Brent Kocal – Legit or Another Celebrity Scam?

If you’re struggling with a disciplined routine or a healthy schedule, you need to hear about Brent Kocal.

Basically, he promises to help people reach their life and business goals with his disciplinary programs.

Before we move on, let me make one thing clear, Brent Kocal’s program is not to teach you how to build a business. It is more concerned with mindset and self help. If this is what you want, read on. If you want to START A BUSINESS, click here to see a video about the business my teenage daughter used to make a 5 figure income last year: Video Here.

But does his program work, or is it just another glorified scam on the internet? Read my complete review of Brent Kocal and his Ruthless Results program to find out.

Who Is Brent Kocal?

If you’ve watched “The Blind Side,” you’re already familiar with Brent Kocal, an American actor. In addition to being a self-discipline coach, he is a public speaker and has written many books on mental conditioning.

Brent is the type of person who follows a strict routine from dawn to dusk. He established the Ruthless Results program to teach people ways of increasing their productivity ten times what they were experiencing before.

This skilled coach claims that he can teach people self-discipline and help them have the self-control that he practices. He wakes up early, hits the gym, has weighted meals, reads book, practices meditation, and spends time with family—sounds like one perfect individual, doesn’t he?

Additionally, he has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads motivational videos with episodes.

After mastering the art of discipline, he now focuses on teaching people the same with his Ruthless Results program.

What Is the Ruthless Results Program?

The Ruthless Results program is made to help you with mind conditioning and boost your productivity. Brent Kocal has promised to help people learn how to work smart—not hard—through the lessons of this course.

This program teaches you how to grow as an individual and reach goals by working on your pre-existing talents.

The program mainly focuses on four parts—body, mind, money, and spirit.

  • The first part deals with the human body. It is aimed to teach the program takers about their fitness and health.
  • Second part focuses on the internal human mind. It is designed to make one examine their mind and create a peaceful setting.
  • Thirdly, there is the money factor. It teaches you how to make enough money to satisfy your needs and desires.
  • Lastly, the spirit factor aids people in learning about kindness. This element teaches gratitude and co-existing with other people peacefully.

Price for the Ruthless Results Program

I have always been a bit doubtful about life coaching courses. I mean, there are YouTube videos, thousands of articles on the web, and hundreds of books that might help us learn the exact same lessons.

Brent Kocal has made sure never to mention the costs associated with his intense life-coaching  program. However, he invited interested participants to engage in a one-on-one call with him, where he individually discussed the price.

As a specific cost is not available for the program, I’d warn you to just be prepared to pay as much as 5,000 dollars to register.

What to Expect from Ruthless Results Program?

The principle of Ruthless Results is, “Anything difficult is really a series of easy things.

Ruthless Results primarily focuses on lessons of networking with people, but it also teaches important mindsets such as gratitude. Below I have broken down the elements you’ll learn about throughout the Ruthless Results program.

  • The program aims to help you create a bridge between your everyday life and long-term goals.
  • Three steps are designed inside the program specifically to help you plan out your goals in order.
  • The program helps you explore a foolproof execution method that will bring the outcome you aim for.

Brent Kocal’s 3-Step Formula to Self-Discipline

Brent believes that self-discipline is the key to success. He has designed the program to directly impact your health, business, and personal life. There are three steps he emphasizes for self-discipline.

Step 1: Stop Lying to Yourself

This step focuses on things you tell yourself. If you are not getting work done but keep claiming that you are, you’ll lose trust in yourself.

Step 2: Focus on Small Wins

This step tells you to do things one at a time since consistency is the key. If you want to flourish in life, start with the small things—take the trash out, do your laundry, and exercise regularly. As soon as you do basic tasks consistently, you will be able to take on bigger tasks and follow through.

Step 3: Intentions

The final step explains how the lack of goals and incentives will likely lead to failure. It focuses on boosting your confidence and planning your life in a way where you imagine yourself as the writer and hero of your own story.

You’re then supposed to write your goals down. This outlines your foundational objects which will carry you through all the ups and downs and staying on track.

The Main Question-Is Brent Kocal Legit or Scam?

Brent Kocal is not a scam. While there are many ways to self-improve and get working on yourself, Brent Local will actually be able to help if you have trouble achieving your life goals.

Another thing to consider is that Brent has been in this business for 10 years; it does not mean that his program is flawless but it certainly shows his success.

Should You Rely on Brent Kocal?

I would say that it is subjective.

Brent is pretty reliable and doesn’t want to scam people. He is a confident individual who has his goals set. He designed the program to help people walk the path that led to his success.

However, I would not recommend Brent’s program if you are signing in only to get a kickstart on business training plans. The program has more of a work-life balance approach than a business approach.

So, yes, rely on Brent if you lag behind in planning your life goals and need motivation; otherwise, you can consider other alternatives specific to your lifestyle needs.

My Overall Thoughts on Brent Kocal

Brent Kocal is a genuine celebrity who has created this mind conditioning system after facing ups and downs in his own life. People who struggle to achieve their goals will benefit from Brent’s programs.

However, what I did not like about Brent is how no one can really tell how much the total cost is for his Ruthless Results program. There are also not many customer reviews available to those looking into Brent’s program.

However, some businesses have made as much as $40,000 and more by signing up for the Ruthless Results program.

In my opinion, it is not worth the $5,000, though. Brent Kocal has never revealed the price. Even if it’s about 5,000 dollars or more, I can’t help but suggest you buy a book at a more reasonable price to achieve a similar outcome as the one that Brent’s program would teach.