Private Wealth Academy Review

Can you create wealth by protecting what you already have? This is what a program called Private Wealth Academy is teaching. The creator claims to teach strategies that the elite have used to protect and grow their finances for years. 

A quick internet search will show you that there are other companies making a similar claim. But what makes Private Wealth Academy special? Are they even legit? This article will answer this question.

But before we get into our opinion on this course, keep in mind that the Private Wealth Academy most likely wont teach you how to setup an online business. It will probably get you motivated and give you a lot of training in sales, which is valuable. But if you want the real nuts and bolts for how to setup an online business check out the video on this page. It teaches a unique method (step by step) of setting up an autopilot online business with Google Maps.

Here’s a video that shows how my daughter used it to setup a successful online business:

Click here to get the course my daughter used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than the Private Wealth Academy program. But since you are here to learn about Private Wealth Academy, lets get back to our review of that:

What is Private Wealth Academy?

The company is focused on empowering you by giving you the knowledge you need to take full control of your finances. The company will teach you how to avoid losing money through common avenues like taxes, mortgage overpayments, lawsuits, divorce, and credit issues. 

Who is the Creator of Private Wealth Academy?

The platform was founded by Carlton Weiss. Carlton gained a lot of financial experience when he worked as a private investigator in the 1980s. 

His work involved piercing private trusts and this made him curious about the financial instrument. He was exposed to The Private Express Trust and after learning more about it, he discovered some best kept secrets that many elites used to grow their wealth. 

He later joined forces with Jon Miller, and Zarchary Miller to create The Bullet Proof Trust. This is now the company’s most popular product. They later created other courses to share more knowledge on financial empowerment. 

How Does Private Wealth Academy Work?

Private Wealth Academy offers a variety of courses but this review will focus on its flagship program. The creators revealed that one thing that was common among the wealthy elites was a Trust. As mentioned earlier, Carlton discovered this when he worked as a private investigator. 

This program will teach you how these trusts operate and the laws that regulate them. They will also help you to know how these trusts can protect your assets. According to the creators of the program, there is very little information out there about trusts. They revealed that after they learned a lot about these trusts and was ready to get the paperwork in order to create a trust bank account, they were met with another issue. They couldn’t get someone to handle the paperwork and every lawyer would throw out their request without explanations. After experiencing this with over 50 lawyers, they decided to have Carlton, the founder himself handle. After he created it, the company was able to create Bulletproof Trust bank accounts at four big multinational banks in the United States. 

The trust gave them great advantages. It allowed them to reduce their tax liability. The good thing is that you can operate trusts as private or businesses. When you operate it as a business, it offers more protection compared to standard types of businesses. 

When you sign up for the Bulletproof Trust program, you will receive a step-by-step guidance to open your Bulletproof Trust. You will be able to get the Trust up and running in a few days. The company has compiled a good document that you need to review, fill in the blank spaces, visit the bank and have your Trust created. You won’t be left on your own to complete the document, a staff member will guide you throughout the entire process. 

You will get access to a total of 7 resource groups. The Bulletproof Trust guide and all the documents you need to create your own Trust. You will also have access to all the training you need to handle your Trust as a trustee. All these will be available in the Trustee Training Secrets Module. 

You will also get access to the Trust Laws and Statute Handbook. This handbook contains the source material for the Trusts. It also features the Supreme Court’s stand on absolute privacy and protection. You will find over 25 law books. These books typically costs $150 to $300 per book but they are available as resources for this program. 

The program also gives access to over 500 documents to make it easier for you to operate your Trust. These documents include templates for hiring professionals, for creating sub-Trusts, and for procedures such as registering with the SoS, and other important agreements related fund management. 

You will also receive guidance on how to create multiple Trusts and link them together to make them less susceptible to risks. You will be able to create trusts for your important assets after this training. Creating these Trusts will diversify your potential risks and ensure that a loss of an asset does not affect other assets you own. 

There is also a training on how to win lawsuits in court irrespective of the cases that have raised against you. The creators claims that they have the secrets to winning every court case as long as nobody was harmed. 

The company also provides training on mortgage, foreclosure, tax secrets, real estate, debt removal, and personal credit. 

What is the Cost of the Bulletproof Trust Secrets?

The program costs a one-time payment of $997 but you can opt for a payment plan. You will be making two payments; $597 each time. 

Refund Policy

The company has not mentioned anything on refunds on their website. 

Should You Invest in Bulletproof Secrets?

We love the idea of building a Trust with ease and we the program is reasonably priced. We would have recommended it confidently if we found reviews on independent review sites about the program. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything and this is weird since the program has been running for years. It’s definitely not a good sign. 

Thankfully, the company has lots of free programs, we recommend that you try some of them. It will give you a little idea about how they provide training. If you like it and are willing to risk close to $1000 to see if it is what you are looking for, it’s not a bad idea. After all, if the program has been running for this long, it must be legit. You will get some value and learn a few things about Trusts even if it is not what you are looking for.

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