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Another Free Q and A

You may remember the last video question and answer session I did.

I will be recording another free Q and A in the next few days.

If you have any questions for me or my brother Seth about making money online, clickbank, PPC, SEO, being an Inbound closer,  just post it in the comments below. I’ll do my best to answer any question you have.

We’ll post a free recording of the Q and A here on the blog. I’ll also shoot you an email to let you know the Q and A  recording is posted.

A couple requests:

1. If you have tech support questions about a product of mine, please just email it to my gmail address (chadwarrior). It will be answered a lot faster and a lot more detail at that email address. It also allows us to ask you detailed clarification questions etc…

2. If it is a general question about a product of mine that would be useful to everyone watching the Q and A, ask away!

3. Finally, browse the comments to see if someone else has already asked your question.

I usually charge $1250 an hour for this sort of thing, so take advantage of it!

Go ahead and ask your question in the comments below…

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

43 replies on “Another Free Q and A”

Kim Humphreyssays:

Hey, Chad,

I have bought and enjoyed several of your products. I don’t know if what I have is an actual question, although you can answer as if it was one, but more or less an idea for a video.

I’ve seen several videos on site flipping, but I have yet to see one on exactly what happens AFTER you have sold a site. Or bought one, for that matter. How does one actually transfer a site? What is the procedure and the details? I don’t know if you ever sell your sites, but if you do, please make a video as you go through the steps to actually turn the site over to the buyer.



What it takes to launch product successfully? I mean, once you have everything done,the product and the system is in place.You have a list so you make 2 videos and then the third one is the sales pitch.It works for me,I have your last product and auto blog cash bonus. Let’s say that you don’t have a list and you just starting.How would you promote your new business?How would you ‘launch’ it?
Thanks Chad, I love your videos


I’ve been trying to make money online for 2 yrs with minor success.
If you were to start over, which method would you first use to kickstart your online earnings?

Massimo D'Amicosays:

You can promote your business by using 2 different ways:

1) Passive advertising

2) Active advertising

Active advertising means SEO, you get targeted traffic from search engines and convert your visitors into profits. Readers find you by using their own researches on search engines.

Passive advertising means press releases, articles, newsletter ads, pads, Adwords and many other ways to catch potential readers.

NOTE: you must turn your readers into good subscribers, so you can contact them in future and make solid income within your list.

Andy Palmersays:

Hiya Chad,

I just wondered that as the IM market is getting more and more competitive is it still possible for someone earning nothing now can earn more than $10k per month in 2 years?


Andy P


How do I create back links to one particular post on my blog. For example this one:


Hi Chad,

What is the exact few things that I should be
doing to get traffic for a website and opt-in site?

Many thanks


Peter Frysays:

Hi Chad,

I have learnt that I don’t need to know how to make websites, create videos, SEO them etc etc.
I have seen all the wonderful technology from keyword identifyers to your Google map trick to get high placements.
I have seen all the different ways to make money from betting on horses or card games like roulette to pay per click to social media to articles and press releases —and of course linking tricks!
Anyway, I’ve had enough, its time to make money, no more shiny objects or distractions. We don’t need this stuff! There are loads of people out there that can be paid well (in their country) and do all this learning and implementing when supplied with the videos and software required.

I want to get up in the morning manage outsourcers that have received exact instructions on what they have to do (as above) and ensure they have done it. I want to check out how much commission I have made following their work be it from Amazon sales, clickbank sales, adsense etc
I see myself doing a little keyword research, register a few more domain names and get them to do what has to be done after that.
Simply rinse and repeat max two hours work a day and less than one most days!
People are cojoled into learning, buying, implementing and I have learnt I don’t need all this stuff as good as it looks. Its all about others doing the work while I manage.
Ok, I need that to happen and have a few bob to make a start at that happening, can you come up with the solution? This is what everyone wants. Maybe you and Mark Vurnum set up an office in the Philippeans with outsourcers who have been vetted and know what they have to do and we pay a fee and are responsible for the keyword research end of things?

Mike, UcanUknowsays:

Hi Chad
Many courses later, my technical competence has increased in direct proportion to the decrease in my bank balance and the impending inability to escape from information overload and a resultant cash flow crisis-discuss :).

What market, niche, product type and traffic generation method would you advise given that I need to quickly generate some payback.
Best wishes


Well….Peter certainly had a bit to say.

Seems to me unless one learns how to set up a website, then drive traffic and convert it by Article and Video Marketing, PPC, SEO, etc, I would wonder how he could teach outsource persons or better yet be sure it’s done right?

My experience, whether it with internet outsourcing or simply going to the doctor for an ailment, one must know enough to direct his or her outcome.

