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9 Conmen Steal My Money, Housewife Gets It Back

Nine people stole my products and tried to sell them online. Straight up pirated them from clickbank or wherever they saw them. One housewife who works for me, setup several email broadcasts to more than make up for the money I lost.

I’ve made most of my money in my life from email lists, and continue to do so. Many would think that email marketing is dead, but it most certainly is not. Email open rates have dropped, and it is a bit harder to beat spam filters, but it is still one of the best ways to make money you can find other than getting free inbound calls from hot leads. In fact, there are even more sophisticated ways to market via email.

We now have complex trees of decisions that determine which email a subscriber will get, how often they’ll get email from us, and what topic the email will be about.

Our systems also interface with text message systems that send SMS messages in addition to emails if the subscriber meets certain criteria! Dig deep, email marketing is still a very powerful tool for online marketing.


Makes You $1000-$4000 per Email You Send

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TWO Free Email List Scripts Got me Thousands of Dollars and Subscribers

There have actually been TWO scripts that were directly responsible for the $19,000 profit I showed you in my last blog post.

The script inserts a keyword into your website, so when someone clicks on a google ad and arrives at your site, the keyword they searched to click your ad is automatically inserted on to the page.

If you tweak the ad copy and make it match the text on your sales page, it can be very powerful. It can also make very little sense or gibberish if you don’t do it right, so think through it well and test it and let it run!

If you want the code for this, go to and contact me

First, this is how you need to format your urls:

or if you have multiple words in your keyword phrase:

Now, all you simply have to do is insert this code somewhere in your HTML…

The second script is an “unblockable popup” which doesn’t pop in another browser window, but is actually within the page itself so it doesn’t get blocked.