Clickbank University Review 2021 -Adam Horwitz (NON Affiliate wrote this)

Is Clickbank University Legit? 

This Clickbank University 2021 Review will show you screenshots inside the members area. I recommend it if you are becoming a vendor for clickbank, but not if you are an affiliate. Read on to find out why.

Now, I need to be frank with you. I have been making money online for over 20 years, and I have major concerns with the Clickbank University business model.

My main concern is this: Since you only make money by selling someone else’s product, the product owners may not pay you. They may change their commission structure. They may remove their products from the market. I have PERSONALLY had all these things happen. Instead, learn a business model that puts you in total control. You keep all the profits and you own all the products. And it takes less time to setup than a Clickbank University business. It uses a loophole in the google maps system to get you autopilot monthly payments. Video Here.

My own teenage kids even make money with this business model!

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Clickbank University. But since you are here to learn about Clickbank University, lets get back to our review of that:

What is Clickbank  Unversity 2.0? It is an 8-Week program that will guide you to success with Clickbank as a vendor and as an affiliate

It is an updated version from the previous one, Clickbank University, and from my observation, there is a lot of improvement in terms of course content and delivery when compared with the previous version. 

There are two main separate training for two types of people in the course. The first main training is centered around teaching you how to create your own info products and sell them through Clickbank.  

While the second part of the training focuses on affiliate marketing lessons to make money promoting other people’s products from Clickbank.  

Clickbank University is different from other money-making courses out there because the course trademark comes from Clickbank themselves and the creators are two successful Clickbank affiliate marketers and vendors. 

So who are the two founders of Clickbank University 2.0? 

Who Are Justin Atlan & Adam Horwitz?

( A picture of Justin Atlan, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Adam Horwitz) 

Justin Atlan 

Justin Atlan is an online entrepreneur from California that has reached millionaire status through affiliate marketing and selling online as a vendor through Clickbank. 

With a degree in the field of economics from the University Of California, he started making money online at the age of 18 and continued building his following since then, mostly from Clickbank. 

A few years before he founded Clickbank University with Adam Horwitz, he became a partner of SJA Media Partners. This company provides private consulting services across most industries and platforms but his specialty is in marketing and monetization through online platforms. 

Adam Horwitz

Adam Horwitz is an online entrepreneur, Youtuber, and Instagrammer that has been making money online from the age of 18 just like Justin Atlan. A few years before Clickbank University was created, he was famous for his Mobile Monopoly course that teaches you how to make money with your phone through Instagram. 

In 2017, Horwitz launched Wolves Talent, a worldwide invite-only creative production agency. This company helps micro-influencers make content, grow their brand, and monetize them. 

He also has a Youtube channel where he documented his travel journey as a digital nomad with his partner. 

Clickbank University 2.0 Course Content

Clickbank University 2.0 is divided into 3 sections which are as follow: 

  • Make money creating your own information products as a Clickbank vendor. 
  • Make money promoting other people’s products as a Clickbank affiliate marketer. 
  • Traffic generation lessons on how to drive traffic as a vendor and affiliate.

Section 1: Vendor

In the first section, Justin Atlan teaches you how to make money on Clickbank as a vendor. The training teaches you how to create your own digital products based on your passion. It can either be cooking, fitness, making money online and more. 

In my opinion, this is one of the underrated ways to make money online because most people focus on promoting products whenever they hear about Clickbank. 

I do agree however that you need to become a good affiliate marketer first before trying to be a vendor on Clickbank. 

This is because it is highly unlikely that people will promote your products unless you are popular in that niche or you have connections with affiliate marketers that own a big email list in their niche. 

I will break down for you what is going to be taught in this section and whether it will be useful for you as a vendor or not. 

Week 1: How Everything Works and Setup For Success 

In the first week, Justin takes you through the overall goal of the 12 weeks of training in this section. Here, he talks about the advantages that you will have when operating as a vendor in Clickbank as well as some mindset strategies and habits that can help you on your journey to becoming a successful vendor. 

He also talks about a perfect product plan where he proposes 3 elements that will ensure your product is high in quality which are your experience, the profitability of the market, and your experience in it. 

The first week’s lesson ends with a video on goal setting as a Clickbank vendor. 

