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Passive income is a critical aspect of attaining financial freedom. People with passive income can build wealth quickly while businesses can easily expand reach. 

This is what Chance Welton had in mind when they developed the TheMM SaaS income app. The app is a lead generation software that helps businesses automate sales and marketing processes.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than TheMM Saas program. But since you are here to learn about TheMM Saas, lets get back to our review of that:

Chance is a close ally to Abdul Samad, the co-founder of Modern Millionaires, which we have reviewed extensively. However, for this article, we want to learn more about TheMM SaaS and how businesses and individuals can leverage it to earn passive income.

Who is Chance Welton—the Brain Behind TheMM SaaS?

Chance is the founder of TheMM Saas and the co-founder of Modern Millionaires, another company that provides lead generation services to small businesses. In fact, I have played a significant role in imparting internet marketing knowledge, having taught their mentor to generate leads online. 

Initially, Chance was a small business owner working more than 16 hours daily. It was then that he realized the need to have passive income streams that could help him earn tens of thousands of dollars a year without working many hours. 

As a result, he established Modern Millionaires alongside his business partner Abdul and later decided to launch Leadific company. Leadific is a partner program requiring interested business owners or individuals to sign up and purchase the TheMM SaaS app. 

With the app, small business owners can automate follow-up capabilities and feedback features and improve landing pages to create potential leads and generate sales. 

Chance Welton is also the co-founder of two other companies- and Beachwood Marketing Firm.

What Does TheMM SaaS Offer?

TheMM SaaS is a lead-generation tool that helps businesses automate sales and marketing processes. It’s designed as a partnership program that allows a business owner to sell the app to other business owners through Leadific Partner Program.

This way, the Leadific partner provides subscription service for TheMM Saas software to local businesses at a monthly fee. A partner signs up for the program for $7000 and once registered as a Leadific partner, they can sell the app to small business owners to earn a passive income.

Upon opening, you only need to sign up with your email to get a free training video. The training acquaints you with the app and explains how to train prospective businesses.

Small businesses can then purchase the app at a monthly subscription of $299 per month. Since the program is available to many businesses, you can sign up as many companies as possible to earn a decent amount at the end of the month.

On the other hand, small businesses save on expensive infrastructure required to automate lead generation. Also, they don’t have to employ sales employees because the processes are automated. 

This makes starting a business and expanding reach pretty easy and less costly. 

In addition to saving on costs, a small business can:

  • Maintain communication with potential customers who haven’t decided to purchase their product or service yet
  • Convince prospective customers to purchase a product or service by leading them to relevant resources or content
  • Free up valuable time to focus on other responsibilities 

TheMM SaaS Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

I found a few constructive reviews encouraging you to sign up for the program.

Customer Loves the Tool’s Help in Starting a Business

This particular partner appreciates their experience after signing up for the course. They note that SAAS helps students start businesses and perform digital marketing. The customer also appreciates the help they got from the coaches, i.e. through weekly live Zoom calls and cites they’d recommend the tool to friends and family.

Signed up Clients after Two Weeks of Signing Up

This customer notes that she signed two clients two weeks after signing up for the program. She also says that she loves that she can run her business from home while caring for her children.

Customers Discredit the Program without Signing Up

TheMM SaaS has undoubtedly caught the attention of many people looking to automate most of their operations. However, some leave negative reviews and criticisms without signing up for the program. This particular customer only watched the training video but never got to sign up for the program. However, he discredits the program, citing it doesn’t deliver the results promised. 

Customer Doesn’t get refund

This customer has requested for a refund multiple times without much success. Although the Leadific Partner Program promises a 30-day refund guarantee, the company hasn’t made much progress in refunding his hard-earned money.

No Refund

This is another customer who requested a refund immediately after signing up for the program. However, two months down the line they haven’t received their money.

Should You Buy TheMM SaasS? My Verdict

Earning passive income is a welcome idea for any business or individual. TheMM SaaS promises to help businesses automate crucial operations like lead generation while partners earn passive income. However, a 7000-dollar investment is pretty hefty, so you’d want to get actual results from such an investment. I didn’t find much information regarding their refund policy hence the need to be extra cautious when signing up for the program. Good luck.

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