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The technique below is just ONE of the techniques from my full wikipedia traffic course.

The video course is 100% free, check it out here.

Wikipedia is a very good place to get a link to your site. True, their external links are nofollowed, but don’t be fooled, Google takes note of links from Wikipedia, and these links will show Google that your site is a trusted site. It will contribute overall to the authority of your website. It is so easy to do, there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a least one link from Wikipedia to each one of your websites.

UPDATE: The images that I posted as an example in this video have all been deleted. I thought this would happen, especially since I made this public and thousands of people are viewing this blog post. The main reason the images were deleted was because of copyright issues (google’s logo in screenshot). However, my links in other niches (that I won’t make public) were not deleted, so if you do this, stay under the radar with it and make sure the images are actually constructive additions to wikipedia.

Here’s how to do it:

End result:

Followed link from the wikipedia article, through your image, to the “image profile page”

Then, the profile page contains the link to your website. Make sure to include the keywords, separated with dashes, in the URL for the “original image location.”

If you get enough internal wikipedia image links to this “image profile page” (example below) you could even get it to rank all by itself!

Here is the sample code for inserting your image in the wikipedia article.

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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.. perfect under-the-radar juice tapping ! :-) ..


This is awesome, thank you!

Images are my niche, this fits me pwerfect!

Can we edit old pages that need upgraded?

I noticed that wikipedia prefers svg + png files the most, I’m testing an old PR5 that includes a jpeg, I’m converting to a svg image then I’ll upload.

Hope I still have the option for the backlink.

Thanks again!


Wow! Didn’t know you could manipulate Wikipedia to such an extent lol. You’re the master in advanced techniques.


Thank you very much. I have a question how many times can we include our picture in the articles.

Jack Goffsays:

That is an awesome share Chaddo!

Thanks for that I’ll be sending people to this page to get this info

Very nice



Great video….I will try it right away


Thanks again, chaddo! Great info–you keep me on my toes with it. keep it coming.,

Brampton Real Estate Agentsays:

Chad, very generous share. Thank you. Also, once again you’ve come up with something very innovative and unique.


Tony Brayley.

Austin Texas Notary Publicsays:

Your a super freak…super freak! :D


I’ve used other wikipedia techniques, but this one is new to me. Thanks!


That is AWESOME!

I’ve tried getting Wikipedia links before, but no dice!

I have been using Google Images to get some pretty cool traffic… I can definitely relate to this tactic.



Good try but they have been all deleted. Screen shot of a website is copyrighted and cannot be released to public domain. All links to the image on various articles have been removed and possibly the image also will be deleted soon. Please don’t try to game the system.

Having said that, you are free to contribute constructively to Wikipedia. Please see your user talkpage for more details. Please understand that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: To the wikipedia editor, I thought the screenshot would be considered “fair use” because I’ve seen numerous other screenshots of google results throughout wikipedia. My mistake. One question, I didn’t see anything on my user talkpage, did you post information there for me?



Just want to confirm I tried this & it works!

The wikimedia source code says the backlink is nofollow, doesn’t matter I’ll take as many as I can get [wink].

Thanks again,


Interesting .. the video cuts off at the end …

I notice that the image isn’t on the wikipedia page you show in the video.. so was this considered spam by the trolls on that site?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes, I just posted an update in the blog post text explaining why this happened. Actually, a wikipedia editor posted a comment here regarding this, take a look a couple comments above. I figured this would probably happen because I made this technique public and thousands of folks are reading this blog post. But I still encourage you to use this technique. I have other links in wikipedia that have been there for a long time, not made public.


Thanks. Will try it now…


Hey Chad,
Thanks great and easy to do giveaway. Much appreciated.


Nice trick Chad,
Obviously it should be used wisely and to build true useful content on Wikipedia, or all that work would be lost.
Good luck with the rest of your Local Search business


nice share, but the video is ended suddenly…

Zgadnij kto :Psays:

This file may meet the criteria for speedy deletion.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yea that was because I didn’t think about using google’s logo (copyrighted) in the image… oops!


wow! That’s awesome information. Thanks Chad!


Will wait a week for dust to settle and then apply this technique to several sites. Thanks again.


Another stealth tip from Chaddo! How do you come up with this stuff ??!!


Nofollow – wink!

What is the significance? Are nofollow links not ignored by Google for ranking?

Dave Galesays:

Great post – so is this right: when you add the image to the article, the image will be linked to the:

Which in turn then has a link to your site by the ‘source’ bit?



I dont understand this tutorial and how it has to do with image. Cant I just post my link in the references of an article?

Jim Schiblysays:

Chad –

Great techniques but the commons layout has changed – cant figure out how you found the articles to post in…would like to see how you went from uploading the image to getting to the articles page for editing – cant seem to get there to post the image in the appropriate wiki articles….

Local web marketersays:

Hi Chad,

Your underground backlinking tactics are superb. Great tips!

Local Web Marketer,/b>

Matthew Maginleysays:

I just spent some time reading and re-reading the ‘Revenge of the Mininet’ as suggested. Thanks for supplying the reference and making it available. I have the Domain Tweak System and the You Tube Cash Secrets. I had always wondered whether you were focused on the academic aspects or the entrepreneurial, and it seems that you have balanced both very well.


See this is why I have to stay on your list!