Week 2: Finding Your Perfect Product 

For the second week, he talks about finding the perfect product with a focus on the three elements before and combining them.

For the first element, which is passion, Justin walks you through some categories and topics in the Clickbank marketplace that might connect you with the passion that you already have. 

Once you have your passion, it is time to analyze the market of your niche. There’s a 25 minutes video that guides you on how to determine whether your niche is profitable or not, based on the concept of providing a solution to a problem and many more. 

Lastly, you will learn how to analyze other people’s successful products in Clickbank and what you can learn from them. 

Week 3: Creating Your Avatar 

Creating your Avatar in this context is creating your ideal customers that would fit with your product. Justin will guide you on how to find your Avatar’s desire and fear as well as your ideal customer demographic such as their age, countries, income and etc. 

Also, you will learn how to create a one-minute sales pitch for your customers and how to find the right name and domain name with GoDaddy. 

Week 4: Course Content Creation and Outsourcing 

This is where you will learn how to create your product which can either be an e-book, videos, or audio format. 

You will learn how to outline your content so that your customers will be satisfied with the information that they receive with the “Ultimate Outline” formula. 

There is also “Content Structure Blueprint” where Justin will teach you how to deliver your content to your customers effectively. 

Week 5: Your Perfect Upsell To Maximize Sales 

This week, you will learn how to make more money by creating upsells for your product. This is one way to provide more value to your customers while making money at the same time. 

Justin explains to you how you can multiply your profit by creating mini products to complement your main product. This is important as it will attract affiliates’ attention to promoting your products to make bigger commissions. 

The week ends with a lesson on how to write copy for the upsells and how to price them properly so that it will not annoy or surprise your future customers. 

Week 6: High Converting Sales Copy 

For this week, they invited someone that specialized in writing high converting sales copy to deliver you the lessons. The guy is Matt O’Connor and he will teach you everything about sales copy and video. 

He emphasizes that writing a good copy is crucial because even if you have a great product but if you cannot sell it online, then you will not make money. 

Week 7: The “Easy” VSL 

In the seventh week, Justin teaches you how to do an easy video sales letter for your Clickbank product. You probably have seen a lot of VSL before on most Clickbank products’ sales pages. 

The easy way for you to create a text sales video as explained by Justin is to use Powerpoint and Camtasia. But if you have the budget to invest in higher quality text sales video software, then you can easily found them on Google when you search for “ cheap video text maker” or related keywords. 

He also shows you how you can outsource everything from slide creation, voice-over, and more. 

Week 8: Finalizing Your Product via Clickbank Builder 

This week, he shares some lessons on finalizing your product via Clickbank Builder or any software that you prefer. Other than that, he teaches how you can get into your customer’s mind with Customer Experience Workflow. 

Also, he will discuss two important pages in the workflow which are the sales page and the product page. 

Week 9: Getting Up On Clickbank 

This week, Justin guides you on your Clickbank vendor account creation and setting up your website as well as other items to integrate them with Clickbank. 

You will be guided step by step on how to place your product on the Clickbank marketplace and make a test purchase just to make sure that everything is fine and ready to go. 

Week 10: JV Managing 

This week, you will learn everything about getting affiliates and JV’s to promote your product. He explains the process of getting them to do all the promoting and selling work for you so that you can lay back and watch the sales coming in. 

But it is not that easy, you will learn how to use Clickbank Builder to create affiliate tools. Affiliate tools are some marketing resources that affiliates can use to make their work easier when promoting your product. 

Week 11: Split Testing 

In week 11, you will learn how to split test your sales page, ads, funnel and different copy styles to increase your sales conversion. 

It is important to note that you need to wait for some sales to come in so that you have enough data to compare which one works better. 

Week 12: How To Scale 

Once you get some sales coming, then it is time to scale the business. Justin talks about increasing your traffic to drive more sales. 

Also, he talks about how you can utilize an email marketing funnel to promote related products to your existing customer list. 

Section 2: Affiliates 

Week 1: Affiliate Marketing On CB

For the first week, Adam Horwitz, the teacher for this section gives you a brief explanation of the affiliate profit plan, some things that you can do to set up yourself for success in affiliate marketing as well as the mindset that you need to achieve results. 

