of what they needed to achieve any goal- hard work and patience. 

After baby number two, Jenna began looking for digital side hustles. She wanted to spend more time with her kids and this would only be possible if she could work at home.

It was then when she discovered the power of breaking down goals to simple actionable steps. Jenna believes that if you plan to make $1 million in a year, it would help to break down the process to daily, monthly, and annual goals.

After that, find ways to generate that income. You could sell an ebook, write blog posts for small businesses, become a virtual assistant, resell clothing, do dropshipping, or other side hustle to work towards your goal. Committing to these tasks daily goes a long way in achieving the ultimate goal. 

What Do Jenna’s Courses Entail?

She suggests a range of side hustles and provides workbooks to help you determine the best one to embark on. They include:

  • Monetize Your Social Media: You learn how to leverage social media platforms to make money
  • Making Money Online: It helps you sell your talents while making a positive impact
  • The Path to Passive Income: You learn how to leverage the internet to make money while asleep

In addition to the courses Jenna offers a free discovery call to help you determine your areas of interest. During the call Jenna will:

  • Talk to you to understand your dreams and desires. She will also help you compare where you’re and where you want to be and determine what you must do to achieve it
  • Find out more about your goals and propose options for the next steps
  • Collaborate to determine a game plan to achieve your goals
  • Work on the business ideas and look for delivery items for approval
  • Launch the business strategy
  • Provide the necessary support by answering questions related to the new business. You also get reports to determine areas that need changes or adjustments

What is the Cost of Jenna’s Courses?

Jenna charges different prices for each course. Monetize Your Social Media costs $7 while Making Money Online costs $27. You may also subscribe to a more comprehensive marketing package that costs $1700.

What Do Others Think About Jenna’s Services?

I set out to find out what other people thought about Jenna’s services but couldn’t find any customer reviews. 

Should You Invest in Jenna’s Services?

Jenna’s tips on how to achieve goals are practical for anyone starting or planning to run a business. Having started and run her business successfully, we can learn a lot from her experience. I also find the courses incredibly affordable for anyone looking for a side hustle. You can learn how to leverage social media platforms for only $7 dollars and make money online e.g., through virtual bookkeeping and other methods for $27 only. I’d have loved to find out more about marketing package as it’s the most expensive of all the resources. Also, the fact that I couldn’t find customer reviews about any of the courses is somewhat alarming given that she has been doing it for more than five years. I’d recommend researching more about the courses and asking questions during the free discovery call before investing in the course.

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