Watch Trading Academy Review (Pejman Ghadimi)

Who is Pejman Ghadimi?

Pejman Ghadimi is a serial entrepreneur and the author of the best-selling books Third Circle Theory and Radius. 

I go into great detail about Watch Trading Academy below. But before you read that, let me be up front that I don’t recommend it for ONE reason: it is NOT a passive income business model. You have to continually work to find new watches to sell, ship them, etc.. Instead, I recommend you watch this video on a true autopilot business model. It is very simple to get started, even my teenage daughter is doing this in her spare time. Uses some hidden features of Google Maps to get you income from all over the country.

In 20 years, Pejman has built multiple trading businesses such as exotic car trading and luxury watch trading. He even made money selling the information on how to start and operate the trading business profitably on his websites, Exotic Car Hack and Watch Trading Academy. 

He has become a mentor to over 36,000 students globally through his online courses and mentoring. 

Pejman has publicly disclosed his companies revenue in 2018 with a total amount of $68 million in revenue to prove that what he claims is real and he is not a scam. 

The idea of trading luxury watches did not seem very compelling to him at first because he was not a big fan of watches. But, he knew that there is a huge demand for luxury watches as people are willing to spend thousands to millions just for luxury watches, so he started to get into the market and give what people want while making millions for himself in the process. 

Is Online Trading Academy Legit?

Watch Trading Academy is a step-by-step course that teaches you how to buy, sell, and trade luxury watches for profit.

Pejman claims that once you get inside the course, the only thing that you need to make thousands of dollars and a return on investment from the course is only $1500 in cash for your first luxury watch, a phone, or a laptop to search for deals online, and access to the post office for shipping. 

Watch Trading Academy is a rebranded name of his same previous course with an update which is Watch Conspiracy. The reason why he rebrands his course is still unknown. 

The formula behind his watch trading is simple. He explains every time you purchase a $1,000 luxury watch and aim for 20% profit when you resell it, you will end up with $200 profit just from one trade. 

Once you have done your first trade, you are going to do another trade for another $200, and the money multiplies that way. 

With only 5 trades per month, you would end up making $1,000 in profit per month. It is not possible for you to make only 5 trades per month if you can do more than 5 trades every day right? 

One of the good things of this business model is that it is not as competitive as other business models such as affiliate marketing, dropshipping, eCommerce, and more. From this point, the only thing that you need to make profits by selling watches is searching for good deals online and hustle. 

Another good thing is that Pejman has been trading watches for 15 years and he does what he preaches, from that information, at least we know that he is an expert at what he teaches which increases the legitimacy of him as an online money making guru in this business model.

Watch Trading Academy Price

The price of the Watch Trading Academy course is quite expensive at $997 for lifetime access and if you think carefully, you could buy a luxury watch for $1000 right? 

If we take a glance it will look like that, but the price that you are paying for his course is the price that he has paid for 15 years in past mistakes and experience of watch trading profitably. 

If you want to go far in business and make the least loss financially and time-wise is to have a mentor that teaches you everything about the business model. 

This is where Pejman plays as a mentor in watch trading and teaches you what you should do and what to avoid in luxury watch trading. 

For $997, you will have access to the following content : 

  • Lifetime Access To The Complete Watch Trading Academy Platform and Resources 
  • Step-By-Step Video Training On How To Make Money Trading Watches 
  • Access To Pejman Ghadimi Himself And 7500+ Private Members-Only Facebook Group 
  • Tools and Resources Including Best Watches To Buy, Target Pricing Cheat Sheets, Trusted Sellers, And More. 
  • Access To Our Archive of 100s Of Case Studies And Extensive Watch Buying Guides 

How Does Watch Trading Work?

As you can see, above are the screenshots of the member area and his teaching style in the step-by-step video lesson. 

Now we will move to what is inside the course and I will break down each part of the course for detailed review. 

This course is divided into 3 main parts and does not include the bonuses that Pejman includes with the course. 

Part 1: Market Research 

The first thing Pejman teaches is market research, specifically how to search for watches and determine their price range. 

This is good training as there are many luxury watch brands out there such as Rolex, Omega, Blancpain, and many more. All of these brands are of different prices so making sure that you do not overcharge or undercharge your luxury watches is essential. 

One thing that he does is guiding you on eBay on how to search for good deals on luxury watches as well as for price research. Most of the time spent is on the sold section of eBay where there is a history of luxury watches sold. 

