2 Day Blueprint Reviews

Traditional real estate investing (buying and selling of properties) is still the most lucrative way of making money in this industry. And like any other business, real estate investing relies on leads to generate profits. Investors look for potential properties that can be resold or sellers they can pursue.

However, with the market morphing by the day, it has become incredibly challenging for investors to find high-quality leads. Cut-throat competition from other investors, lack of access to accurate information, limited budgets are some of the challenges investors face when looking for leads. 

But Jason Palliser seems to have cracked the code. He shows real estate investors 22+ ways of finding leads using his 2 Day Blueprint course. Here’s more about the course.

But… before you read what I have to say about 2 Day Blueprints, check out this video on how to profit from DIGITAL real estate. It is much less hassle than physical real estate, no property taxes, no repair costs, no homeowners insurance, and the profits can be MUCH greater: Digital Real Estate Video Here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than 2 Day Blueprints. But since you are here to learn about the 2 Day Blueprint Course, lets get back to our review of that:

Who is Jason Palliser? The Brains Behind 2 Day Blueprint Course

Jason Palliser is the founder of the 2 Day Blueprint training program. Initially, Jason was an investment specialist who helped investors get funding for their real estate ventures. After realizing the potential in real estate investing, he decided to venture into the industry.

At the time, he had honed his lead generation skills as many clients looked for him every time they needed to find leads. Some clients asked him to train them to find leads while others nudged him to develop courses around the niche.

After joining the industry, he learned how to leverage his vast network which largely included realtors to find high-quality leads thus selling property faster. He started off with regular homes, then upgraded to vacant houses and pre-foreclosures. Jason realized that the harder he worked at finding leads, the higher the profits he made. 

Also, he found new ways of generating real estate leads hence his signature slogan- 22+ strategies for generating high-quality off-market leads. Jason goes ahead to explain how you can leverage mail companies like Valpacks to advertise your services. 

According to him, you can reach out to the local businesses offering coupon codes in the mail and ask to advertise with them. The premise here is to get four or five businesses to agree to advertise your services to minimize direct mail budget. 

Typically, many businesses advertise with Valpacks. Every mail in your mailbox has up to 75 companies offering coupon codes. If four of the companies agree to advertise your services, you reduce your direct mail budget to $0.28 and they get to advertise with three other businesses, reducing competition.

His clientele has since grown to a point of dealing with renowned institutional fund level players. So far Jason has acquired over 35,000 off-market properties, closed over 3000 investment transactions, and educated over 19000 investors. 

What is the 2 Day Blueprint Course?

The 2 Day Blueprint is a training program that teaches real estate investors how to find leads in just two days. It outlines the 22+ tried and tested methods a real-estate investor can use to find leads. 

However, Jason cites that you don’t need to use all techniques you can get a 

customized Blueprint tailored to your specific market. Once you contact Jason’s team, they will schedule a call to determine if you’re a good fit. If you quality, you receive: 

  • A customized blueprint: Jason and his team customize a plan tailored to your market and budget
  • Over 22 lead generation strategies: You learn how to leverage over 22 lead generation strategies making it easy to reach a wider market
  • Winning techniques: Learn how to make appointments with potential clients and close deals
  • Zero ramp up time: You get a built-for-you deal with tracking and organized systems ready to go
  • Support: Jason has a team of assistants ready to help you tailor the process to your needs, operate the business, and find deals
  • Marketing budget: You learn how to reduce your marketing budget while yielding great outcomes. Typically, most real estate investors spend $5000-$10,000 in marketing, but with Jason’s Blueprint course your marketing budget is slashed to $500-$1500 a month 

What is the Cost of the 2 Day Blueprint Course?

Jason’s 2 Day Blueprint course costs $10,000 which doesn’t come with a refund policy. 

2 Day Blueprint Course Customer Reviews

You want to do your due diligence before investing your money in any investment. I’ve done the legwork for you and researched extensively about the 2 Day Blueprint course. Besides the testimonials on Jason’s website, I only found one critical customer review about the course.

Cookie-cutter Strategies

This customer criticized the course as he received cookie-cutter marketing strategies as other investors. Also, he found the strategies suggested somewhat impractical for a real-estate investor.

Should I Invest in the 2 Day Blueprint Course? My Verdict

Without a doubt, lead generation in the real estate industry can be a hard nut to crack. Thus, finding a real estate guru willing to show you the ropes in just two days is incredibly relieving for any investor. Jason’s 2 Day Blueprint training program is quite handy as it shows you numerous ways of finding legit leads. Even so, some techniques (targeting and befriending assisted living home staff, asking Facebook group members to post fraudulent reviews) are vague and to some extent illegal. Also, the $10 k price tag on the training program is outrageous. I’d have loved to see a more detailed training program and more resources for the price. The lack of customer reviews on third-party sites like Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau, or Reddit means you can only rely on the testimonials on Jason’s website. I’d not recommend investing in this course. It offers little value for the price.

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