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Looking for a way to start an Airbnb business? Danielle Liana says she is the answer. According to her, the most difficult part of building her Airbnb hosting business was getting started. After successfully making it a sustainable income stream, Danielle is ready to help others get there too. 

The now super host has created a series of courses to share every essential knowledge you need in the field so you don’t have to go round in circles to get there. But does her school offer you what you are looking for as a newbie or even someone already in the hosting business? Let’s delve deeper into the details of this school to find out.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Danielle Liana’s strategy. But since you are here to learn about Danielle Liana, lets get back to that:

What is Daniele Liana Online School?

This is a series of rental courses that take you from any level to opening and scaling a short term rental business. The school currently has a total of three courses that provide comprehensive guidance on how to become an AirBnB super host. 

Who is Danielle Liana?

Danielle has worked as a Senior Human Resource Generalist and an Accounts Payable Operations Manager for a global company for seven years. In 2018, she saw the chance to use her spare bedroom as an AirBnB and she took that chance. By February 2022, she was already co-hosting her third property.

In the same year, she registered her business; Danielle Liana, LLC, and hired her first employee since she was getting more business than she could handle. Following her success, she decided to start her online school; Short Term Rental Success With Danielle Liana in January 2023. 

Danielle describes herself as an inspiring person who won’t stop at anything to help you get to the level of success you desire. She shared the story of how she conquered the Sister South, a hiking route with an elevation of 4,986 feet on her first attempt as a newbie hiker. 

Her friend who went with her had injuries so she couldn’t complete the hike that day but years later, they went back to Sister South and she motivated her friend until they reached the summit. She does the same with her clients, she gently pushes them out of their comfort zone until they achieve their goals. 

How Does Danielle Liana’s Program Work? 

As mentioned earlier, Danielle has three courses. The first one is an introductory course on how to start your short rental. The topics include goal establishment, finding available space, marketing strategy, pricing, design, customer service, managing reviews, and cleaning of the property. 

When you sign up, you will have access to a 19-page workbook and a three-month planner to make your studies seamless. Danielle will also share the spreadsheets she has used for her AirBnB business, cleaning checkout templates, and a rate calculator. 

The second course which focuses on mastering customer service in your rental business covers topics like conflict resolution, effective communication and listening skills, creating boundaries, and understanding your ideal customer. 

The last course delves deep into short term rental marketing strategies. The more residents you have staying over, the more money you make hence Danielle considers this an important part of the training process. 

The course teaches you how to create a brand identity, identify your target audience, and marketing strategies like social media marketing. The course comes with a Marketing Plan Worksheet, Color Psychology Worksheet, Marketing Terminology Worksheet, Guest Persona Worksheet, and a Rental SWOT Analysis Worksheet.

Danielle is also planning to launch a couple of new courses that focus on short term rental business structures, writing job descriptions, and hiring the best cleaners for your team. 

What is the Cost of Danielle’s Courses?

Danielle has a package to suit every budget. You can opt for the individual courses thus if you are not ready to purchase all at once, you can purchase one at a time. The first one; Start From Where You Are: How To Open Your Short Term Rental costs $19.99. Mastering Customer Service in Your Short-Term Rental Business and Short-Term Rental Marketing Strategies: Maximizing Occupancy and Revenue costs $29.99 each. 

There is a plan called the Fundamental Package, which gives you access to all courses and materials that Danielle has released and even the ones that will be released in the future. This plan costs $99.99. There is an upgraded option of the Fundamental package and it costs $250. You get access to everything in the Fundamental Package and a weekly 30-minute Q&A session. 

Danielle also offers a personal mentorship service that includes access to all of Danielle’s courses, mentorship sessions, and weekly check-ins. This package costs $1100. There are also consultation services for people who want to get clarity or guidance on a few issues and this costs $100 per hour. 

Refund Policy

Danielle hasn’t mentioned a refund policy on her website but some of the courses may have a refund guarantee. Since she allows a free consultation for the personal mentorship package. If you want to sign up for this package, you can use the free consultation to ask about refunds. 

Should You Invest in Danielle Liana’s Courses?

Danielle’s course outline seems to cover a lot of relevant topics in the short term rental space. Although there are lots of reviews on her website, there are not a lot of reviews on independent review websites but we are not surprised since the program was launched this year. The only review we found was on Google and it was positive. The reviewer mentioned that the resources were comprehensive and Danielle responded promptly to their questions and gave a response that cleared every doubt.

They also mentioned that the course prepared them for the launch of the Airbnb hosting which is exactly what they were looking for. 

Since Danielle’s school actually delivers the resources it promises and the pricing is moderate, it is definitely worth the shot. If you are still skeptical about it, start with an individual course and see how it goes. Danielle has previews for the courses so you can take a look at them before making a decision.

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