Avery Carl Review

Short term rental investment can be very lucrative when you know what you are doing. You should know the kind of properties to invest in and even how to find them easily. 

Avery Carl says she can steer you in the right direction. She says her program can help you create generational wealth by developing a rental cash flow machine. 

This sounds great but we have seen other nice claims like this that turned out to be a total scam. This is why we are going to dig deeper and see if there is any truth in these ambitious claims. Read the subsequent paragraphs to know what we have to say about this program after an intensive research.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Avery Carl’s strategy. But since you are here to learn about Avery Carl, lets get back to that:

What is Avery Carl’s Program?

This program is called the Vacation Market Masterclass and it provides a step-by-step guide to a successful short term rental investment. 

Her program allows you to quickly enjoy the advantages of short term rental investment including building your portfolio faster and managing your properties even if you don’t live close to them. According to her, anyone can join her program and succeed. You don’t need to be an experienced investor. 

Who is Avery Carl?

Avery Carl has a degree in Communications from the University of Texas but she barely worked in that field. After school, she went on tour with a punk rock band and slowly started a career in the music industry. She moved to Los Angeles and became a marketing manager. She worked for several companies including EMI Music, Atlantic Records, Capitol, and SXSW. 

In 2013, Avery moved to New York and worked as a Set Costumer for Jennifer Beck Designs. She met her husband while in New York. After marriage, they moved to Nashville, Tennessee and she got her master’s degree in business administration there. 

She and her husband, Luke Carl ventured into real estate; they first invested in a single-family property. In the same year, they invested in their first short term rental property. Two years later, they started their short term rental business called The Short Term Shop. The business has brokered over $1 billion in sales. 

Over the years, Avery has been featured in publications such as Newsweek’s Top 500 and Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 Realtors. She also has a podcast called Short Term Show and is the author of Short Term Rental, Long Term Goal. Avery has invested in over 100 properties. 

Her husband, Luke Carl is the co-founder of the Short Term Rental Shop and he plays a pivotal role in its management. Luke is an instructor for the Vacation Market Masterclass and the creator of another popular program for the company. The program is called the Enemy method. He lives an active lifestyle as a cyclist and a marathon runner. 

How Does the Short Term Shop Masterclass Work?

According to Avery, the goal of the program is to make it easy to run your short term rental business and for you to make more money than you have imagined. The first process in the Vacation Market Masterclass is consultation. Avery will meet with you and share information about the markets she works in. She will help you to choose a market you might want to start with. You will have a rough idea of how much you will be making depending on the options available. 

Avery will next introduce you to the agent in the market you have chosen. The agent will gather information about properties in the market and also take you through the process of purchasing these properties. The process will include the standard inspection and appraisal. 

Luke comes in next to teach you how to manage the property you have chosen. He will guide you on how to list properties, take good photos of the property, and automate processes as much as possible. He will also guide you to hire the best support staff such as cleaners, and handymen. You can manage the properties from anywhere in the country. 

Now that you have gone through the entire process successfully, Avery and Luke will provide ongoing support through a private Facebook group. When you run into problems while trying to repeat the process, they will be there to answer your questions. You can also network with other people in the group and build valuable connections. 

The Masterclass runs for 5 weeks and training is done once a week via Zoom. However, the class is not on-demand. You will need to check the Short Term Shop Masterclass website to see the next upcoming class. Sessions are usually recorded and you can access them in your account. 

What is the Cost of the Masterclass?

The program costs a one-time fee of $469. The book, Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth costs $9.99 for the Kindle on Amazon. The paperback costs $16.59 and the spiral-bound option costs $35.67. 

Refund Policy

There is no mention of a refund policy on the company’s website. 

Should You Invest In Avery Carl’s Program?

We found a few people on Bigger Pockets recommending Avery Carl’s program but we found even more recommendations for Avery’s book called Short Term Rental, Long Term Wealth. According to a reviewer on Bigger Pocket, the content for the Masterclass comes from the book. Since we couldn’t find reviews for the masterclass, so we turned to the book to know what others have to say.   

A reviewer on Amazon called the book The Bible for short term rental. He said it is an excellent how-to book for short term real estate investment.  Another reviewer said the book provided a streamlined process for short term real estate investment. The steps are practical and they have been broken down into manageable sections. Another reviewer said this book gave him more confidence to continue his investment journey. He said the book will be his reference guide for a long time. 

If you are looking for the most affordable way to get the information Avery and Luke have to share, the book is a great option. However, if you want to get the chance to ask questions and if you are not much of a reader, the Masterclass will be a better option. 

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