TWO Free Email List Scripts Got me Thousands of Dollars and Subscribers

There have actually been TWO scripts that were directly responsible for the $19,000 profit I showed you in my last blog post.


Here is the code for the script in this video.

First, this is how you need to format your urls:

or if you have multiple words in your keyword phrase:

Now, all you simply have to do is insert this code somewhere in your HTML…


Download the Unblockable Popup Script

(right-click and choose “save link as”)

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So… where’s the link to the first script?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: It is directly under the video. It is not a download link, it is just in the text below the video…

Thank you very much for share Chad.

Your popup box share is great. I have one but it is not near as simple to use on my main wordpress blog.

Will certainly be using your ideas from here:)


There is no download link, but thank you.
Your sre Great Man !

Yours Sincerely
Seneka Ross

ANSWER FROM CHAD: The first script is directly below the first video, it is so simple, it is all right there in that text, no download link required. Just follow the instructions there.

Hi Chad

Would the popup be against Google’s TOS for Adsense sites?

And does the popup operate as the visitor leaves the site?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: I don’t know the terms for adsense sites, but I believe you can have popups on there. The popup pops when the user enters the site.

Thanks Chad,

I have a website that is starting to get some traffic and I’ve thought about building a list from it.
Your script and suggestions with mailchimp give me no excuse for not taking action.
ps I’ll be looking forward to the release of your email list product.

I can’t watch the videos (at work and they are blocked), what exactly does the first script do?

And then the second script collects emails? How do you monetize the emails? Clickbank offers? Affiliate offers? Your own products?

Would love to hear some more comments about what you’re doing.


Any way of changing to popup on exit?


ANSWER FROM CHAD: One way is to utilize one of those dialogue boxes similar to the ones that pop up and say “are you sure you want to leave this page?” This particular script doesn’t include that function, but it can be easily done.

Trying to figure out how to get the javascript into my WordPress blog.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: When logged into wordpress, click “appearance” on the left, then click on “editor” (also on the left) then click on “footer” (on the right). Paste the popup code directly above the last “body” tag at the bottom. (make sure to make a copy of all this code before making the edits and save them in a note pad file or something so if it gets messed up you can easily just paste the last working version of the “footer” back in.)

Please clarify. Does your script for your sales page auto insert the
visitor’s search terms into your sales page (even if the words
did not exist before on the sales page)?
What happens if adds substitutes “Golden Retrieval for dog?
Won’t that potentially jumble and trash the formatting?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: You will need to think about how the formatting is on the page when you choose which keyword phrases to autoinsert. In general, I try to keep the inserted phrases as plurals and noncount nouns, this works best.

Also, if you have a very generic site like DOG… Won’t
it be tough to get traffic for the visitor who was actually
searching for “Golden Retrieval”…? or does the traffic get
referred from other pages with the “Golden Retrieval” info?

If you use this single Sales Page for a multi-purpose
PPC landing page, will Google treat the auto substitution
“Golden Retrieval” PPC AND any other ads such as
“Pug,” “Labrador,” etc. PPC Ads as matching for the
purposes of their “Quality Score”?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I have had it help the quality score, yes. I’ve also had the quality score algorithm ignore the autoinserted keywords as well. The main reason you’re doing it is to increase response on the sales page because the page will seem more relevant to the visitor, it will be EXACTLY related to the thing they were searching for. Quality Score improvements are just a side benefit.

How is the above Variable TEXT get indexed when the Google
BOT visits the site (that is, dog or Pug or Golden Retrieval)?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Google will index each page separately in my experience. However, don’t go too crazy with it regarding SEO or you’ll just run into the dup content filter. The main advantage of this is after people have already become visitors to your site, and you’re directing them to your sales page, and you can customize the sales message for the particular sub niche of each visitor.

Thanks Matt for the info on Adsense. If it could be reprogrammed as a Popup on Exit, would clicking on an Adsense ad be seen as exiting the site? which could have an impact on the Adsense revenue. Be good if it could be programmed just for exiting – without clicking on an Adsense ad??


chad, you are the best dude online. Geezz… I’m so confused with all the junk that I’ve listened to over this last yr,… I was wondering if you could refer me to something that would unjunk me and put me in the profit funnel?

JC, Chad’s script above causes popup to appear after two seconds (with Javascript timer function, time is in ms so 2000 for 2 s etc). So such script is not really appropriate for exit pop up behavior.

You need to have programmed function after Javascript exit window event is triggered (e.g. user tries to close the window or wants to leave elsewhere). Now you can find several pop up exit scripts for free, one I’ve found recently from Bill McRea at
(mind you, this is only for WordPress blogs).

