Kingdom Wealth Builders Review

Many believers desire to achieve financial freedom. They want to meet their needs, work on their God-given visions while making an impact in their communities. However, many of us live in a vicious hand-to-mouth cycle that never seems to end. 

Jim Baker, a pastor at the Zion Christian Fellowship, introduces a course called the Kingdom Wealth Builders to help you achieve financial freedom. He came up with the idea after God gave him an assignment to help believers create provision for their vision in 10 years. 

After witnessing many breakthroughs, Jim decided to develop the course to help other Christians become wealthy. Here’s more about the course:

But before we get into our opinion on this course, keep in mind that the Kingdom Wealth Builders most likely wont teach you how to setup an online business. It will probably get you motivated and give you a lot of training in sales, which is valuable. But if you want the real nuts and bolts for how to setup an online business check out the video on this page. It teaches a unique method (step by step) of setting up an autopilot online business with Google Maps.

Here’s a video that shows how my daughter used it to setup a successful online business:

Click here to get the course my daughter used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than the Kingdom Wealth Builders program. But since you are here to learn about Kingdom Wealth Builders, lets get back to our review of that:

Who is Jim Baker?

Jim Baker is a pastor, husband, and the brains behind the Kingdom Wealth Builders. His story dates back in 2008 when he began leading a church in Powell, Ohio. It was during his leadership that he saw many breakthroughs in healing- the blind would see, deaf ears would open, the crippled walked, and the dead rose to life.

Three years later, God led him to teach the church about finances, a topic that’s forever riddled with controversy. In an 18-part series he taught on finances, the kingdom way, bringing many people to financial breakthrough.

As a result, 25% of his congregants got out of debt in just a year including paying off mortgages on homes. Jim explains God’s desire to prosper His people as their soul prospers means prosperity comes from within. God wants believers to carry the weight of the blessing without getting crushed.

His church has continued witnessing outrageous miracles with some believers getting jobs, witty ideas, real estate deals, raises, and bonuses. Jim is also the author of  How Heaven Invades Your Finances, a book that provides a kingdom perspective about prosperity, finances, and the purpose of money.

What is the Kingdom Wealth Builders Course?

Kingdom Wealth Builders is a course that teaches believers how to partner with God to achieve financial freedom. By the end of the course you’ll know how to invest for multiplication and increase in cash flow, as well as break off from self-sabotaging beliefs around finances.

The course is divided into three levels, each designed to help you create provision for your vision:

Level 1: Partnering with God

In this level, Jim shows you how to align your finances with God, attract wealth instead of pursuing it, break off from the greatest roadblock that keeps believers from prospering, and discover the joy of giving.

Level 2: Increase Your Cash flow

In this level, Jim shows you how to increase your cash flow by 10% without depriving yourself in just 90 days. You also learn how to:

  • Come out of debt faster
  • Identify and deal with the root causes of debt
  • Develop an investor’s mentality
  • Plan for your incomes and expenses without depriving yourself 
  • Operate personal finances like kingdom business by automating and organization

Level 3: Invest to Multiply

Here, you learn how to convert personal finances into cash flow and reduce up to 30 years from your retirement plan. Jim begins by helping you understand how to build wealth in the Kingdom so you’re no longer dependent on others for investments.

Then, you learn how to keep the wealth gained, manage risks, and work less while making money. Lastly, you learn how to reverse engineer the plan into practical steps so money starts working for you.

The course comes with a lifetime access to Jim’s masterclass- Wealth With God, his live group mentorship program, a private Facebook Group, weekly coaching calls, and action guides. You also get two free tickets to the Wealth With God Big Event.

What is the Cost of Kingdom Wealth Builders Course?

The course costs $1994. You can make a one-off payment or pay the amount in six monthly installments of $394.

Kingdom Wealth Builders Customer Reviews-What Others Think about the Course

A near two-thousand-dollar investment is quite hefty hence the need to find out if the course is truly effective by checking customer reviews. Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any customer reviews on third-party sites like Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot except those on Jim’s website.

Should I Invest in Kingdom Wealth Builders Course? My Verdict

Everyone wants to achieve financial freedom and finding a person who shows you how to do it the right way can be relieving. Jim’s Kingdom Wealth Builders course shows you how to do just that. You learn how to come out of debt, increase your cash flow and create wealth. Even so, I’d have loved to see more actionable steps in achieving financial freedom, e.g., reduce spending by x amount to increase cash flow by y amount, or invest in asset b to increase cash flow. Jim’s course seems to wholly rely on the supernatural workings of God to achieve financial freedom. While this is great, it might come off a little impractical for people who don’t share similar beliefs. Also, the course is too expensive for most people. I’d recommend researching extensively before investing in the course.

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