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Details on how to get my “make money from wikipedia” course (free) early next week.

Now I know that many of you are going to say that Wikipedia links are no follow so they don’t have value. But if you watch the video you will see just one example of how valuable these types of edits in Wikipedia can be. 

I have used Wikipedia edits for reputation management, for backlinks, for citations on local businesses, and more. Using it for backlinks in particular can be way more valuable than you would imagine. First of all even though officially Wikipedia  is a nofollow site oh, that doesn’t mean that Google does not recognize or noticed that you have a back link from there. And because of Wikipedia is strict editorial policies you better believe that Google text note if someone successfully gets a link from there. 

The other thing that many people forget is that Wikipedia gets cloned and copied all over the place. So if you get a back link from Wikipedia many times that back link will end up on other sites that copy that Wikipedia content. Without further Ado here’s the video:

Also, here’s the link to my earlier Wikipedia video on getting links from wiki images (I invented this technique):

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Not quite sure where the FREE 5 part video series is?


Hey Chddo,

Real cool, can’t for Monday/Tuesday going to check out your images video now thanks for sharing, how do you come up with this stuff ?



looking forward to your next email !


Chad you’re awesome, I love your techniques and from the bottom of my heart GOD bless you :)

And also I am eagerly waiting for that day when you will release a course which will teach me step by step way to run a profitable niche oriented site.

As far as traffic is concerned, we can go for your Domain Tweak course. Your niche oriented course will be in

In integration with Domain Tweak for getting massive traffic.
In integration with Adsense for getting huge revenue.

Amen, Amen, Amen



Chaddo – you ROCK! I find myself getting more and more excited about the juicy nuggets of information your videos contain. Thanks for paying it forward!

I tested your methods on my websites, and I even used the same techniques to get my father in law first page Google results for his niche!

Really awesome stuff, amigo!

Geoff Lordsays:

Hi Chad. Thanks for the offer.

I can testify that what you are about to teach does work because i have had articles published in wikiphedia which have brought lots of traffic to my sites so I Know it works.

Just cant wait to see what your methods involve though, because I know it usually involves a little “lateral thinking” twist which makes the big dffference.

Robert Blakesays:

Chad, you are crazy, stupid brilliant. :-)

I continue to be humbled by your insights.

So looking forward to your full course regarding this model.



Very interesting video. I already have a Facebook account. Can’t wait for the release of your course.


Great info as always


Chad –

perhaps you may have a paid tutorial following the free vids coming on Mon / Tues

With that said, do you have a complementary course to the wikipedia approach?

Your feed back / reply is much appreciated

Thank you for sharing your genius


Wow…. :)

With your help I get now a link from Wikipedia with the image…

Google news – I set up and submit my website to google news. How long takes for google to approve my website?


Hi Chad!

I watched your video last week and wanted to implement your strategy that links pictures to your website. However because Wiki Commons asks you a ton of questions where you don’t know to which category your picture belongs to, you end up giving up because registering the pictures with Wiki Commons appears to be far more complicated than what you thought. I got stopped right there!

I downloaded these pictures (see link: yet I don’t know which category they belong. They were shot more than 70 years ago and belong to the public domain. So what category do you think they belong to? This is my question. I just need to register one picture alone but I really don’t know which path to go with the registration. I’d like If you could help me out on that matter.



PS: I’m working on a FB Fanpage and wanted to use this technique to drive traffic to it.


Excellent info as usual Chaddo. Your stuff is always Top Shelf! I’ve even created a special folder for your emails in my email client so I don’t miss anything : ) Looking forward to the Wikipedia course. Have a Great Weekend.

Will Tannersays:

I am always interested in ways to drive free traffic – I was hoping for a little more information from this video, but will wait until next week and hopefully learn something from the Facebook videos

Davin Ogdensays:

Wow, looks like this will be very cool Chad. I’m always learning new things from you, that I hadn’t seen anywhere else before. Excellent Stuff..thanx!


Thank you. Looking forward to the course – you always have such original ideas.


I am definitely interested in this since I watched your last video. I really appreciate you sharing this info!

Bob Gillsays:

After the awesome tip on getting a link with Wikipedia through images in your earlier video, I look forward to your new tip next week. Thanks for sharing Chad.

Greg Taylorsays:


You are one of those marketers who seems to constantly come up with clever methods that actually work! Thanks brother, and keep it coming!


Looking forward to it. Getting the good links always takes a little more effort, but that is what separates those willing to create great content from those promoting fluff.

Seattle Marketingsays:

The Wiki image link video was great! I’m excited to see what you have in store for use!
Thanks for the great info Chad!

Social Media Bay Areasays:

I wanna know about the Facebook App that is used to get the Info of people so that I can build my List and have Access to their most Private Details on Facebook ;-)

Mike @ DownloadHarbor.comsays:

Chad, You just made my day! I hear from you so little, but every time it’s a true gem, I just got home from my stupid job and found your email and now have a renewed sense of hope!

I must say that you are the only guy I will never opt-out of, most lists send you a one idea and then it’s clickbank hop links every day after that, but not you!

It’s a joy to be on your list, and I use your style as a brass bar for my own marketing!