Best regards,

Jim Schiblysays:

Chad – first I wanted to say thanks for the exposure from the last best practices contest. actually had a few phone calls – so thank you

As I’m trying to diligently serve my local business clients I’d REALLY like to know how you can:

1. Get listed in the local 10 box or get a 1-5 box listing within a few weeks….
2. Get top 10 listings by optimizing local directory listings with a few weeks

I know of someone who claims he’s doing this but is unwilling to share due to fear of competition – can you shed some light on how to get multiple page 1 ranking for local businesses through fast 10 box listings and getting local directory listings ranked so I can help my local business clients?


food storagesays:

What I would like to know concerns blog commenting. I have been finding some pretty great high PR (the page itself, not just the domain) blogs to comment on, and I want to know if I am making wise use of my time.

Is having a link on a PR5 page (the page itself, not the domain) of a website just as good as having a link in the comment section of a PR5 page (again the page itself, not the domain PR) of a blog?

Kevin Pulssays:


First off, I gotta say…

I’m really liking your gKeywordTool- it’s great!

I have been using it for all my prospects and it takes away a lot of the heavy lifting that I used to do.

So my question is, do you use Traffic Geyser in your business to help distribute your videos?

It seems like an incredible service. I know one of the co-creators, Frank Sousa.

Thanks again for sharing your tool with us. And folks following Chad, if you haven’t picked it up yet- do so!


Chad, bro you rock my man You give away so much knowledge!
Whats the best way to do this? :
I am promoting affiliate link and have nice readable domain name forwarded to affiliate link. Whats the best way to set it up so I can see click thru rates besides doing it thru So basically I have it set up this way:
my godaddy domain redirect goes to which in turn goes to my affiliate link, so I can see how many clicks I get thru
Is there a cleaner way with less hops? (I dont have access to affiliate site to add analytics)

Robin Winterssays:


Chad… You have always been one of my favorite mentors, and I am grateful for your transparency, and willingness to teach those of us serious about making money online!

Like others I have learned all the the basics very well, and have concentrated my efforts on good, lower competition, keyword phrase domains that are products sold online with affiliate programs.

Although I am seeing some adsense revenue… I am not seeing actual product sales conversions, and I have some great keyword rich domains, with little competition. Some of my sites that are not converting sales very well are in the top 10 and top 20 of Google. I am using Amazon and Commission Junction affiliate programs.

What Does it Take to convert sales?????


Bill Vellasays:

If you went totally bankrupt and had $500 to invest, what would be your choice to restart again.


Hi Chad
I would like to know where you house your training videos online . When they are over 10 minutes, it’s too long for google and isn’t private. Do you have any suggestions, if one were to build a membership site for example, where to stream the videos from.
Your courses have been very beneficial and much appreciated.

Michael Finlaysonsays:

Hi Chad,

My question is probably a very simple one. I am trying to figure out how to create an adsense portal site but I cannot get through my thick skull how to structure it. I’ve a fair collection of templates and a good domain name. the template collections all come with instructions that I have yet to make work. Do I set the templates up in sub domains or files.

I have the strange feeling that once I know how to do it I’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

I hope that you have, are having or have had a great weekend.

Have fun,



Hey Chad,
I am using a blog as my website for a home business and would like to know which one of your products can help me learn how to optimize it best to get more traffic.


In trying to get local businesses on Google Maps for a local search, many/most have domain names without keywords in them. I purchased a few domains loaded with keywords (most with dashes). How do I use them? GM ignores them if I’ve used them to redirect to the original domain name. Is it worth creating a mini site with the domain and listing it with GM, superpages, etc. with a link to the main site? Will GM list both the main and the mini if they have the same address and different phone numbers? I can see the value if a business needs their first site, where the keyword rich domain can be used. It would be a shame if I can’t use them.



Hey Chad,

This is an incredible way to find out the challenges that your community members have.

Question #1
I’ve been doing some reverse engineering by buying very keyword specific domains, writing original content and building links for these local niche sites. I’ve become quite good as some of them rank on the first page of Google and others are on the 3rd or 4th page in a relatively short period of time. Once I have these websites on the first page what would be the best way to approach local businesses to either get them to rent the domain from me or actually selling advertising space? Basically how would you monetize the websites. I have more than a dozen that I work on daily.

Question #2
Google 10 box is now a Google 7 box and I do have your course and its great. Most of the websites that I build that end up on the first page of Google related to local search always competes with the Google 7 box. I’d to sell the local businesses on both the 7 box listing and the website but it seems that these two things are competing with each other and many times the 7 box appears above my sites. How would you resolve this issue? Would you try to sell the local businesses on both or just one?

Question #3
In relation to the first two questions above how would you handle a local business that already has their own domain name and website and really want to brand it but their website sucks and it’s not even ranking in search engines?

