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Webinars have been one of the most effective ways of generating high-quality leads. However only a few companies manage to convert those leads into sales albeit the investment made into hosting webinars.

There are many reasons for this unfortunate outcome. It could be you used a copy-cut presentation which your target audience has had many times. You probably entice them with goodies and make presentations that include veiled sales pitches. 

Also, you could be generating a high number of registrations with only a few people attending the webinar, staying for the content, or buying the actual product or service. This leaves many marketers at wits end wondering how they can leverage webinars or other video content formats for conversion. 

Vince Reed seems to have figured it all out for you using his wealth of experience as a network marketer. Using his Eboov.com software he shows you how to leverage in-video conversion technology to generate leads and increase conversion.

However, before you keep reading about Eboov.com, I need to say that I don’t recommend starting your business using marketing software. My issue with this business model is it sets you up to CONTINUALLY be searching for new clients. I prefer a much more autopilot business model. A business I can setup that runs without me needing to keep hustling for new clients.

Here’s the course I recommend instead. My own teenage kids are using this course to setup autopilot businesses online that require very little ongoing work. There’s a Free Video On This Business Model Here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this:

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Eboov.com. But since you are here to learn about Eboov.com, lets get back to our review of that:

Who is Vince Reed? The Brains Behind Eboov.com

Vince Reed is the founder of Eboov.com. He has been a network marketer, having worked in the digital marketing space for over 10 years. Vince is also the founder of Set Up My Ads, a done-for-you advertising agency and the author of Internet Traffic and Leads.

His experience in the digital marketing space has helped him identify mistakes marketers or businesses make when marketing their products via platforms like webinars. According to Vince too many companies leverage copy-cut methods yet expect high conversion rates which isn’t always the case. Keep in mind; the copy-cut methods aren’t available for free, you pay at least 80% tax for each click sent to the registration page.

With little or no conversion, the company makes losses. Say you have 100 visitors on your page and only 20% provide their email address, 35% watch the webinar, and less than 3% purchase the product or service. This means you need 250 or more visitors to make a sale.

Vince also notes that many marketers find it challenging to identify the actual problem in their 3-step sales funnel. Could it be the video content, registration page headline, or the offer price. After noting all such challenges, Vince developed software called Eboov to help marketers generate more leads and realize higher conversion rates.

What is Eboov.com? 

Eboov is an acronym for Entrepreneur Business Owner Online Video. It’s an online tool that helps marketers capture leads and sell products or services via webinars or In-video Conversions using these four simple steps:

  1. Upload your webinar to Eboov.com
  2. Creating an in-video conversion lead campaign and integrating an autoresponder to the system. At this point you also want to customize the opt-in form and choose the time to display the lead form in the video.
  3. Create an in-video sales campaign displaying the product or service, its price, and integrate the payment method, be sure to click on the sales form at the end of the video
  4. Copy and paste the embed code on the page you want to launch the in-video conversion campaign

Why Use Eboov.com 

Eboov provides a great way of simplifying and speeding up conversions. It also has handy features that enhance the user’s experience. Here are more reasons marketers should consider integrating Eboov to their video marketing campaigns:

Great Viewing Experience

Eboov software provides an astounding video experience to your audience for ease of watching. With the tool you don’t have to ask your audience to download another application to view the video. They only need to click a link to access the content.

Customize a Registration Page

With Eboov you can integrate a registration page into a webinar to ensure more people watch the video while attracting high-quality leads. It also replaces the need for an opt-in page because clients can insert video content instantly and choose when to pop the lead form.

Handy Broadcasting Features

Eboov leverages powerful broadcasting tools that make it easy for the marketer to launch a live video without fear of intellectual property theft. The software comes with high-quality copyright protection so clients are confident that their property is safe.

Email Automation

Once your clients respond to the video, the software integrates your email with your email list to send reminders to subscribers about upcoming webinars. As such, your clients are never left wondering about the next steps they should take.

Monitor Your Metrics

Eboov has a built-in analytics feature that helps you determine the number of views, watch time, and peak view times. Such data is critical to understanding audience behavior which helps optimize future webinars, your target audience’s experience, and convert future viewers into customers.

What is the Cost of Eboov?

To get started you need to pay $300 per month for the standard Eboov license. This plan provides all the essential features you need to operate a webinar successfully and 1TB of bandwidth.

Eboov Reviews- What Do Others Think About Eboov.com?

You’re probably wondering if Eboov is worth the investment and browsing customer reviews can help you make an informed decision. I’ve done the legwork for you and found the following customer reviews:

Have Grown My List of Leads

The client loves that the form pop-up appears after the training video. He also notes that his list of leads has grown after signing up for the software.

No Refund

This client is rather distraught because he couldn’t get a refund after spending close to $3700 on the platform and getting only half as many conversions.

Should I Invest in Eboov? My Verdict

Any marketer will agree that lead generation and conversion are the greatest challenges in digital marketing. While webinars have been the best way of generating high-quality leads, they don’t always translate into sales. Finding a tool that eases this process while saving on marketing costs can be relieving for many marketers. Eboov does just that.

The software helps you customize the registration page into the video to generate more high-quality leads. And with its email automation feature you can remind registrants about upcoming videos leading to higher conversion rates.

Eboov is certainly resourceful but the licensing fee can be somewhat prohibitive for beginners. Also, the few customer reviews aren’t convincing enough to invest in the software. I’d have loved to see more reviews from people who have used the software and realized results. 

My Verdict: It would help to research about the software extensively before investing. Find out their refund policy, if they provide after-sale support after payment, and if all its features work as claimed.

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