Ghostwriter School Review

Ghostwriting is one lucrative job you can take on as a full-time job or on a part-time basis. You can work from any place, set your working schedule, create different income streams, and make a six-figure income.

On average, ghostwriters make $63,000-$300,000 annually, matching up high-end careers like dentistry, CFOs, and CEOs, to mention a few. Novice ghostwriters may make a little less, i.e., $21,000 a year, but you don’t have to remain there. 

You can make just as much as expert ghostwriters with the right tools and professional guidance. Nick’s Ghostwriter School can help you do just that. He shares templates you can use to learn how to write great content.

However, before you keep reading about Ghostwriter School, I need to say that I don’t recommend starting your business using this model. Why? Because clients come and go, and you will have to be on a continual hustle to find more clients. This video teaches a business model using google maps where you setup your OWN websites and rent them out to clients instead. If a client decides to leave, you can simply find another client and point the leads to them instead. I highly recommend this business model instead of Dani Paige’s course.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Ghostwriter School. But since you are here to learn about Ghostwriter School, lets get back to that:

Who is Nick Pavlidis? The Brains Behind Ghostwriter School

Nick Pavlidis is the founder of Ghostwriter School. A lawyer by profession, Nick took to ghostwriting to motivate growth-minded thought leaders to write books, articles and other types of content while developing great relationships with their audiences.

His primary objective is to enable clients to develop authority in their respective fields using content. Although his career was rewarding, he never felt fulfilled. At one point, it nearly ended his marriage. These two factors caused Nick to quit his 13-year legal profession, embark on ghostwriting, and never look back. 

So far, he has written many non-fiction books that have appeared on national bestseller lists of the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon. Nick is also the founder of Authority Ghostwriting.

Today he helps writers establish ghostwriting businesses through his experiences over the years. He credits his unique writing skills to his legal career, which required him to use facts, stories, and other factors to create content that would favor his clients. 

What is Ghostwriter School?

Ghostwriter School is a school for people aspiring to become ghostwriters. You learn how to write great content and bag clients. The training has three main sections:

Meeting the Client’s Expectations

Nick teaches you how to adjust your writing style to match the client’s voice. The client’s voice is critical to building lasting relationships with their audience. Nick recommends asking about the client’s expectations from the get-go to avoid hiccups. You must also inform them about their role in editing content to enhance accuracy and give it a personal touch.

Learning How to Charge Clients

If you are skeptical about your experience or skills, Nick equips you with social media posts and email templates to determine how to do it. At the same time, he advises students to be honest with potential clients. 

You don’t have to charge high rates when starting; instead, inform the client that you’re new in the trade and are willing to set a lower fee for your work. Even so, you must be committed to delivering high-quality work. When you have improved your writing skills, you can charge more. 

Handling Multiple Projects

In addition to ghostwriting, you learn how to handle different projects, from crafting fresh content to repurposing existing content. You continually improve your writing skills as you get exposed to new projects. 

At the end of the course, you’re confident about handling ghostwriting projects in various niches and industries, allowing you to charge higher rates.

What is the Cost of Joining Ghostwriter School?

The cost of joining Ghostwriter School is $1245, but you can make payments in six installments of $249. In addition to joining the school, you receive an eBook providing a brief overview of how to become a ghostwriter.

If you don’t like the program, you can request a refund within 30 days.

Ghostwriter School Customer Reviews

You may want to know what other customers think about the school. I searched for customer reviews about the Ghostwriter School on third-party websites like Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot and couldn’t find a single review. This is pretty alarming, given that you’re spending over a thousand dollars to get trained.

Should You Join Ghostwriters School? My Verdict

Without a doubt, ghostwriting is one job that gives you freedom and money. Typical 9-5 jobs don’t guarantee these benefits; you work long hours without much pay. Ghostwriting School helps you understand what ghostwriting entails and how to do it. You also learn how to find clients and charge them for ghostwriting services. Nick is keen to help students get as much exposure as possible to grow their income streams. Although the school is helpful to aspiring ghostwriters, I find it overpriced. I would have loved to see more training tools or materials to help writers write high-quality content. Also, in the light of AI, the demand for ghostwriting services is diminishing. This means few people are likely to learn about ghostwriting. I love that there’s a refund policy, but there aren’t customer reviews on third-party sites, which is a red flag. I’d recommend researching more about the school before investing your hard-earned money.

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