Thanks in advance for your help


Does article marekting really work? If it does can you compete without having to spin 1000’s of them and how would you go about doing it? If you know of a lazy way to make affiliate sales without having pay for ppc on google can you detail it?thanks, Bart


Hey Chad,
Have more than one question so thought I’d see if I can get them answered all at once. OK?

1. When buying a ranking (generic) domain name at auction, does the previous niche of the domain have to be re-introduced or can you completely change niches without the risk of losing the past ranking?

2. Have you compared IMeye to Market Samurai?

3. Do you think scraped content (including videos & pictures) for a blog is a no no for trying to rank in Google?

4. When trying to find a new domain name with the keyword phrase and you discover it’s unavailable, is it just as good to get one with hyphens or an adjective added? Like vs. or What about .net or .org?


Hey Chad…just wanted to ask You for some clarification from you concerning your instructions in Your 2nd video of Your Auto Blog Cash system…

In this 2nd video of Auto Blog Cash system you explain how to use Google’s external adwords keyword tool…for the term chocolate making…

You said in the video from the Match Type box pick Exact ;then you say this will bring up keywords in quotes…..

Chad….if you pick Exact it puts the keywords in Brackets [chocolate making]
whereas if you pick Phrase this puts the Keywords in Quotes “chocolate making”

You must have meant Phrase…as in the video you open another page and you highlighted the keyword without the brackets and then pasted into google search in quotes ” “….to see what the competition # is…

Which is it Chad…Exact or Phrase…and if its Phrase…can I ask you why the whole Auto Blog Cash system would actually work from keywords in quotes….meaning that much traffic from Keywords in qoutes….don’t people normally use search words without quotes and brackets??

Would appreciate your clarification on this as you say in the video that the Keywords are crucial and I want put this system to the test and see if it works.


Ryan Ksays:

Hey Chad!

What would you say is the most effective sales funnel? With so many options I am having a hard time, almost frozen as to what to choose and how to set it up. Please help!

Thanks Brohem!!!

bob mc alistersays:


mind sharing some questions you ask prospective offline clients to evaluate the market potential for their local business online?


Ray Cassidysays:

Hi Chad.
back before I was even aware of keywords, I bought various domains with some vague connection to the even vaguer ideas I had for earning my living online. Since then, I have built up those domains and have dismally failed to attract significant traffic. 1 domain where the keywords are reasonably relevant has crept up to a page rank of 2 but days can go by without a soul seeing the site. Is it time to abandon and start again, or is it time to do something more creative with what I’ve got.

Cheers Ray


Hi Chad,

First let me thank you for the IM information that you give out willingly.

Then let me ask you if you would do some training on EXACTLY how to on page optimise WordPress sites. You see I self host a number of my sites using WordPress and I am interested in finding out how to optimise the site for and tags, etc so as to give my sites the absolute best opportunity for success before I begin building my backlinks.



Hi Chad and congrats
(I’m French)

I’d like to know if you know a trick to have clicks to an Adwords campaign when Adwords decided that the ads are “for adults”.
I have currently a campaign running (premature ej. related product) and I have 100 clicks a day. It’s not “for adults”.
But every time I try to launch another campaign, it’s qualified as “for adults” and I can hardly have more than 10 clicks a day. Impossible to work with such numbers, it’s worse than advertising with Bing :-)
So I’m afraid to even “touch” to my “accepted” campaign and I can’t expand it.

Other question : I’ve translated a WordPress plugin (from English to French)and I will sell it as an affiliate from a CB link not in the “ClickBank marketplace”. I did all the translation work, for the plugin and also for the dedicated website, so we have found this solution with the plugin author (we will do a 50/50 share on the sales). But I should be glad to recruit a small army of affiliates, unfortunatly ClickBank don’t allow “two-tier” affiliation system. Do you have a solution ?

Thanks !

dean dyersays:

Hey chad,
If I was a new person just starting out, and could afford to build…. What is the one thing that I could do to begin to generate cash flow, among all the many many things that people are doing, which makes this information overload happen, and frankly that’s what is in my way…
So Chad, please tell me the simplest and realistic method I can do to make $150 buck a day, today..
Please advise.



I saw someone mentioned your Google map trick. I have not seen this before
would you share some info on this. Is this a method of moving to the top of the
Google map box for local business searches?


I am new to your site but have recently seen a couple of your relatively older videos, the silo structure one and ranking without links. So my question is do you frown upon wordpress, since the templates usually have a whole bunch of page and post links no matter where you are on the blog, do you advocate using html structured sites instead so you can control your internal links better? If the answer is yes, what is your tool of choice, xsite pro?


ok I saw elsewhere you do use wp and in fact use special themes – thanks.



Thanks for all the support you provide to your customers/subscribers, it really does seperate you from the rest, and keeps you number 1 guru in my book :-) I have learnt more from you, than all the other marketers I follow – Put together!

