Consulting Accelerator Review -Why I do not recommend Sam Ovens Course

I am NOT an affiliate of Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator. I actually reached out to one of his students to write us a consulting accelerator case study, including screenshots of the member’s area. 

Bottom line, Consulting Accelerator claims to teach you how to create an actual business that can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars sounds intimidating without requiring a lot of capital.

I want to be upfront before we go any farther. Sam Ovens will teach you how to setup a consulting business, but FIRST you have to have digital marketing skills to offer businesses!

If you don’t have experience in online marketing, don’t get the Sam Ovens course. You need to know how to take a business from failing online, to online success, or his course won’t do you any good.

My other issue with the entire consulting business model is you have to CONTINUALLY be on the search for new clients. I prefer a much more autopilot business model. A business I can setup that runs without me needing to keep hustling for new clients.

Here’s the course I recommend instead. My own teenagers are using this course to setup autopilot businesses online that require very little ongoing work. There’s a Free Video On This Business Model Here.

Find out below if all the hype about Consulting Accelerator is really true:

What is Consulting Accelerator?

What if I told you that you do not need a lot of money to create a 6 or 7 figure business, especially in the business model that we are going to look at now which is consulting. 

I am here to review Consulting Accelerator by Sam Ovens. Is it true that you can start a wildly profitable 6-7 figures consulting business & get your first high-value client in 42 days with his course? 

We will look into every aspect of the course and the reviews of his previous student shortly, but in case if you do not know what he means by consulting here, let me explain it to you. 

There is a different kind of consultants out there, financial consultants, IT consultants, management consultants, marketing consultants, and more. 

From this business model, there’s one thing that is certain which is to be a consultant, you need to be an expert in something or have some knowledge that enables you to help other people potentially your clients with it. 

According to Sam Ovens, you can make money with a consulting business talking about your passion, it can either be sports, social media, and many more that you can think of. If there is demand for it, then there is money in it. 

So what is Sam Ovens’s Consulting Accelerator about? 

Consulting Accelerator is a proven and tested 6 weeks program that teaches you how to start a wildly profitable consulting business and get your first client in 42 days. 

Sam Ovens has claimed that from his course, he has produced 25 millionaires, nearly 500 six-figure earners, and allowed over 3,000 people to quit their jobs and work full-time as consultants. 

This course sounds like the best course on the internet if you want to make a lot of money as an entrepreneur or consultant right? We will unveil that later, but first let’s look at who Sam Ovens is and his experience in this business. 

Who is Sam Ovens?

Is Sam Ovens legit or a scam? What is Sam Ovens’ Net Worth? Sam Ovens is a Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneur and the founder of and SnapInspect. Forbes 30 under 30 is a list of entrepreneurs under 30 years old annually picked by Forbes based on their impact in the business world, they come from different corners of Europe and America. 

Sam Ovens grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and his consulting story started when he worked at Vodafone at the age of 21 years old. His family and friends congratulated him for landing a job in the corporate of Vodafone and he was excited too at first because his dream to be working in the corporate world has become a reality. 

Then, Sam realized that working at Vodafone is not the dream that he used to imagine, he hated the job and was trying to find a solution to his financial problem at that time. 

It all started to click when he was invited to his girlfriend’s friend’s house, it was a beach house on a private island. After talking with this rich friend, he realized that him making $50k every year is nothing compared to this guy’s $500 million net worth. 

Soon, he realized that he needed to start his own business to create financial freedom for himself and his family, the luxury living of his friend hooked him into being super-rich like him. 

He started his consulting business, and in his first year, his business made $100,000 which is not bad. 

In the second year, his business made $500,000. 

In the third year, he made 7 figures per year at $1.2 Million. 

He has learned from other businesses and redefined the consulting business to make it highly profitable for him. 

The same lessons that he applied in his consulting business, is the one that he is going to share with you in his Consulting Accelerator program. 

Consulting Accelerator Price & Bonuses

As shown in the picture above, Consulting Accelerator is priced at $1,999 or you can pay 5 times gradually every month. 

You will get lifetime access to Consulting Accelerator as well as its future upgrade and membership access at 

You will also be given a box set with workbooks for you to work on your consulting business. 

The community that is mentioned in the shopping cart is the Facebook group. I have read a lot of reviews about the Facebook group as being one of the best in the business community. Also, weekly live calls and Q&A for the students of the platform. 

If you think that $2,000 is a lot, then you need to read the details below on why this course is expensive and why I think it is worth your money to invest in it. 

Modules Breakdown Of Consulting Accelerator

There is 6 weeks’ worth of training in this course, and in each week, there are more than 8 modules for you to learn from. 

Below are the 6 weeks lesson topic: 

  • Week 1 – Fundamentals and Foundations 
  • Week 2 – New Paradigm & World View 
  • Week 3 – Alchemy of Client Conversion 
  • Week 4 – Alchemy of Client Attraction 
  • Week 5 – Fractal Facebook Evolution 
  • Week 6 – Minimum Viable Service Delivery 

Week 1: Fundamentals and Foundations 

In the first week, Sam explains how the course works and how you should learn and implement them. 

