Google Mobile Apocalypse AKA Mobilegeddon

Don’t know if you’ve heard the news, but there is a giant update coming from google April 21.

Everyone is freaking out because someone from google said it will probably be bigger than
penguin or panda.

Is your website ready? Don’t ignore this!

We will be covering this in detail in my members area in a special webinar, Thursday April 16th at 8pm central (GMT -6)

In this members only webinar we’ll teach you a few simple steps that can get your site ready. We’ll also tell you what to do if you get caught by this, or are unable to get ready before April 21.

You may have seen sites out there saying “just put your domain into this box and our script will tell you how to fix your site for the mobile update.” But I don’t care if you are using the Commission Hero method, or Clickbank University, it actually is more complicated than that, and you don’t want to lose the mobile traffic that google is sending¬† your way.

The details of this special webinar are waiting for you right now in my members area (look for the article when you login titled “Don’t Get Caught by Google’s Mobile Algorithm” ).

Local Search

Update to Google Maps Cash Software ( Software)

—> Get the latest update here <—


Youtube Keyword Tool Alternative

The Youtube keyword tool alternative is below. It is free, and it is very accurate, and gives much better keyword counts than some paid tools out there. Please watch the youtube video below to get details on how to use the keyword tool.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you don’t watch the video this Tool won’t make a lot of sense to you. If you have any questions about it feel free to post them on the youtube video comments area or in the comments area of this blog post, I’ll answer as soon as I can.

youtube keyword tool replacement

  As you may have noticed, Youtube has removed their keyword tool.

Google’s “keyword planner” is NOT a good alternative, doesnt give the same information at all! ¬† We’re working on creating a Youtube keyword tool alternative from google trends data. Youtube is still a great source of traffic, whether you’re using a course like Commission League or Wealthy Affiliate, or Clickbank, or whether you’re selling your own products or being an inbound closer for someone else.¬† However, we need some good youtube videos that are ranking on the first page of youtube for high traffic keywords.

Anyone want to donate some data to the cause? Comment here. You won’t have to give us access to your youtube account, just answer a few questions about your high ranking video analytics.