I have read all the comments on this post, and think that the questions being asked are great, some of which I am interested in the answers myself, so that’s good.

Ofcoarse I am going to take advantage of this wonderful oppertunity you have given, and have some questions I would truly appreciate if you could answer…

1. What is your typical day in life now, and how has it changed over the years. What kind of mindset do you have, what things do you do, and how do you organise / get things done?

2. Which are your favourite tools, and are there any you could not go without?

3. What business model would you suggest to someone who wants to make a nice passive income online, and have time/freedom to live their dreams.

4. Is there a quick way to start earning big money online, that no-one mentions or just keeps quiet. I would bet that you and Seth have more than a few tricks up your sleeves…. :-) a YES or NO will be fine if you like, haha!

Ok I’m done for now… and want to THANK YOU once again for all your good will, and extremely valuable information, you da’ man!

Take care, I look forward to the conclusion.


I have your 10 box system – got the FULL package. I am beginning work with a second local company. Can you explain what I (others) need to do to get better listings with more than 1 keyword. 1st company is a septic system company that cleans and replaces septic tanks/systems. Do I really need to make a separate listing focusing on each keyword? Here is an example of keywords and how many show up in the “10 box”
septic tank pumping – 1 box carls
septic tank cleaning – 3 box carl and byers
septic tank cleaning molalla – 1 box carls
So do I need to make a listing for each keyword?
I think this is really a factor with any traveling business, electricians, plumbers, building companies….online only businesses.

Good info Chad and Seth


HEY CHAD, if you were stuck in a dead end job that was draining the life out of you ever day and you only had $100 dollars which of these two would be your first choice to make money to be able to start getting away from having to depend on that job. Which would have the shortest learning curve with the quickest results.

1. Making a product and putting it on Clickbank.
2.Making Niche Review Sites with a affiliate link and driving traffic to it(SEO).

Please explain why for which ever one you choose and give any tips or examples for it.


Chad & Seth,

We sure do appreciate you doing this for all of us. I really feel privileged to have come across your site, as you are absolutely one of the most down to earth and helpful experts out there!

We have recently launched a site to provide plr photos for marketers. We have several thousand photos to upload and are in the process of doing that. We realize we are entering a field with some gigantic players…so the question is:

If this were your site, how would you go about marketing it?
— And —
Would you adjust the pricing or do you feel it’s about right?

Thanks for any advice you be able to offer.


Hi Chad,
I am new on Internet Marketing and I am fortunate to find your blog in cyberspace and subscribe. My question is about Article Marketing, is it ok to send one particular article to many article directories? I saw one video advertising Article Submitter software and the video literally submitted one article to several directories. Is that a good practice? How many times can you submit the same article to many directories? Appreciate your response. Thanks….


Excuse my English Chad, I’m Italian. I’ll do my best ;o)

I’ve purchased your Youtube Cash Secret course, which is great.
I’m just starting my first Youtube campaigns, 10 videos.

Could you tell me more about the backlinks building speed :

We know that at the beginning, we have to build backlinks slowly for our new domain/page.
However the backlinks building speed is related to the age of the domain.

As Youtube is a 5 years old domain, can we build backlinks much faster for our videos (than on a new fresh domain) ?
Exemple : can we build 10-20 links a day and not have Google penalties (with Bookmarks, Blogging, user channel commenting etc), or do we have to

do it slowly, like 2-3 links the first week, 5-6 the second, 12 the next etc ?

Thanks a lot for this free Q-A session and have a great day,


Jason Heywardsays:

If you manage multiple IM projects, do you use a methodology or project management system?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We use activecollab


Hi Chad,

I have a couple of questions:

1. I’m basically new to IM and looking into PPC. If one would like to start in PPC, what would you recommend to kick start a sure-shot campaign and how much would be your recommended “minimum” budget. Please be more specific in discussing the steps/strategies/tactics.

2. Have you ever used Micro niche finder? If yes, how do you find it and can you compare/contrast it with Market Samurai.

Thank you for reading my questions ;0)

More power to you & seth. God bless!



I am really sorry I missed this opportunity.. Maybe you can still answer my question?

I am a member of your Google Maps course, (and most of your stuff for that matter) and it has been really helpful.

Now I was wondering if you have ever experimented with using the Google Maps api to show a google map on the contact page of the site that you want to get included in the 10box.

If so, of course my question is: Did it help? I’d say it “should” improve the authority of your business address, but if it doesn’t I don’t want to waste time on it. I am using the postbox method for a client who is slightly out of the center, that’s why I can use a bit of extra reinforcement of his listing.


Hey Chad,

Have you ever done domain name flipping?
If the answer is yes what kind of tools do you use to find easy to sell domain names?

What are the best ways to make any money using yahoo answers?

How do you find great keyword list and/or topics for your adsense websites?

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