Modern Millionaires Review -AKA Officeless Agency, My Grandkids!

What Are Modern Millionaires? They’re my Grandkids!

Is Modern Millionaires (Officeless Agency) a scam? No, and I’ll explain why. Their business model is all about providing leads to local businesses through pay per click, which works. I’ve spoken with Abdul and Chance personally and I know it works. 

Interestingly, you may say that I’m their Internet Marketing Grandpa. Many years ago, I taught their mentor how to generate leads online. Then he, in turn, taught them. Then they created this course. 

So if you want to learn directly from me instead of my “grandkids,”click here. My own teenagers are using my techniques to setup autopilot businesses online that require very little ongoing work. There’s a Free Video On This Business Model Here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Modern Millionaires. But since you are here to learn about Modern Millionaires, lets get back to our review of that:

Or, if you still want to learn from my grandkids, read this review. I have actually never been through their course, so I got one of their existing students to writeup a review for us. He was actually kind of negative about the course itself, so I don’t agree with everything he said, but here is his review: 

Their ads claim it is a “shortcut” to your first highly profitable business that you can run from home, which I disagree with. I it is not a shortcut. It will take dedication and hard work. But it is true that after you build your business, with a few hours of work every week, you can generate thousands of dollars from 5 to 10 business clients per month. 

What does this course teach? This course is about how to create your digital marketing agency and guides you on serving your local businesses with lead generation and doing digital marketing on their behalf. 

The outcome of this course would be to give you a clear picture and information on a digital marketing business with clients that pay you to retain and run their online ads every month. The creators of the course are Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton. 

Who Are Abdul and Chance? (Abdul Farooqi and Chance Welton)?

Chance and Abdul are two digital marketers behind the Modern Millionaires. They have claimed to generate 158 thousand dollars per month through simple “Billboards” Ads from just 19 local clients, and from their knowledge and experience, they decided to share how you can do the same through their Modern Millionaires program. 

Abdul Samad claims that he is the #1 international best-selling author and owner of multiple 7 figure businesses but he does not provide any proof to back up his claim. We do not even know what he wrote as an author. 

As for his business partner, Chance, there are no details about his experience in the digital marketing industry as well as what he has achieved to be qualified enough to teach you in the course. 

The only good things that I found about them are their huge social media presence on Facebook and Youtube.

From my observation, Chance and Abdul use their Youtube channel and Facebook page to drive traffic to their main course which is Modern Millionaire by providing self-help and motivation content on the web. 

Modern Millionaire used to be the Millionaire Middleman but from what I have found on the internet, the course received a lot of negative feedback and reviews, thus, they rebrand their old course with a new name which is Modern Millionaire. 

In short, Modern Millionaire, Millionaire Middleman and Officeless Agency is the same course but with different branding. 

Is the Modern Millionaires Legit? What is an Officeless Agency?

The picture above is the simple business model that they are trying to teach with the course. I will explain to you furthermore below. 

The business model that they are trying to teach you in this course is simply running Google Ads for your clients and making money by charging them monthly service fees. 

But, there are more than that for a digital agency, you can provide multiple services along with running paid advertisements for your clients. 

Some of the things that you can offer are as follow : 

  • Social Media Ads and account management 
  • Establish business brand awareness on Facebook and Google 
  • Build a website and attract visitors to it 
  • Generate leads for the business

Now that we know what the business model is about, let’s dive into the course content and what you are going to learn when you purchase Modern Millionaire. 

Inside Modern Millionaire Course  (AKA Officeless Agency Masterclass)

There are 4 main modules in this course and we will look at the details of every module and what you will get from it. 

Module 1: Foundation 

In the first module, you will learn about the basics of this business model and what are the benefits of this business model when compared with other online business models out there. 

They will also teach you the fundamentals of Google Ads, this includes the basics of starting a Google Ads business, what are Google Ads about, and more. 

Moving on, you will learn through some videos on how to set up a website, how to buy a domain name and hosting, niche selection, and more foundational stuff. 

If you are familiar with website creation and domain purchase, then this module might not bring you any new insight or information regarding the subject. 

The first module ends with some videos on some legal paperwork that you need to know as you build your digital marketing agency. 

Also, they provide a bonus lesson on how you can launch your digital advertising agency the “Professional Way”, which is the term that they use to create content for your agency. 

Module 2: How To Find Clients? 

What is a business without clients right? For a service business, this might be the most important module that you need to learn if you want to create a highly profitable digital marketing agency. But the reality is, it is not easy to find a client that would pay you thousands of dollars every month. 

In this module, they will teach you how to find the right clients for your business. Some client acquisition methods that they will be teaching are cold calling potential clients, cold emailing local businesses, and professional networking to acquire clients. 

You probably know some of these methods already if you are in any business or service jobs.

