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$19,491 from free script

On Monday I’m going to share a free script with you that can make you tons of money. I’ve used it to make tens of thousands of dollars in various niches (NOT THE INTERNET MARKETING NICHE, EITHER)

From this one script, I made $36,117 from one site in a year, with the total profit after all the expenses of the site:


Here’s a screenshot of the unaltered profit/loss sent from my bookeeper:

Stay tuned monday for the script, I’ll be giving it to you for free….

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Another very interesting piece of content Chad….Gotta tell ya…I recently went on an “Unsubscribe” venture to rid myself of much of this re hashed “me too guru” mumbo jumbo that is going around, but I’m staying on your list. I see you come out with stuff that is cool and not discussed much.

All these other guys are just spewing the same old guru inner circle garbage…It’s always about the NEXT hot Clickbank product to promote for while you seem to provide eye opening and useful info…

I appreciate that and will look into this more!-Craig

Can’t wait till monday!

(now it seems like it will be an
eternity before monday gets here :)

I’ll be here on Monday!

Great site you have here, I just found it a couple weeks ago.

Oh No!
That’s just not fair.
So what are we supposed to do ’till then?
OK, do we at least get a prize for guessing?
My guess is that it will be a script and it will be free.
Am I close?

everything i’ve seen from you has been for free… do you ever actually charge for anything?

Looks exciting…

Will be waiting for the free tool.

Do I just install this in my WP site or you need a AR too to get them in a list building process?


that look like one long bill! i wonder what your saturday night bar tab looks like lol

but seriously… if you say its this good then i can wait to hear more! :D

On behalf of all fellow ‘impatient humans’ I have to ask some quick, pointless questions just to tide us over till monday!
Does this involve having or building a list? (Always the first concern lol)
Is it a ‘set and forget’ type thing or will I have to do work?!

Ok I’d better get back to building more mini-sites and ‘Google Places’ listings…
Thanks for the last release of the 10Box finder btw… Awesome to have the geo feature built in now..

Best wishes
Andy FH

Well Chad, if it’s anything like the caliber of your products, it will definitely be worth the wait.
Looking forward to seeing what this technique is all about.


Here we go again more money to be mad. I am putting a new video-site up to use with the Google Ten Box Map System. Great traing Chad.

Can’t wait til Monday. I’ve just started monitizing my blog with mostly adsense and I’m still trying to figure out a way to get traffic…. a bunch of it and specialized.

Hey Chad & Seth,

Just wanted to say hey, & can’t wait for Monday to see what this is all about. As usual you just keep delivering the goods, week in week out. Thanks again and keep up the great work! Looking forward to Monday!


This is the first time I am looking forward to a Monday… The weekend can’t end fast enough.

I’ll take a shot: a free directory script. Webmasters are going nuts these days putting their anchor text/URL on websites with a dofollow attribute. Can’t figure out how it’s monetized unless we’re taking about flipping it on Flippa. FWIW, the value is in the replication process; you put YOUR link in the footer and every new page means your link is on there again and again. Pretty valuable stuff.

You are such a blessed person with a wonderful heart. I really hope this is something genuine. I’m sorry but i have been reading hundreds of junk emails. I want to try this out but without any cash out.

Out of all of the so-called Internet Marketing Gurus out there…….You, Chad and your brother Seth are the creme of the crop!!! You guys rock big time… never ever let me down…..and the both of you always come up with free marketing tools that no one and I mean NO ONE can’t even touch!!!

Can’t wait for Monday……You guys leave everyone else eating your dust! LOL

Thanks Chad. You deliver such good information for free.
I really look forward to your emails, because I know there
is going to be some useful info in them.


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