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Kindle Direct Publishing has simplified publishing and selling books on Amazon. The program allows authors to self-publish books on the platform and sell them. As such, you don’t need to wait months or years to find an agent, seal a book deal, and publish the book. 

However, navigating the self-publishing route isn’t easy for most first-time authors. You will likely encounter a lot of red tape that can make the process challenging. That’s why finding an expert to hold your hand when creating and publishing a book on Amazon is necessary. Karla’s Fiction Profits Academy does just that.

But before I get into my review of Fiction Profits Academy, I need to be up front with you: I have personal experience selling on Amazon, and I don’t recommend it to beginners.

Why? If you are new to making money online, you really need a more beginner friendly business model. It takes serious marketing chops to succeed on Amazon, and it is much more difficult than it once was. You you need a business model that pays you on autopilot without having to continually hustle to find new products to promote, deal with sales tax, refunds, shipping, etc. Check out this video that shows you how to setup an autopilot business using google maps.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than the Fiction Profits Academy. But since you are here to learn about Fiction Profits, lets get back to our review of that:

The ten-module course trains people how to create and sell their ebooks on Amazon, earning thousands of dollars within months. 

But is the Fiction Profits Academy program the real deal? Here’s a detailed review of the program to help you make a more informed decision.

Who are Karla Marie and Roy Lewis—the Founders of the Fiction Profits Academy Program

Karla Marie is the brains behind Fiction Profits Academy. She started the program in 2015 to help people self-publish books on Amazon and sell them. Karla had published over 60 novels on Amazon and earned six figures before starting the company. 

Roy Lewis, the co-founder, joined Karla in 2016 after taking the course and earning $ 2.3 million from publishing fiction novels. Roy has published over 200 books, and 50 of them are best-sellers.

Karla and Roy have since coached thousands of people, helping them publish eBooks and make money.

What is Fiction Profits Academy?

Fiction Profits Academy is an online program that helps authors self-publish, market, and sell books and ebooks on Amazon. Once you visit Fiction Profits Academy, you must sign up with your email address and name to get a free webinar. 

In the webinar, Karla goes into much detail, explaining how the course helps you earn income. She also provides many testimonials of women who have made significant income after subscribing to the course. 

However, Karla quickly clarifies that it isn’t a get-rich-quick game but a tool to help you navigate the challenging self-publishing waters. The Fiction Profits Academy program is a 10-module course that costs $1995 and $1497 if you get a discount. 

However, you can pay the amount in installments of $999 in three months. The modules can be categorized into four parts:

Module 1: The Foundation

Here Karla helps you select an appropriate and profitable niche for an ebook. You also learn how to create a solid portfolio to attract more readers and realize more profits.

Module 2: The Epic Launch

In this section, you learn how to maximize book sales and get positive reviews a few days after launching the book. Karla also explains how to design beautiful book covers and descriptions to draw potential buyers.

Module 3: Marketing

Next, you learn how to market the book to increase sales. You are trained to do email marketing and leverage social media platforms to market the product.

Module 4: How to Maintain Profits

Lastly, students learn how to maintain their book sales. You’re trained to reverse engineer bestsellers, leverage Amazon’s Marketing Services, offer giveaways, and perform contests to boost sales.

Does Fiction Profits Academy have a Refund Policy?

The company has a 24-hour money-back guarantee. However, if you don’t get a refund within that period, the company claims to send a refund within six months if:

  • You watch all the videos in the first eight modules
  • Attend the one-on-one coaching call
  • Launch an eBook on Amazon according to the program’s guidelines
  • Produce and publish a lead magnet and an eBook according to FPA standards

Fiction Profits Academy Reviews: What are Users Saying About the Program?

Although Karla states that the program has made over $15 million student earnings, verifying the claims is difficult as there isn’t much evidence to back them up. This prompted me to check out reviews of people who have used the program and earned money:

Published 4 books on Amazon:

Vickie has had much success with the program, publishing up to four books within 72 days. She appreciates the coaches’ unending support and nudges prospective authors to sign up for the course. 

Incredible Support from the Coaches:

Rose notes that the coaches are incredibly supportive and willing to do a lot of handholding to help you succeed in the business.

No Refund:

Fiction Profit Academy promises to refund the customer’s money within 24 hours, but Junge hasn’t received his money. What’s more, he hasn’t received any response from the team.

Conditional Refund:

Gail spent a fortune on the course and followed their refund policy guidelines (including publishing 15 ebooks) with little result. In their defense, they cited many reasons (unreasonable) they couldn’t issue a refund.

Should You Buy a Fiction Profits Academy Course? My Verdict

Fiction Profits Academy offers a great program for authors navigating the daunting self-publishing process on Amazon. However, we’d have loved to see more third-party reviews showing figures of people who have earned through the program. Also, there’s a lot of speculation about the refund policy. The company requires you to meet specific requirements before getting a refund which can be prohibitive to prospective clients. Being a two-thousand-dollar investment, you want to get value for your money and claim a refund easily if not pleased with the services.

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