Thanks, Mike

(PS: is it “brass bar, brass handle, brass ring, brass balls” ? anyways, know what I mean) ;)


Hey Chad,

I’ve used yor last wikipedia image backlinks (awesome!) tip. I put my own twist on your technique that requires even less work & helps wikipedia at the same time, a win, win for everyone.

Thanks, & can’t wait to see what else you have in the works!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Shoot me an email at gmail (chadwarrior) I’d love to hear what your “twist” is that requires less work!


Chad, thank you for the heads up on the coming email I’ll be weighting!


Hi Chad, I always look forward to your emails, and I am looking forward to the next one, you always give some good tip´s.

Kurt Kinetic Trainersays:

I really enjoy the unique information that you put out… meaning that I don’t see the info being put out by the so called other “gurus”.


Hmmmm WHAT A GREAT IDEA you are puting on the plate, I am folloving you more the one year, I am realy learning and enjoying all of your thougts, warm regards from Chile


Chad – love the wikipedia image video and I can’t wait or this new one! Let me ask you, is there a site where I can find some of your old products to purchase I remember one from about a year ago about You Tube video’s at the time I could not afford it at the time but would love to get another shot at buying it, I don’t remember the name of the product?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Here you go:


Once again chaddo you never underdeliver anything…YOU ROCK DUDE!


Once again chaddo you went and over delivered ROCK!


once again chaddo you have over rock!


awesome stuff chaddo!

Rick Dorshaksays:

Outstanding Chad,
How do you find all these golden nuggets of information and have to time to do it all?

Betting Tipssays:

This is amazing free offer. I can’t wait to see the videos and implement your ideas.
I’m sure this will benefit my service.

Andrew McMartinsays:

Opening a FB account only for your cuourse, and waiting for it…
I found you webpage with a lucky click and add it PERMANENTLY to my FAVORITE list.


Hey Chad,

If you can share any tips that will reduce the work for image links. Cant wait for the email.


Oh and is there a way to get links on pages that won’t get deleted so fast. I had some regular edit links that were great while they lasted. Would love to get some of those to stick forever.

Rob Jammersays:

Chad – You rule!!

Thank you so much for this; looking forward to accessing your course through Facebook as soon as you release it… waiting with baited breath!!

I have looked at Wikipedia with interest for some time now; I know the site gets crazy amounts of traffic that can be laser-targeted too, if you know how to do it right.

I have heard more than one other IM’er refer to Wikipedia as a potential traffic goldmine for affiliates/IM’ers… but I have not yet seen any tutorials on how to use it for marketing “under the radar” or legitimately, i.e. without being deleted for spamming or flagged for inappropriate content or whatever.

Looking forward to your insight on Monday or Tuesday – thanks again!

Rob Jammer


Awesome idea. on alot of my sites image clicks account for half my traffic. I specifically exploit this source as there is not too much competition. Cant wait!!!


We <3 Chad! *rubs hands together*


Wow, this is my first time hearing of this. Thanks Chad! I’m looking forward to your free course.


Hi Chad,
nice Video. Thanks a lot for your tipps.


Wow…thank you so much, Chad! Looking forward to the course!

Darko Msays:

Thanks Chad for your Help!

I love your BLOG made… :)

Keep the good work….



I can’t wait for your wikipedia videos. Having purchased a whole bunch of courses from you, I know it’ll be solid. Also, what a great way to jumpstart your facebook following.


Just watched the 5 videos. Some great stuff there. However, I decided not to comment on your FB page as I wouldn’t want wiki editors looking at my FB account (assuming I’m giving my real name at wikipedia when I sign up).

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I never use my real name on wikipedia. I have a different account for different niche sites. That way, if one of my wikipedia accounts gets spanked, the others are unaffected. However, I haven’t had a problem yet (except when I made a few links public on my blog here).


Hi Chad! Did I miss the free 5 video series? I went to facebook through my email, to your site, but I found know way access it. Thanks, Yolanda.

P.S. I always seems to miss your deals.


Hello Chad again.

Note: I hope that you are going to delete these two post. I don’t want anyone to know how ignorant I am of facebook.

I’ve signed up via this link on your page.

Qustiion: How do I get to the videos on your facebook. Thanks, Yolanda.

If you can email me with the answer… Thanks again


Well Chad, I figured it out. Please don’t put three postings on this site. Thanks, Yolanda.


Hey chad, awsome Video. I am always searching for Opportunities to get free backlinks to my Site. A high PR Site like wikipedia is great! I am a loyal subscriber of Cour Site. Thanks for your very useful and brillant Posts. Regards Alper


Chad, just found your blog and love your stuff. How can I sign up for your courses? I’d love to get in on the one you did the webinar for on 5/12. Can I still join? Any other products or courses that you have available, I am definitely interested in. Please let me know. Cheers, Roland

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You can still register for the course here: The last webinar is May 23, Monday and you can still watch the replays from last sessions. Monday will be the last day you can register for this course.


Chadd.. you mention in this video that people are making $1000’s per day using Wikepedia and direct linking to affilliate products.. if so.. why am I knocking myself out with your Blackhat course.. just show me the system man… when will this be up??
I think I should be in on this as wikepedia is a tough nut to crack for backlinks..


Daily Soccer Tradingsays:

This is a great technique – so glad you shared it with us.

This should kick my business up a level.

best restaurants in austin txsays:

I really wasn´t sure about this, but I gave it a go and …………….. it works. Thanks Chad

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