Later part of this module, they will walk you through how to close the deal with your potential clients once you reach them as well as some basics on contract signing and terms. 

Module 3: Generating Traffic For Your Clients 

In the third module, you will learn the service that you are going to offer to your clients which is generating traffic. This is the only expertise and information that is a bit harder to acquire as opposed to the basic things in the previous modules such as cold calling and setting up your website. 

There are subcategories in this module as they teach you how to acquire traffic through different paid platforms. 

In this section, they will teach you how to generate traffic with Google Ads and how to produce sales for your clients. 

It covers some basic stuff on paid advertising through Google such as how to set up a Google Ads campaign, manage and optimize the campaign as well as scaling the budget according to your client’s advertising budget. 

Facebook Ads Traffic Generation 

It is quite surprising to find Facebook Ads in one of the lessons as they did not mention acquiring traffics from Facebook in their brief course introduction. 

However, you will learn how to use Facebook Ads to generate traffic and make some money for your clients. 

The training in this section is quite basic, they will teach you how to set up a Facebook Ads campaign and how to scale it based on your client’s marketing budget. 

Leads to Sales Conversion 

In this section, they will guide you on what to do once you get the leads from the traffic sources mentioned before. 

This section is like how to close the deal with the customers once you acquire them. Lead acquisition will not produce anything if you cannot turn them into sales right? 

Module 4: Scaling Your Business 

This module applies only if you manage to get a few clients that are happy with your services and are likely to continue doing business with you. 

The next step for your digital agency business is to scale it up and make the business operation easier for you. 

The recommendation in this module for you is to build a team of workers to do all the business operations for you so that you can make this a semi-passive business and not be there all the time for your business as well as scaling them at the same time. 

One of the recommendations that they suggest for their students when building a business team is to hire them from Upwork and Fiverr. These platforms are good if you want to get low-cost workers but there is a potential downside to these platforms, which is a barrier in communication and reliability of these workers for long-term work. 

Modern Millionaires Price

The price as of April 2021 is $9.94, it used to be priced at $4000 which you can pay in monthly installments of $500. 

The pricing is quite fishy if you have seen this course at a very expensive price before and compare it to the cheap price of $10 now. 

Why does the price change drastically? 

What Will You Get For $10? 

  • Officeless Agency Video Training: 2-hour video training, breaking down the Officeless Agency system from A to Z. 
  • Bonus Training: Recession Killer, 1-hour private video showing how to crush it during a recession with an Officeless Agency. 
  • Officeless Agency Quick Start Secrets
  • Proven $9,450/Month Client Funnel 
  • Instant High-Paying Clients Secrets 
  • “Exploding Niches” Research Report 
  • Free “Jet-Set” Travel Secrets 

Modern Millionaires Course Review – Final Verdict 


The good thing that I found about this course is that the model that they use is legit, which is building an actual service-based business rather than scammy get rich quick business. 

Another thing, the training is quite easy to understand as they walk you through the fundamentals that you need when building your digital marketing agency. 


There are a lot of cons in this course which makes it look like a scam. 

The first con is they are not transparent with their actual course pricing. The price that they advertise for the course is $10 on their main website and Youtube. But, once you get into the $10 course, there will be a lot of upsells and they will reveal all of the costs that you need to pay to build your digital marketing agency. 

Once you register for the course, they will book you for a call with them where they will reveal to you the actual cost of the whole program. It can range from $4000 to $6000. 

It is quite high and honestly, it would be better if they just become transparent about the pricing and display the course price tag at $4000 in the first place rather than tricking the customer with a low ticket purchase. 

The second con is there is no actual evidence and proof that the course creators, Abdul and Chance, have built a successful service-based business as well as some achievements in the digital marketing field. 

They have been boasting that they are featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur Inc but I could not find any source or articles related to their names online. 

The third con is that this course receives a lot of negative reviews and scam accusations on the web just like their previous course, Millionaire Middleman. 

Below is one screenshot that I took from their Modern Millionaire Facebook page. 

The common issues from their customers are that they have no access to the product once they purchased them and they could not get any of their money back despite the 30 days money-back guarantee that Abdul and Chance offer on their sales page. 

That is a big red flag if the customers cannot even access the product in the first place, which leads them to think that this is just one big scam. 


To conclude, I would not recommend this course because of a few obvious reasons. One of them is that there is a chance that you might not get access to this product in the first place like what happened to some of their customers.  I would tend to give them the benefit of the doubt, and blame it on technical problems or maybe not having a big enough support team.

Another thing to be wary of is the actual cost of the course is very expensive and there are a lot of upsells for tools once you get inside the course. 

There are better alternatives out there if you want to build your digital marketing agency or just trying to create a profitable online business from the comfort of your home.