I have been using the simple links technique for quite a while (in a different niche) and get good traffic, even from the non-english wikipedias.

But you do need to stay under the radar – there are quite a few Wikipedia vigilantes out there. They will “speedy delete” your link or image.



Great post, as usual. The video is cut shot, any chance of reloading the full vid?

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That is just Awesome Chad! Thanks!!!


Will Tannersays:

That’s the problem when these methods get released en-mass – they usually tend to be very short-lived after that.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Well, the only links that got deleted were the links that I publicized on my blog here. I have a number of other wikipedia links that did not get deleted. So moral of the story is stay under the radar, make a good contribution, and you’ll have a lasting link.


True, my (3) links are all still intact since I first watched this video.

The nofollow tag means absolutely nothing, I couldn’t believe how fast I got a new web page ranked in google.

I’m 2nd behind wikipedia + I have the 3rd position with multiple listings, a single backlink on wikipedia got my new web page 4 links, on the 1st page of google for my keyword!

All happend from start to finish in less than 15 min.

I know the SERP is correct & no personal search results, I have my own technique for getting around that.

BTW, I always contribute more to wikipedia, example I supplied 9 new images in exchange for 3 backlinks.

jim schiblysays:

Jerry –

How do you find the articles listed in the video where the edit button is located in the upper right corner – can’t find it anywhere….simply cant find articles to actually add the image to???


@ jim schibly

I look for images that need to be converted from jpg/png to svg, use Google images to filter only jpg images from wikimedia. Most of those images are asking for help in converting the image to a svg (scalable vector graphics).

Don’t forget to update the wikipedia pages that link to the original jpg/png image, with your new svg image. That way the PR gets passed to the new image.


I just checked my GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) account for the site I link to from wikimedia (images), the backlinks are starting to show up inside of GWT now.

Thanks, again Chad for the videos…


Great work Chad and thank you for all the resent vids to get me sorted…….
The video cut off before the ending, and so I have to log in to face book to get an account……….. This is the only way I have ever wanted to be part of Facebook!

Looking forward to getting the course……….. And it’s free! Thank you again!


Thanks Chad, this is a great little idea!

Jing Zhousays:

You are unbelievable
How do you find these things!!!!
I followed your instructions to the T
and got some pictures in Wikipedia
I cannot believe it. I have Your You Tube Cash Secrets
Domain Tweak and google maps
You must have one million little gremlins
running around the net finding these things
one person cannot find all these tricks
Thank You

Don Dolenecsays:

Wow!! Great Video
Chad, Your tips and tricks are so much more valuable
than most of the crap sold.
You are a true great internet marketer
sharing your mastery of the things most people
never know about or will ever see.
Your courses are priceless and inexpensive.
A big thank You

Pete Kicisays:

First time visitor,I am sure to follow you and your strategies.
The reason I ended up on this site was I was looking for your Google cash maps software.
Found it but it did not work?
Is this tool still avalible?
If so how would I get a copy?

Lot of questions from someone you don’t know.
Thank you for the great content,just signed up to wiki media and will be using the technique.

Thank you
Pete Kici


Hey Chaddo
If there was an association of Internet Marketers and they need a president – I’d vote for you!!


Hey I have a question regarding the video, I can’t find the “edit” button anywhere..

Am I missing something?


Hello chad thanks for the great tips I look forward to using the tip with my web sites

Troy Holadiasays:

Chad, WOW is all I can say. I followed along with your Free Wikipedia External Link and now have five quality back links from Wikipedia pointing back to my money sites. I didn’t realize how important no follow links were until I experienced the increase in page rank on my site after getting the Wiki links. Thanks so much. Looking forward to purchasing your next course.

Troy Holadia


Thanx for all your free info here on Your site man!
Its great!


I learned from a moderator in wikipedia: website content is considered to be copyrighted. And only if its free you are allowed to put it into wikipedia commons. So I don’t know how the backlink to your own website as the source of content could work, because it has automatically the copyright?


another great trick Chad! thanks


This is PERFECT. Whether you insert the image in Wiki article or not, single backlink from Wikimedia alone is gonna be VERY useful. I think I’m gonna get my camera out and start taking pictures for online public domain photo platforms! Thanks a million. Your trick opened up a LOT of possible options for me.

Also, I think it’s very fair. No one’s trying to “game the system” here. :/ Yeah, okay.. In your case there were copyright issues, but for genuine photographs that are your own and you submit to Wiki, it’s only fair Wiki links back to you for it and you DESERVE more credibility.


Yup..that works..very nice Chad…..any more tips on PR9 links!!

miloud bougrinesays:

waw Thank Chad This is nice method I’m looking for thank you very much.

Tyler Abernethysays:

you are awesome. I am going to STAY subscribed to you buddy.

No crap coming from Chaddo!



Thanks Chad

I was going through a New Year purge of email subscriptions but thanks to this great content I’m staying on your list! Keep up the good work :)


I just gave this a shot. How long does it take to see a backlink in google analytics? I have two websites and both are loaded with images. Can I over do this? That is, create too many backlinks.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes you can overdo it, but only if you do it so much that the wikipedia editors ban your IP address, just watch out for that, or use proxies.

mark baileysays:

I tried it today don’t know if it’s going to work fingers crossed.

Rafael Zabalasays:

Well done Chad… Love it!!!

Thanks (c:

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