He also discusses the four things that you need to build as your foundations which will eventually lead you to get the results that you want with this business. 

The raw math of how consulting works and achieving your financial goals is also outlined in the first week. 

Sam also explains his definition of consultant in this course which is someone that helps a person achieve the desired result and solve their problem. The key point is to not offer something that the market does not want, just feed what the market demands, and you will go far in consulting. 

Some other basic foundations such as setting your business and picking your niche are also covered here. 

Week 2: New Paradigm & World View

The second week focuses entirely on your attitude and psychology. Sam explains that in every business, you only need two things to be successful, good skill and a good mindset. 

Without a good mindset, your skill will not be used in a persistent way when challenges come to the point that you will give up even before you achieve some kind of success in this business. 

Also, he explained that you have two versions of yourself, the good side and the devil side. Sometimes you want to be successful, have a lot of money, and do good for the world, but some other times, you just want to procrastinate and watch tv, play games, and many more unproductive tasks. Eventually, you have to face your dark side to be successful in anything you do. 

There are some other psychology tips and tricks that will transform you into a new version of yourself with the right mindset before he moves you through the practical lesson of the business. 

Week 3: Alchemy Of Client Conversion 

In this week, Sam teaches you how to be a master salesman in a short time. He reveals to you the art and science of converting a total stranger into a high-paying client. 

It is a telemarketing sales lesson, he also provides a proven effective sales script for you to use in your training and when applying the lesson to the real world. 

He emphasizes that once you find the formula to sell, it will not be as hard as you think and it does not require too much work when you know what you are doing. 

Also, he reveals to you his alchemy of conversion script which he used to convert a stranger to a high-paying client as well as some tips that no salesman is doing now. 

Lastly, he covers a topic about handling rejection, you might not get your sales with the first call so this topic is important for you to not feel down and learn from your mistake. 

Week 4: Alchemy Of Client Attraction 

The fourth week takes you to the marketing side of the business. Here, he shares with you the art and science of attracting clients to your business with free organic methods and paid advertising methods. 

At first, he teaches you how to implement his 8-figures lead generation campaign and why leads are the only things that you should focus on at this stage. 

Then, he moves to organic client attraction methods. Some of them are Facebook posts, Direct Outreach, List farming, and JV webinars. This method is free or close to free and it is a good way for you to generate appointments and strategies sessions with your clients. 

What comes after the organic method is paid methods, the main traffic that he uses for this strategy is Facebook Ads. You will learn everything that it requires for you to generate leads with Facebook Ads

He accompanied the marketing lesson with a funnel-building lesson. To conclude, the two main things that he talks about in the fourth week are traffic and funnel. 

Week 5: Fractal Facebook Evolution 

For this week, Sam goes deeper into Facebook ads and reveals how to trick the Facebook algorithm as well as some secrets that he uses to generate high-value clients in his consulting business. 

He starts by explaining how Facebook Ads work, the platform, how it evolves, and how you can use it to scale your consulting business. 

Then, he talks about how most people are wasting their money on Facebook Ads with high cost per acquisition of the leads. He further explains that you need to work with the Facebook algorithm to be effective in Facebook paid marketing which 90% of advertisers are not doing now. 

Lastly, he talks about how your ads need to look like and the right way to write a Facebook sponsored post to get clients’ attention and take them to a proven funnel. Everything about setting a Facebook campaign will be covered this week. 

Week 6: Minimum Viable Service Delivery 

For the last week, Sam shifts you toward your service and delivery of it. The main key point for this week is how you need to structure the operation of your business so that your clients will be happy and you do not spend too much of your own time with the clients most of the time. 

The lesson continues with Sam showing you where to pick the 1% high-quality contractors to help you deliver the consulting services. As a business, you do not want to be the only employee in your company. 

Other things that he covers this week are related to important tips of running your business profitably such as project management & workflows, finance and cash flow mastery, platform growth and scale, and how to automate your marketing work. 

Final Thought 

In my opinion, this course is not a scam and I think this is the only course that provides the whole picture about building a profitable consulting business from scratch. 

With a price tag of $1997 on the course, it might be quite expensive for some people but you need to take a look at the value that it provides, which is Sam Oven’s personal business experience and tricks in the consulting business model. 

Every lesson from building your platform, sales and marketing, and the long-term optimization of your consulting business is included in the course. It is like an all-in-one box for consulting business setup. 

The only thing that you need to do is implement all the lessons in the course and interact with their community for any problem and inquiry. 

If you do not have the budget for the course, I would suggest you start with another online business model first or learn how to build a consulting business everything by yourself. It is going to take a lot of time but it’s either learning from someone else’s mistake or your own mistakes.