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Property investing sounds like a career that can make you tons of money. But you can only be wealthy as a property investor if you are using the right strategies. This is why property investors don’t just jump into the business. 

They learn until they are sure they know enough to start a career. Even with that, some people do not succeed. This is where InvestMentor comes in. The company helps property investors to attain success without the usual hurdles that come with the job.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than InvestMentor. But since you are here to learn about InvestMentor, lets get back to our review of that:

But are their claims legitimate? This article will answer this and many other questions that a property investor might be interested in. 

Who is the Creator behind InvestMentor?

The company was founded by Bruce Guan; a man who came from very humble beginnings. He came to Australia with his parents as a refugee at an early age. Initially, he wasn’t ambitious and didn’t take his education seriously and ended up not going to the university. 

By the age of 28, he realized how mediocre his life was. He had no properties, no savings, and a job he wasn’t proud of. He decided to create a fulfilling life for himself. He started reading about successful people and modeling them. 

Today, his hard work paid off and he managed to build a multi-million dollar property portfolio. He decided to help more people attain that same success and that is how he founded InvestMentor. 

What is InvestMentor?

This is a mentoring program that is designed to help property investors attain success quickly. People who sign up won’t have to go through the trial and error that most property investors go through. You will learn from people who have experienced all the difficulties and hurdles that come with property investment. They will tell you how to avoid these hurdles or how to deal with them if they are unavoidable. The company is based in Sydney, Australia. 

How Does InvestMentor Work?

When you join the program, you will get access to a mentor that will help you to understand your goals and how to achieve them quickly. These mentors do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with mentees. Their mentoring is tailored to your goals. The good thing is that these mentors own multi-property portfolios which gives them all the experience they need to be the best mentors. 

You will also get access to comprehensive research that tells you the precise location to buy properties. The company also runs weekly workshops and you will get access to the research from these workshops. All this research is valued at $50,000 per year. 

An important part of creating financial wealth is to have good control over your finance. InvestMentor has made provision for that by providing a complete financial plan to anyone who signs up. The plan includes a property funding strategy, tax reduction strategy, savings plan, cashflow optimization, access to finance experts, and finance tools and software. 

You will also get access to off-market properties. Instead of going through agents to find properties, you will get access to properties that don’t require agent fees. It is part of InvestMentor’s plan to remove all middlemen from the property investment process. This way, you get rid of all the costs that come with these middlemen. 

Once you join the program, you will get lifetime access to all the resources and support that the company offers. You will also be allowed lifetime access to the company’s investor community. 

How Much Does the Program Cost?

There is a one-time payment of $4997 but if you cannot afford that, there is a payment plan. You will have the option of paying $997 per month for 6 months. The company also offers a lifetime access guarantee so you don’t need to worry about losing access to any resource the company gives you. 

Refund Policy

Once you sign up, you will be required to complete the strategy session with your property mentor. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund and you will receive a full refund. 

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Should You Invest in InvestMentor?

It is worth considering if you are looking for guidance to help invest in properties. It will, however,  be prudent to decide after attending the webinar. The webinar is free after all and you will know if you are interested in learning more after attending it. 

The reviews from are generally positive with most people saying the mentorship gave them the guidance they needed to be successful. There were some negative reviews on but most of them were from people who did not get past the webinar session. 

Most of these reviewers couldn’t trust the company since they claimed that their webinars were live but they turned out to be recorded sessions. The negative reviews talked about deceptive marketing but made no comment on not getting results. Some of them still liked the information they got from the webinar. 

The bottom line is to attend the webinar and ask questions if you have any doubts before you consider investing. Good luck! 

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