I personally use Exit Splash. You can customize popup messages easily and can even use online script generator so you can just fill in the blanks and copy generated code and you’re done. Plus there are many videos about how to insert this code, not limited to WordPress only, and even suggest box script as a bonus. Say you’d like to have a comment why visitor is leaving the page so you can enhance your product or even clarify information with a visitor if he enters his e-mail and you then reply him back.

Here’s the (paid) script at

BTW both links are my affiliate links but I haven’t received any commissions yet. And hopefully Chad won’t mind, just try to help here. I mean, original script here is from 2003 … so now you can think about and have complete scripts for your website visitors entering and exiting. I wish you success.

Hey JC, it’s getting late here (2 a.m.). :-)

For not spawning pop up exit for some conditions (e.g. AdSense ad click) you would have to check if visitor is for example leaving your domain. I have quickly tried if ExitSplash is safe for AdSense ads (by AdSense TOS I cannot click on my site, I’ve used proxy and by luck seen public service ad) and can confirm exit pop up was not triggered.

It was displayed only when I’ve tried to close browser window e.g. tab. Even author of ExitSplash claims it’s perfect for AdSense but more tests should be run. For further logic you’ve mentioned (like always show popup only if AdSense ad was not clicked) there should be additional programming done etc.

Beside that you can check some interesting scripts via Google search, the problem is quite interesting (e.g. IFRAMEs over ads etc):

(e.g. beta Click Aider, looking nice but old Contextual Tracker script etc)

Hey Chad,

You da man! Thanks for the free script and the great video showing how start building your list. I’m going to get started right away. I’ll be watching for your next email.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for the last couple weeks. Thanks for sharing Chad.

Maybe I’m missing something obvious but I don’t understand how you actually format the URL but I’ll try it out.

Thanks for the quick clarification Chad.
Looking forward to using both scripts.


You keep delivering great insider tips and effort…its no wonder that
you are doing so well.

Keep it up man.


Chad thank you so much for this tremendous tip and the code to boot. I have several lazy sites that I have already slapped it into. I was going to ask you how to insert it into a WordPress site post and you already explained it to Paul – Thanks again and please keep talking.


Thanks for the list building videos & scripts. As always, straight forward info that you can implement quickly and bank on. It’s always a pleasure and surprise to receive your mail.

All the best,

I have re installed the latest version of Adobe Flash. And I have uploaded the latest browers ‘plug-in” for my web browser too. But I am still unable to view the first video.



ANSWER FROM CHAD: Try it again, it should work now, there was an error in the code.

How have any of you viewed Video #1? I’ve tried and tried using 3 different browsers, I.E., Firefox and Google Chrome, and it will not play. No problem with Video #2, but #1 will not play.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Try it again, it should work now

Your code is great but I ran into a little snag and I need help. I put the code on the coded page as you instructed and it shows up fine on my html editor but when I transfer it to the web via Filezilla the code will not upload.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: sounds like a problem with filezilla. Try a different ftp program like fireftp or something.

Hey Chad!
Thanks for this, it’s great! I’ve been planning on building a list for so long and this is definitely inspiring.
Tell me though, if I have my own static sign up form on a site, how can I link this to an Aweber or Mailchimp account? Is it easy enough to do?



I totally don’t ‘get’ the first video. Yeah I get the fact that you can input a keyword into the web copy for better convernsions. However, what are the applications? Is this something you can apply on a Blogger blog?

I also have a wordpress blog on my own registered domain. Does this script #1 work on that too? Or is it for email marketing?


Hey Chad,

Thanks for this (giving great info and resources for free again….)!

Just a quick few questions about the first script:

1. Don’t fully understand how it works. Formatting URLs? That’s new to me.
Is that per page? If so, then what’s the point of the dynamic code? Its probably really simple, but I can’t figure it out.

2. The bit of code is an image, so can’t be copied. Do you have a text file with it?



I am still having trouble getting your popup script to upload to the internet via several FTP programs. The perplexing thing is in the html editor (Mozilla) preview it works find and one of the five sites with the inserted code uploaded properly but the others did not. Please advise. I can’t wait to get this code on all my sites.

I appreciate the share as well but admit that I dont get the first one either even after going over the video.

Where do we input that html and where do we use those special urls with our inserted keywords?

This changes our already posted wordpress posts to different keywords or what?

I love all of ypur responses to the script it is great to know that people are out there
That have some of the same point of views as me. It really means a lot to me to know all of this there are some things I don’t understand though about the FTP programs but for the most part I got it down.

Thank you everyone, nicholas

Hi Chad –
First of all thanks for the free info. I just have to remember slow down and think things through. Also to try new things : it is more fun that way.

I wondered if I could use a form that had video in it and use it in your script – well lo and behold – “it worked !” – just had to copy and paste like you said.

Using a WordPress template and blog.

Personally I use a kit that has an email responder package , video producer package, templates and forms and video conferencing and gives me free hosting of unlimited domains.

So far so good.

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