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  1. Program Summary Review
  2. Introduction to Stack That Money
  3. STM Forum Business model and background
  4. STM Forum Enrollment
    • Forum Content
      • Detailed List of STM Guides & Services
      • STM Software Tools for Members
  5. Reviews of STM Forum
    • Reddit Reviews
  6. Other Reviews of STM Forum
  7. STM Forum Pricing
  8. Who is this Program for?

Program Summary Review 

Product Name: Stack That Money

Product Type: Paid Affiliate Marketing Forum

Product Founders: Lorenzo Greene, Besmir Bregasi and Stackman. 

Price: USD $99 a month 

Now, I need to be frank with you. I have been making money online for over 20 years, and I have major concerns with the STACK THAT MONEY Forum business model.

My main concern is this: Since you only make money by selling someone else’s product, the product owners may not pay you. They may change their commission structure. They may remove their products from the market. I have PERSONALLY had all these things happen. Instead, learn a business model that puts you in total control. You keep all the profits and you own all the products. And it takes less time to setup than a STACK THAT MONEY Forum business. It uses a loophole in the google maps system to get you autopilot monthly payments. Video Here.

My own teenage kids even make money with this business model!

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used instead of “Stack That Money”

The course my daughter used above is much better than STACK THAT MONEY. But since you are here to learn about STACK THAT MONEY, lets get back to our review of that:

Introduction to Stack That Money

Suitable for: For experienced internet marketers, Seasoned affiliate marketers, pros and veteran marketers and affiliate marketing beginners who are open to using paid traffic to get their first conversions; Intermediate digital marketers trying to master their craft and make a fulltime income; Advanced affiliate marketers, Online small business owners, Entrepreneurs and Marketing departments looking to stay up to date on the latest strategies and tactics; take advantage of special discounts or just to take their business to the next level. 

Not Suitable for: If you are a beginner or new affiliate marketer looking for step by step, 1 on 1 guidance; if you don’t have the money to invest in buying the tools and marketing ads spend; or are not willing or able to spend the time optimizing your affiliate marketing business.

Stack that Money (STM) is a high-end (paid) affiliate marketing forum launched in 2011 by Lorenzo Green, Besmir Bregasi and Stackman with the goal of creating an environment where veteran affiliate marketers and industry leaders could share knowledge and value amongst affiliate marketers. The forum is owned by iStack Holdings that also produces a number of related resources and events. STM has thousands of members and a huge amount of information on more than 33,600 threads as well as numerous free tools and guides that members get access to once you subscribe.

Over the years the STM Forum has gained popularity and prestige, and is considered by many to be the preeminent online forum dedicated to affiliate marketing. The Forum is also well-known for its dedicated and knowledgable moderators, like ‘Matuloo’ (Matej Cechvala), and ‘Vortex’ (Amy Cheung) who have both been moderating STM forum discussions for years and are credited with helping thousands of affiliates achieve their first successes online by teaching, training and guiding marketers using a number of useful tools including the discussion threads, courses, and STM Guides including ‘Vortex’s very popular: 

  • “The 1$ Guide To Making Your First Conversion” the definitive step-by-step tutorial for newbies on how to make their first affiliate marketing conversion that focuses on cheap traffic sources that will allow one to make their early mistakes and not break the bank. 
  • “The 40 Day Guide” a detailed guide to going from ‘beginner’ to ‘successful affiliate’ in 40 daily steps by simply deciding upon an affiliate network and traffic source, picking out a tracker and setting it up, deciding what offer(s) to run, and optimizing your first campaigns.
  • “Vortex’s Beginner Facebook Tutorial” – a complete guide breaking down Facebook traffic for the beginner.

Since the STM Forum is primarily geared towards paid-traffic strategies involving Facebook ads, Google/YouTube advertising, Native Ads, or Push Traffic versus organic traffic strategies; most of the discussions, resources, information, tools and tips are similarly focused including how to master them, trackers and spytools, and media buying for paid traffic sources.

The major drawback for prospective members is the question, how is it possible that during this era of exponential technology change and innovation, an old school, pre-apps technology like forums can still be considered a go-to-resource for affiliate marketing? In fact, it’s a place where you find valuable information, get some help, learn about affiliate conferences, find business partners, and even make friends who share some of your interests.

STM Forum Business model and background

The STM Forum claims to be the largest paid traffic affiliate marketing forum online and claim their members have combined made several hundred million dollars in revenues. 

The monthly subscription-based model works because it keeps the forum high level by weeding out tyre-kickers and the monthly fees are in turn used to provide members with a comprehensive and value adding list of information, guides, strategies and software tools. The STM Forum works well because of a common shared goal amongst members, moderators and forum discussions; a passionate desire to take their knowledge, skill and income in affiliate marketing to the next level. 

The forum is set up to support members with both Moderators who help with technical questions and tutorials; and Expert affiliate marketers who simply want to help and create threads where members can “almost” see everything someone is doing when they create their affiliate campaigns.

The STM Forum members take this goal of constant improvement and growth quite seriously and affiliates on the forum are constantly looking to network, engage, learn and grow their business by connecting with other top notch affiliates, affiliate managers, traffic sources, affiliate network owners, tools creators, affiliate tracking companies and up and coming affiliates who are all sharing and exchanging ideas, techniques and tricks on the forum.

STM Forum Enrollment

The STM Forum offers two different subscriptions or memberships.

  1. *Normal Membership 

The normal membership offers access to exclusive tools, events, tutorials, guides, and mastermind groups.