From this data, you can figure out what price you should aim for your first sale. There are many more tricks that Pejman covers in this part. 

One of them is by participating in luxury watch forums and trading communities there. 

Part 2: Authenticity

When we talk about the luxury watch, there are many cheap copies of them out there. People do this because they realize how much money they can make by selling the fake version of the luxury watch at the price of the original one. 

The sad part is that based on previous records, 30% of people seek fake versions of luxury watches because they want to look rich but they do not want to pay a premium price for it. 

As there are a lot of fake watches on the market, Pejman shows you some tips and tricks that you can do to identify whether the watch is authentic or not. This training is real gold because you want to make sure that you are buying real luxury watches and not just You

With this training, you will avoid yourself from being scammed in the future plus there are not many people that can identify the authenticity of watches out there. You can turn this into a consulting service opportunity if you like. 

He covers different ways to make sure that everything is legit, from the seller’s profile, the watch pictures, and more. 

Part 3: Selling

The last part of the training is about how to sell these luxury watches, mainly on eBay. Pejman shows you the basic strategies of selling watches on eBay that are highly converting. 

Taking good pictures of the luxury watch and posting them on eBay with a caption that ensures what you are selling is legitimate as well as some writing strategy for your luxury watches. 

Another thing that he mentions is to market these watches and not just rely on eBay for the main traffic source. Other alternatives marketplace of selling high-end watches are on the luxury watches forum and Facebook marketplace if you are targeting local buyers.  

It’s also important to model what other successful traders are doing to sell their watches. Luxury watch trading is constantly evolving. What you did last month might not work anymore today so it is important to stay up to date and copy other successful people. 

Bonus #1: Private Members-Only Facebook Group 

As mentioned before, Watch Trading Academy has a large private member-only Facebook group with over 7500 people in it. 

Here, you can seek any advice from other experienced members of the course on any inquiry that you have regarding the course or selling luxury watches. In fact, you can also ask for some price estimation for a specific type and brand of watch. 

This is also a good place to build connections and network with other luxury watch sellers, in case if they are interested to buy your watch, then this is easy money to make. 

Bonus #2: Real Luxury Watches Replica Inspecting Lesson 

In this bonus, you will be exposed to luxury watch replicas that are too hard to differentiate from authentic ones. 

Pejman will show some ways that you can inspect them by pointing out common traits that make the watches fake. 

Extremely useful as you do not want to get scammed.  

Bonus #3: Case Studies 

There are a lot of case studies in the course. Most of them from students that have successfully made profits selling luxury watches. 

You can learn a few things on how they made their sales, from researching, how to sell the watches and more. 

Bonus #4: Real Life Negotiation Examples 

Another bonus is that you will see how Pejman does his luxury watch trading step by step. From this bonus, you will see how the teacher himself does what he masters in. 

Bonus #5: Most Profitable Watches Cheat Sheet

From this cheat sheet, you will know what type of watches and brands are best to make a profit. With the cheat sheet, you can focus on what to find and what to avoid because there are many luxury brands out there and of course, as a beginner, you would have no idea on what brand to choose from. 

Watch Trading Company Reviews: Pros and Cons 


  • The business model of trading luxury watches is not very competitive compared to other online business models out there
  • A simple business model that takes zero ads knowledge and marketing skills
  • Beginner-friendly, straightforward teaching of how to make money selling watches on eBay and other marketplaces. 


  • $997 is not cheap for some people and some students found that the course is not worth that much 
  • The business model is not passive or semi-passive. You need to hustle to make more trades, you need to find the watches, research the price and sell them every time.  Join this program for true autopilot income.
  • It will take some time to sell the luxury watches, sometimes the holding period can be as long as 60 days before someone decides to buy it. In some cases, your luxury watches would not sell at a profitable rate. 

Final Thought 

In conclusion, I would recommend this course if you are trying to get out of the common online business models which are affiliate marketing and eCommerce, and trying something new.

I do not think that it is a scam, it is a legit watch trading course that might look overpriced for some people. That’s all to it.  

Luxury watch trading is far more predictable than stock or forex trading because you can control the variables that determine the price and demand of the watches. 

But, if you do not have $1000 plus another $1500 to buy your first luxury watch, I recommend you join this program instead to bring yourself truly passive internet income.