Tanner Chidester Coaching Program Review

If you have ever considered making money online, you may have come across some popular names in the game. One of those names is Tanner Chidester. Chidester has built his brand around his online business called Elite CEOs.

If you have seen testimonials of his students talking about how they made $10K to $50K in 30 days, you may be wondering if the program is real. You are probably asking yourself if you can also make that money if you join his program. 

Before you read any further, understand this: The Elite CEOs course is for existing business owners ONLY. If you don’t have a business yet, watch this video that shows you a simple way to set one up. It uses a little known Google Maps technique to get you setup within months.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Elite CEOs. But since you are here to learn about Elite CEOs, lets get back to our review of that. Read the subsequent paragraphs for more information.

First of all, who is Tanner Chidester?

Tanner discovered personal training and online marketing when he was studying at Texas A&M. He eventually dropped out of school to focus on his online business and personal fitness training. 

Tanner Chidester became a fitness coach and model and tried several methods to make more money online. Most of his methods did not work and he had to door to door sales and work at Olive Garden to make money. 

He later decided to combine everything he learned to create an online business. The program was called Fit Warrior LLC. His first turning point was when he achieved his first $10,000 week. That program brought the big break he needed and by the age of 27, his net worth rose to over a million dollars. 

Later, other fitness trainers were asking how he did it, and he created a coaching program to teach them how to start an online coaching career. This was the birth of Fitness CEOs. He decided to teach other people how to replicate the process in other niches. In 2019, he launched Elite CEOs. 

Tanner has been featured on Forbes, CNBC, and Business Insider. He also has a huge presence on social media. He currently has 96.1K followers on TikTok, 449K followers on Instagram, over 20K followers on Facebook, and over 12K followers on LinkedIn. 

What is Elite CEOs?

This is a step-by-step program designed to help you expand your business online using Tanner’s strategies. The program teaches you how to create more time while building your business so that you can have the freedom to enjoy the wealth you create. 

How Does Elite CEOs Work?

According to the Elite CEO team, they reject about 60% of people who want to sign up for the program since they are looking for people who will meet the financial requirements of the program. The program itself is inexpensive but you will need to invest in some software. 

To join the program, you need to schedule a call with one of the team members to see if you will be a good fit. 

The program works using the affiliate marketing model. You will learn how to do the following. 

  • Create funnels.
  • Create content for funnels.
  • Find and promote high-ticket offers.
  • Run Facebook ads.
  • Create automation for the entire process.

The program follows five training modules; 

  • Module #1:  Facebook Group Marketing
  • Module #2:  Organic Messaging 101
  • Module #3:  Messaging & Sales Calls
  • Module #4:  Intro To Facebook Ads 
  • Module #5:  Setting Up Your Funnel

You will also get access to a private Facebook group and live sessions where you get to ask questions. 

The Elite CEOs is designed to pique your interest to invest in the company’s more expensive coaching program. There are lots of upsells to the program but the most expensive one is the one-on-one coaching with Tanner himself. 

How Much Does the Elite CEO Cost?

The program costs $37 but you will need to set some money aside to pay for the software and tools you will use. Clickfunnels costs a minimum of $97 per month. The autoresponder also costs about $30 per month, and you will also need to invest in link-tracking software that costs almost $30 per month. You will also need to set aside at least $100 for Facebook ads. This will mean you need at least $270 per month after investing in the program. 

All these investments are like a drop in the ocean compared to Tanner’s one-on-one coaching call which costs $10,000. 

Refund Policy

There is no refund policy on the company’s website. So we will assume that there is no privacy policy. 

Should you Invest in Elite CEO?

In case you are wondering, the program is definitely legit. They give you every resource they promise to give. But are the resources good enough to help you make the kind of money they promise? 

Tanner has a lot of experience in the online coaching program and he will definitely share that with them in the program. But you will be missing some relevant resources since he will be reserving the juiciest resources for the one-on-one coaching program. 

But $37 for all the resources mentioned is a good deal. Some reviewers on Trustpilot were even happy to invest in the one-on-one coaching since they found a lot of value in it. However, some other users thought most of the information they got from the program is fluff. Another reviewer mentioned that the program is best for organic Facebook and Instagram messaging and not ads. 

Just like all programs, it may work for some people and not for others. However, if the positive reviews on reputable platforms like Trustpilot are more than the negative reviews, it’s a good thing. 

My advice is, you can invest in the Elite CEOs program and if you feel that you need the coaching program and can afford it, go for it. Good luck!

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