12 Months To $1 Million Review

Entrepreneurship is one word that’s creating a buzz in the modern space. Many people now shun or ditch typical 9-5 jobs to dive into the supposedly lucrative entrepreneurship venture. The rags-to-riches stories are often appealing yet few entrepreneurs highlight the challenges therein. 

On the one hand, there’s a need to identify and sell a winning product within the first few months, and on the other is the need to market the products while minimizing costs to generate profit. 

This delicate balance makes many business people quit entrepreneurship within six years of opening a business. In fact, less than 5% of businesses make more than $1 million annually. It doesn’t have to be your story. 

Ryan’s 12 Months to $1 million book shows you how to maneuver the startup phase successfully and make up to $1 million in sales within a year. Here’s an overview of his book.

However, before you keep reading about 12 Months To $1 Million, I need to say that I don’t recommend simply becoming an expert salesman. My issue with this business model is it sets you up to CONTINUALLY be searching for new clients. I prefer a much more autopilot business model. A business I can setup that runs without me needing to keep hustling for new clients.

Here’s the course I recommend instead. My own teenage kids are using this course to setup autopilot businesses online that require very little ongoing work. There’s a Free Video On This Business Model Here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this:

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than 12 Months To $1 Million. But since you are here to learn about 12 Months To $1 Million, lets get back to our review of that:

Who is Ryan Moran?

Ryan Moran is the author of the book 12 Months to $1 Million Book, a serial entrepreneur, investor and host of Capitalism.com. His entrepreneurship journey started at age 5 when he sold hand-drawn pictures at a penny each. From age 6-10 he sold baseball cards and at 12 he umpired little league baseball. 

Ryan then worked at Dunkin Donuts in his high school years and embarked on learning about internet marketing in college. At only 26 years he made his first million by trading informational products and through email marketing. 

He also discovered an opportunity in the market involving physical products, prompting him to build and sell a few companies. Today, Ryan has a portfolio of brands and is the founder of capitalism.com, a training program that creates more than 100 million millionaires in 12 months or less.

Ryan is passionate about sharing his knowledge in entrepreneurship having run many companies successfully. He believes that entrepreneurs can create change better than governments. However, he notes that successful entrepreneurship is only possible by taking personal responsibility and developing a mind to serve others.

Having developed and sold many ecommerce brands, Ryan is often inclined to invest in and share his knowledge in physical product brands. This is part of his long-term strategy to own Clevelands Indians.

What Does 12 months to $1 million Book Entail?

12 months to $1 million is a book that consolidates the startup phase into one year to help new entrepreneurs hit the million-dollar level using a unique formula. It’s a tried and tested formula that Ryan discovered in his entrepreneurship journey. The one-year plan consists of three stages:

The Grind (0-4 months)

At this stage, you identify a winning product idea, the target audience, and secure funding for the business. It also helps you make the first sale within four months.

The Growth (5-8 months)

At this stage, you learn how to use cheap and effective advertising strategies to market your product. The premise is to get at least 25 sales a day to generate profits.

The Gold (9-12 months)

Since your business is already out there, you can introduce other products to your audience to increase sales to 100 sales a day. This way you inch closer to the million-mark. 

Ryan believes that reducing noise and developing a clear and proven plan helps upcoming entrepreneurs make decisions quickly, get their products up for sale, and launch them to an audience that’s ready and waiting to buy. 

His three-step formula has helped new and experienced entrepreneurs launch scalable and sustainable online businesses. In fact, he has witnessed over 100 business people crossing the seven-figure barrier.

What is the cost of 12 Months to $1 Million Book?

The book retails at $14.99-$ 24.49 on Amazon, depending on the format preferred. The hardcover costs $17.32 but if you prefer the Kindle format, you spend a little less ($14.99).

Customer Reviews-What are Others Saying about 12 Months to $1 Million Book?

Having come across many get rich quick schemes you’re probably skeptical about investing in another course or book that leads you to a dead end. Is it the case with Ryan’s 12 Months to $ Million book? Here are some customer reviews that might help you make an informed decision:

Definitive Roadmap to Entrepreneurship

This buyer found the book an excellent guide to entrepreneurship and have decided to use it as the base for establishing the company they intend to start.

Book is Worth Much More

The client found the book so helpful that they think it’s worth much more than the $30 they spent at the time. They intend to keep it and practice the steps there until they appear on Forbes 30 Under 30.

Gives me the Courage to Embark on Entrepreneurship

This customer has been in the corporate world for many years, but after reading Ryan’s book they’re confident that they can start a business and run it successfully.

Should I Buy 12 Months to $1 Million Book? My Verdict

I’ve always taken rich quick books with a grain of salt, but not Ryan’s 12 Months to $1 Million Book. This book has practical nuggets on how to develop a product and sell it online. The steps are so practical, any amateur can follow and grow their business within a short period. Ryan warns it requires a lot of work and commitment on your end to achieve the million mark which I concur. The book’s price range is also affordable for most people so I’d highly recommend buying it. Note that the book is tailored to entrepreneurs who can create and sell products online.

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