Week 2: Understanding Affiliate Marketing 

This week, Adam shares with you some basic stuff about affiliate marketing if you are a beginner or someone with zero experience in this field. 

If you are familiar with affiliate marketing and the Clickbank affiliate marketplace, then you should skip this week’s lessons or just go through the lessons while drinking some coffee. 

Week 3: Finding Your Passion 

Adam explains in the 3rd week why promoting products that you are passionate about will keep you in the business in the long run. He also talks about the importance of sub-niches when you try to pursue competitive niches such as Wealth and Health and Fitness. 

Week 4: The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel 

This week,  Adam emphasize the importance of sending all of your traffic to landing pages and collect the email leads for a long-lasting business.  

Also, Adam teaches you how to build a simple squeeze page for your funnel and offering something valuable for free to your visitors in exchange for their email addresses. 

Week 5: Free, Free, Free – Always Over Deliver 

This section is all about giving a lot of value to your audience. Adam shows you how to build a long-lasting relationship with your email list and some ways to create special content for them. 

You will also learn how to outsource the content that you are going to provide to your list easily. 

Week 6: Writing The Perfect Swipe 

This week is all about the tips and techniques that you can apply while writing your email swipes so that your audience will open them and click the links in the emails. 

It is important to avoid clickbaity titles as this will eventually lead your emails to end up in the spam box. 

Week 7: The Email Blueprint 

Adam will walk you through how to send broadcast email to your email list, he recommends Aweber as an email marketing platform for your business but you are free to choose any email marketing software that you prefer. 

He also shares with you how to automate your emails to your subscriber list. This is the basic setup of email automation that you might already know if you are familiar with email marketing and list building. 

Week 8: Scaling and Expanding 

In this part, he only talks about how to scale and expand your affiliate marketing business which is through getting more traffic. 

That basically it in this week, he will then ask you to move toward the traffic generation section. 

Section 3: Traffic

Youtube Traffic 

For Youtube traffic, they only talk about the paid way to drive traffic to your squeeze page. The teacher for Youtube traffic is Will Flynn and he will guide you toward setting up your first Youtube ads. 

Facebook Traffic 

For Facebook traffic, they teach you how to create your Facebook Ads account, creating ads for affiliate marketing purposes, and much more practical stuff that you need to know on creating high converting ads with Facebook. 

The lessons are taught by Robby Blanchard, Clickbank top affiliate that specializes in Facebook marketing. I applaud them for picking a good teacher for Facebook traffic. 

This traffic is about paid traffic on Google and Bing Ads. Fred Lam is the teacher for this traffic, he is a well-known online entrepreneur in eCommerce and affiliate marketing. 

From an introduction on how Google and Bing platforms work, to advanced Google ads setup, you will learn everything that you need to know to drive paid traffic with Google and Bing through Fred Lam. 

Instagram Traffic 

This traffic lesson is about paid shout-outs through Instagram. Adam Horwitz is the teacher for this traffic as he has some experience in affiliate marketing using Instagram. 

The strategy that he proposes is to buy shout-outs from Instagram influencers and drive traffics to your squeeze page. From that, you do the product selling through email marketing. 


  • High-quality videos and easy to understand 
  • Great lessons on how to become a vendor in Clickbank because you can rarely find a course out there on how to be a vendor. 
  • Cheap price of $47 per month for all of the lessons inside the Clickbank University, beneficial if you are a fast learner. 
  • Clickbank website builder is helpful if you want to easily create and customize your affiliate site and landing page 


  • All of the training can be completed in under a day 
  • You need to submit a ticket and fill the form in order to skip the lessons to the next week or you just need to wait for one week in order to unlock the next lesson. 
  • Clickbank Builder is expensive which is $297 and you can get another website builder out there for a far cheaper price. 
  • Lack of training lessons in Affiliate section and Traffic section 

Final Verdict 

In my opinion, Clickbank University 2.0 is quite average considering it has a partnership with Clickbank itself, I would expect it to be more thorough in the training especially in the affiliate section and traffic section. 

The pricing is fine at $47 per month but there is no point of subscribing to the monthly membership once all of the training is completed, which can be done in under a day. 

I would not recommend it for people that are trying to make money as an affiliate marketer in Clickbank but if you are planning to become a vendor in Clickbank, then you can give this course a shot.