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Multi-level marketing provides a great way of making extra cash. However, with so many MLMs promising high returns, it can be daunting to find a legit one. Paul and Jason’s Le-Vel Thrive MLM deals in health and wellness products, promising individuals a decent sum within a short period. If you’re trying to find out more about the legitimacy of Le-Vel Thrive, read on.

Now, I need to be frank with you. I have been making money online for over 20 years, and I have major concerns with the business Le-Vel Thrive model.

My main concern with Le-Vel Thrive is the same concern I have with other MLMs: you make money based on selling someone else’s product. Essentially, the harder you work, the bigger the OTHER person’s business gets. Since you only make money by selling someone else’s product, the product owners may not pay you. They may change their commission structure or even remove their products from the market. I have PERSONALLY had all these things happen. To avoid these pitfalls and learn a business model that puts you in total control, click here! You keep all the profits and you own all the products. Plus, it takes less time to set up than a Le-Vel Thrive business. It even uses a loophole in the Google Maps system to get you automatic monthly payments.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Le-Vel Thrive program. But since you are here to learn about Le-Vel Thrive, lets get back to our review of that:

Who are Paul and Jason? The Brains Behind Le-Vel Thrive MLM

Paul Gravette and Jason Camper are the founders of Le-Vel Thrive MLM. They established the company in 2012 after meeting via the Internet. Paul was already a seasoned entrepreneur, having worked in the technology and communications industry before meeting with Jason.

On the other hand, Jason’s journey is one of grit, passion, and hard work. He hails from West Texas, where he grew up as a young and broke entrepreneur with a clear vision for his life amid the many obstacles. 

This clarity of vision and purpose helped Camper discover his love for direct selling and nutrition since his heydays at Texas Tech University. After graduating, he joined sales, where he spent a decade before transitioning to the corporate side of business.

His decade-long experience in sales helped him learn many aspects of sales and business in general. It was also quite handy when they came up with the idea to form Le-Vel Thrive MLM, a cloud-based nutritional supplement business.

Jason handled the operations and logistics of shipping the products to the customers, while Paul leveraged his communications expertise to find customers on social networks. In the beginning, they worked for long hours, but they paid off as the company made its first billion in less than five years and the second billion two years later.

Today, their duties are quite different as the company has grown to a billion-dollar company. Paul focuses more on interacting with the company’s sales representatives, called THRIVERs.

What is Le-Vel Thrive?

Le-Vel Thrive MLM is a company that deals in health and wellness products. Its products consist of the signature THRIVE Experience which comprises three core products and a skincare product:

  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules
  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT
  • Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix
  • CBD skin care system

All the products are potent in nutrients and vitamins made from high-quality ingredients.

How Le-Vel Thrive MLM Works

The company uses an MLM business model to sell its products. The sellers are called Independent Brand Promoters (IBPs) and earn commissions on every sale and a percentage of the sales made by the people recruited.

The commissions vary based on rank but often range from 25% to 40%. If joining the company as an IBP only, you earn a commission of 20% on each sale, and if you recruit people, you earn 12%. If you work your way up to levels two and three, you earn 4%.

Sellers are also entitled to free products if they recruit two customers for auto-shipment. And if you’re lucky to join a team, you’re entitled to a matching bonus and uni-level team commission. Regular IBPs get an Infinity Fast Start Bonus that entitles them to earn bonuses for the people they recruit. 

For example, if you recruit two brand promoters who actively sell the brand’s products, you get a 10% bonus. And if you recruit eight people, the bonus increases to 20%. The bonus increases as you recruit more members.

What is the Cost of Joining Le-Vel Thrive MLM?

IBPs must purchase a starter kit at $499 and pay $100 monthly for the thrive experience. The starter kit includes product samples, company back office access, and marketing materials. 

Does Le-Vel Thrive MLM Have a Refund Policy?

The company has a 30-day money-back guarantee for products that haven’t been damaged or opened at the original purchase price. However, if the products are opened or partially damaged, the company refunds 50% of the purchase price, excluding the handling and shipping costs.

What Do Other Customers Say about Le-Vel Thrive?

Although the company promises hefty commissions and bonuses, I couldn’t find many reviews about its MLM business. Most customers cite buying the products but only a few experience its benefits. Here are some of them:

Helped me Lose Weight

This customer bought the product from the sister, an Independent Brand Promoter for the company. After trying the weight loss package for eight days, she noticed some notable changes in her weight. However, she cautions buyers from using the drugs as a quick-fix solution for their problems.

Can’t Cancel an Order

This customer purchased the weight loss package from the company directly via its auto-ship option. They received the package a few days later, and since they couldn’t use the products, they decided to cancel the order. Unfortunately, Le-Vel Thrive still charged the customer for the full package cost. Also, they couldn’t get a refund after initiating one.

No Refund

The customer ordered two packages via the company’s IBP, but the company delivered them to an address in NYC and deactivated their account. They have initiated a refund without much success.

Should You Subscribe to Le-Vel Thrive MLM? My Verdict

I’d advise you to be extra cautious. The fact that I couldn’t find many reviews of customers who have succeeded through their MLM model is a huge red flag. Also, the feedback about the company’s products is a bit confusing. Some people find the products effective while others haven’t enjoyed any benefits. Lastly, the issue of the company’s refund policy is unclear. Although the company claims to offer a money-back guarantee within 30 days, most customers hardly get their money refunded. I’d not recommend investing in Le-Vel Thrive MLM.

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