Flipping houses is one of the most rewarding way of making money in real estate and for a good reason. Unlike common investment strategies like buy-and-hold, flipping houses focuses on speed.

Finding houses to flip, and knowing when to buy and sell, is critical to succeeding in this market. That’s where the Vestorpro coaching program by Glenn and Amber comes in. It equips you with the tools, training resources, and systems you need to learn how to flip houses.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Vestorpro program. But since you are here to learn about Vestorpro, lets get back to our review of that:

The premise of an investment property is to minimize risk on your capital for a limited time. Once you buy and renovate property, you need to sell it as fast as possible to make a profit. And the profits made are a result of the rapid price appreciation of home prices. Read on to learn more about Vestorpro.

Who are Glenn and Amber Schworm? The Brains Behind the VestorPro Coaching Program

Glenn and Amber are the founders of the VestorPro Coaching program. Both were going through divorces when they met. After meeting, they decided to get married and venture into flipping homes to make money. 

The couple took out a loan of $80,000, consisting of a mortgage, credit and debit card debts. The money helped them secure a house which, after renovations, they sold it for a profit of $17000. It was the beginning of a significant turnaround in their lives. 

Besides the profit, the couple loves the experience they gained working on the house. Glenn has always had a knack for entrepreneurship, owning a security and alarm company at age 19. On the other hand, Amber is great at designing homes, and the duo has had tremendous success flipping homes. 

So far, they have renovated over 500 homes and flip nearly 70 properties in the Capital Region yearly. Today they own Signature Home Buyers, a large real estate business, and VestorPro, a coaching program to help others learn how to do it.

What is the VestorPro Coaching Program?

VestorPro is a coaching program that trains aspiring real estate investors to flip houses in one long video. Glenn and Amber have been in the industry for a long time and understand the ins and outs of running one. Having survived recessions and crashes, they know what it takes to start and operate a lasting real estate business.

A younger coach making up to a million flipping houses or putting up condos on Airbnb when the market was hot may claim to offer excellent investment advice. However, they might need to be better equipped to deal with a turbulent economy.

Glenn emphasizes the need to find someone who understands market cycles. The couple want to inspire up to 10 million people to achieve financial freedom. With over a decade in the industry, Glenn and Amber have trained over 10,000 students, and many have made more than $100,000 in just a year.

After going through the program, the couple will help you flip two houses, allowing you to qualify for the next level. At this level, you can hold properties and rent them out to generate a steady income stream.

What is the Cost of VestorPro Coaching Program?

Although Glenn and Amber promise to equip students with training, support, and resources to learn how to flip houses, they hardly disclose the program’s cost. On the contrary, subscribers must have a one-on-one conversation with the mentors to know the cost.

What are Other People Saying about the VestorPro Coaching Program? Customer Reviews

Since VestorPro is an online course, you must do your due diligence before signing up. One great way to do it is by checking the customer reviews. Sadly, I couldn’t find reviews on third-party sites except the success stories worth on the website .

Should You Subscribe to VestorPro Coaching Program? My Verdict

The real estate market can be murky; thus, finding mentors who can hold your hand while investing is incredibly fortunate. Glenn and Amber’s coaching program promises to help you do just that. They share their vast experience in the industry through the program, equipping you with the knowledge and training required to flip homes and make a profit. However, I would have loved to see a more detailed outline of what the coaching program entails. The brief description on the education webpage isn’t detailed enough. Also, the fact that the mentors don’t disclose the program’s cost upfront is alarming. Any investor wants to know the cost of investing in a program.

On top of that, the need for more customer reviews on third-party sites makes investing in the program questionable. Having operated the business for over a 10 years, we expect the program to attract many success stories. It would help to find out more about the program before putting in your money. Good luck on your investing journey!

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