  1. Vendor/Company Membership 

The same price as a Normal membership however it allows you to represent your company on the STM-forum.

Once a member has joined you have access to a huge archive of discussion threads focused on Affiliate Marketing tips, tricks, techniques and tactics ranging from high-paying affiliate programs, advertising programs, landing pages, copywriting techniques, and more. The forum members themselves create the threads within the forum and members are free to pick and choose which threads to follow. Members can also ask fellow members for advice or help with their campaigns and the information within the threads includes both whitehat and blackhat methods.

STM Affiliate Program

The STM Forum also has an affiliate program that members have access to with their own affiliate links and can earn commissions by referring people to STM.

Forum Content

The STM Forum membership includes a plethora of tools, tips, tactics and knowledge guides for budding affiliate marketers including:

  • STM Case Studies
  • STM Content from Affiliate Marketing Experts
  • STM Tutorials
  • STM Guides
  • STM Blog
  • STM Masterminds & Meetups
  • STM Networking opportunities 
  • STM Newsletter
  • STM Success Secrets and Strategies 
  • STM YouTube Channel
  • iStackTraining 

Including FREE courses on a variety of topics:

  • Copywriting 
  • Dropshipping
  • Ecommerce
  • Facebook advertising
  • Native Ads
  • Affiliate World Conferences
  • STM Annual What’s Working In Affiliate Marketing Report

A yearly compendium of answers from some of the top affiliates, agencies, traffic networks, and other experts on what is working in affiliate marketing and what direction they see the industry moving.

  • Special Discount for STM Forum Members on SaaS and Other Products

STM has five (5) different categories where members can join discussion threads and find information. 

  1. The beginner’s section

This section has a step-by-step guide to help new members get started and for them to introduce themselves. There’s also a “Follow Along” section so that beginners can get feedback on their campaigns.

  1. Traffic Discussion section

In this section members can find useful threads on tools and methods for traffic generation,

PPV advertising and Facebook traffic as well as useful information on other social media and mobile traffic.

  1. Buy & Sell Section

This section allows members to get discount codes for tools and software shared by fellow members. This section is all about other ways to make money, off-topic discussions, and more. If you sell or you want to buy relevant products and services, you will find relevant information here.

  1. Life Section

This is the section that members can discuss literally about anything, be it travel, finance, fitness or just life in general.

  1. Success stories

section where members can share and celebrate the different successes along the way. I believe this is also another great section where members can learn a lot from other people’s success stories.

Screenshot of the STM Categories

Detailed List of STM Guides & Services

  • 40-day Newbie Guide 

Zero to Hero guide for people that never heard about affiliate marketing.

  • What verticals and traffic sources are working guide

Guide with everything that’s working right now in affiliate marketing based on data-driven information.

  • STM Forum eCommerce Cookbook

Guide for creating a successful eCommerce store

  • STM Forum Facebook Scaling Mastery

Facebook scaling techniques are given by successful Facebook marketers.

  • STM Mobile Cookbook

Guide for creating a successful mobile affiliate marketing campaign

  • STM Facebook Start To Finish Guide

A 7 part guide about everything you need to know about making money on Facebook.

  • Our Follow-Along 

Successful Affiliate marketers sharing all the details about there campaigns so you can follow along and learn from them.

  • Case studies

Campaigns tested by owners that show you exactly how to handle campaigns

  • STM Contact List

Contact list with members of the STM forum so you can get in contact with them and network.

  • Landing Page Treasure Trove

Index with all the best landing pages created at STM over the last 3 years.

  • STM Indexes

Compilation of the most important indexes for those just getting started on the STM Forum.

Screenshot of Some Free Bonus Software Tools you get with the STM Forum Subscription

STM Software Tools for Members 

  • Keyword planners
  • URL scrapers
  • Analytic tools
  • Website Monitor tools
  • URL imploder
  • Youtube scraper 
  • and Trackers.

Reviews of STM Forum

Reddit Reviews

Reddit reviews offered a mixed bag of opinions on the STM Forum with lots of people enquiring about whether or not STM Forum is worth the monthly subscription fee. The responses are mixed with one third of the reviews saying absolutely, yes STM Forum was the best Affiliate Marketing Forum with plenty of valuable resources; another third saying it depended on what you were looking for; and the final third saying it was definitely not worth the monthly investment due mostly because the information was old, outdated and seldom refreshed. 

Negative Reddit Review

This review was negative mostly because the reviewer felt that most of the information on STM Forum was outdated (at least 2-3 years old) and that somebody would have a hard time finding newer guides or information threads 

Other Reviews of STM Forum  

Quora Review

The Quora reviews while somewhat dated, generally reflected the sentiment on Reddit. 

STM Forum Pricing 

$99 monthly subscription fee

Who is this Program for? 

This forum is one that you will gain the most out of if, you are a fairly seasoned affiliate marketer with a business that is already well established and doing a reasonable monthly turnover, and you have a good-sized budget to invest in growing or scaling your business. 

If you are a newbie just looking at everything will probably feel overwhelming even if you read the getting started guide and the right indexes.

In short, STM is one of the best learning platforms for advanced Affiliate Marketers, Expert Affiliate Marketers, Expert online marketers, Beginners with a large budget and time, anyone who is highly motivated to learn about and get into e-commerce, as well as Savvy Affiliate Marketers ready to take their monthly income to the next level. 

The program is not so good for beginners because it does not focus on building the skills, knowledge and vocabulary you will need to succeed in affiliate marketing because the forum already assumes a certain level of knowledge and understanding amongst members. This means that STM is not particularly beginner friendly