A Review of Mike Samuel’s Copywriting Course

Copywriting is an incredibly rewarding hassle for anyone who has mastered it. Not only are the rates higher than regular writing jobs, but it also provides an opportunity to enjoy the much-desired freedom.

However, writing great copies is a challenging feat. Finding a course or a coach to help you do it is the first step to writing highly-converting copies. Mike Samuel’s copywriting course could be what you need.

However, before you keep reading about copywriting with Mike Samuel, I need to say that I don’t recommend starting your business using this model. Why? Because clients come and go, and you will have to be on a continual hustle to find more clients. This video teaches a business model using google maps where you setup your OWN websites and rent them out to clients instead. If a client decides to leave, you can simply find another client and point the leads to them instead. I highly recommend this business model instead of Mike Samuel’s course.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than the Mike Samuel program. But since you are here to learn about copywriting, lets get back to that:

Mike Samuel shows you how to write great copies to help clients convert leads to sales, charge clients, and brand yourself. Want to find out more about his course, let’s dive in:

Who is Mike Samuels? The Mastermind of the Freedom Kickstarter Course

Mike Samuels is the founder of the Freedom Kickstarter Course. Often referred to as the coffee shop copywriter, Mike has helped clients generate over $170 million in sales thanks to his skill in writing great copies. Before he started copywriting, he was a personal trainer at a gym.

However, his introverted nature made it challenging for Mike to convince gym-goers to hire him. As a result, Mike launched his mobile personal training business, which was somewhat better than his previous gig but needed to work long hours (up to 16 hours). 

He quickly realized that it was impossible to scale the business and transitioned to online fitness training. This transition helped him realize his strength in persuading people by writing copies. 

Mike decided to venture into copywriting and has never looked back ever since. He reassures you that you don’t have to be a great writer to write copies. The trick is to use words in the simplest way to connect with people.

Samuels has mastered the art of copywriting, so much so that he charges $350/hr. He advises writers to empathize with their readers and convey the intended message clearly and comprehensively. You don’t want to come off as salesy; instead, communicate your values and personality to woo people into buying the client’s product or service.

What is Mike Samuels Freedom Kickstarter Course?

After working as a copywriter for over eight years, Mike decided to create a course to help aspiring copywriters learn how to do it. The six-module course helps you transition from an average writer to a confident copywriter. It helps you learn how to persuade people using copies while helping businesses increase sales. At the end of the course, you should know how to: 

  • Find well-paying clients
  • Make a sales pitch with ease
  • Start a copywriting business
  • Connect with other copywriters
  • Learn great research hacks
  • Leverage networks to get high-paying clients
  • Brand yourself as a professional copywriter
  • Develop high-converting landing pages, sales pages, emails, and Facebook ads

In the course, Mike cautions students against taking any available job, a mistake he made in the early days of his career. He realized taking any available job led him to create dull, uninspiring copies. 

Samuels recommends sticking to the set rate and working with clients you’re genuinely interested in. He also advises students to prioritize freedom over money and to be reliable and consistent. Mike adds that short, simple sentences are more impactful than long ones.

What is the Cost of Freedom Kickstarter Course?

Freedom Kickstarter course costs $2465. The course is merely a video explaining how to find the right clients, deliver great copies, and increase rates as you grow more confident. For more comprehensive training, Mike offers another course, FKS Pro, which costs $1358 monthly. If you’re unhappy with the course, you can request a refund via Mike’s support team.

What Do Others Think about Mike Samuel’s Copywriter Course? Customer Reviews

Like any other investment, you want to do your due diligence by finding out other customers’ experience with the course. Here’s what I found:

Got a 10k gig in 2 weeks:

After a one-on-one call with Mike, this customer found a copywriting job that made up to $10,000 in just two weeks. While he credits Mike’s course with his success, he notes that you must consistently deliver great copies to get high-paying clients.

Learned Great Customer Acquisition Skills:

Nick credits the course with learning excellent customer acquisition skills. However, he notes that he did a lot of cold-pitching and delivered great copies to make money.

Should You Buy Mike Samuels’ Copywriter Course? My Verdict

Copywriting can be challenging for anyone who knows little about it. Finding someone to guide you through writing great copies is critical. Mike’s Freedom Kickstarter course provides valuable information you can apply to write great copies. However, I expected the course to come more resources for the price. For example, community chats, Q & A calls, and Facebook Group, help equip students with more knowledge about the subject. The fact that the course costs an arm and a leg for a mere video is underwhelming. Also, I’d have loved to see more customer reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau. I noted that only one customer had written positive reviews on Reddit; it would help to get reviews from different customers. I’d recommend doing more research before buying the course.

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