Automated Wealth Management Reviews

Many people are inclined to invest in the real estate industry due to its lucrative nature. However, non-traditional investment opportunities have proven more rewarding than the typical real estate industry. 

One such venture is investing in automated Amazon stores. Unlike traditional investment opportunities like real estate, where you wait for extended periods to make substantial returns, you can make 5-10 times your investment in just one year.

But before I get into my review of Automated Wealth Management, I need to be up front with you: I have major concerns with this business model. I have personal experience selling on Amazon, and I don’t recommend it to beginners.

Why? If you are new to making money online, you really need a more beginner friendly business model. It takes serious marketing chops to succeed on Amazon, and it is much more difficult than it once was. You you need a business model that pays you on autopilot without having to continually hustle to find new products to promote, deal with sales tax, refunds, shipping, etc. Check out this video that shows you how to setup an autopilot business using google maps.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Automated Wealth Management. But since you are here to learn about Automated Wealth Management, lets get back to our review of that:

Amazon, the go-to marketplace for online sellers looking to get their products out there, allows you to invest and make six-figure incomes. Since setting up and running Amazon stores is challenging, Amazon automation companies have emerged to help sellers do it at a fee.

The agencies run Amazon stores on behalf of the clients and receive a portion of the profits monthly. Thus, if you plan to invest $100,000 in an Amazon store, but need more experience running it, reach out to Automated Wealth Management service. 

They’ll do all the heavy lifting of setting up the store, inventory management, and selling the products to your customers. Here’s more about the Amazon automation company.

Who is Milos Safranek? The Brains Behind Automated Wealth Management

Milos Safranek is the founder of Automated Wealth Management. He embarked on the journey in 2016 after realizing the potential in the eCommerce industry. At first, Milos established small drop shipping stores and worked up to working with private labels and wholesale brands. 

He and his team sold goods from multiple brands and now serve more than 400 clients.

In 2018, he established Automated Wealth Management Holdings to develop high-revenue online companies that can generate recurring revenue. 

The company works with everyday investors, wholesalers, and small and medium-sized enterprises, providing competitive solutions to help them scale operations.

What is Automated Wealth Management?

Automated Wealth Management (AWM) is an eCommerce Consulting Firm that provides customized solutions to online sellers on Amazon, Walmart, and other such marketplaces. The firm does all the heavy lifting associated with automating stores on such marketplaces. 

They’ll handle the product research, listings, sourcing, supply management and ship the products to FBA warehouses. Here’s a brief overview of their services:

Step 1: Establish a legal structure

AWM will help you incorporate the store on Amazon, Walmart or other marketplace. Its team enables you to source for NAICS codes, social proofs, DUNS Numbers, and taxation documents required when setting up an eCommerce store on the marketplaces.

Step 2: Integrating the Store to the Platform

Once the store is approved, AWM helps you integrate it with the platform by adding Amazon to your IP address. Amazon takes 2-3 weeks to approve online stores, while Walmart takes 4-8 weeks. AWM will also help verify your store to avoid getting suspended or banned.

Step 3: Finding Capital

The AWM team will consult with you to determine your capital sources. Cash and credit lines are the most preferred sources. And if your credit score is low, the team offers credit repair services to ensure you can secure credit from reputable lenders.  

Step 4: Product Research

The team will then help you identify a winning product and top-selling brands to ensure it generates high revenues and return on investments. It would help to have some experience in product research, inventory management, procurement, and sourcing, so you’re actively involved.

AWM leverages its vast network of wholesale partners and manufacturers to find the best deals for its clients. Next, the team oversees delivery to the distribution centers for packaging and relabeling to meet Amazon’s requirements.

Step 5: Scaling the Amazon Store

Here, Milos and his team apply strategies they have used to scale the store over the years. However, you must be patient as new online stores on Amazon go on probation for the first 90 days before they can realize profits.

Step 6: Increase Reach

AWM then works on the store’s product listings, e.g., by optimizing the keywords and building partnerships with brands to increase exposure and revenues. In addition, the team analyzes the products in the store to determine the best-selling ones. 

One strategy that always works is to allow products with a low return on investment to sell out and focus on those with a high ROI and turnover rate. 

Step 7: Diversification

Lastly, AWM analyzes the store’s performance to determine if it’s a suitable candidate for diversification. If so, the team will help you find new markets where you can sell your products.

What is the Cost of Automated Wealth Management?

I couldn’t find the cost of Automated Wealth Management on their website; instead, you must schedule a call with the team to find out. This is underwhelming for a company that has existed for six years. It also raises questions about its credibility and legitimacy. 

What Do Others Think About Automated Wealth Management? Customer Reviews

Automated Wealth Management claims to help you manage online stores on Amazon and ensure you get a monthly income. Even so, finding other customers’ experiences with the company is important. Here’s what I found out:

Loves the Team and its Ability to Deliver Results

The client loves that they do little work after investing their money in an Amazon store. They sit back and observe the team do its magic.

The Company is Transparent

This customer loves that the company is quite transparent about its actions. Having worked with AWM for over one and a half years, he finds its services satisfactory.

Team Helps You Find the Best Investment Opportunities

The customer loves the team’s professionalism and ability to help find the best investment opportunities.

Should You Invest in Automated Wealth Management? My Verdict

Setting up and running an online store on Amazon, Walmart, or other marketplace is challenging. The biggest hurdles are meeting the requirements for opening an online store, finding the best products to sell, marketing them, and finding reliable manufacturers. Finding a company like Automated Wealth Management to do the heavy lifting is quite relieving. You only need to raise substantial capital to open a store, purchase inventory, and allow the team to do the work for you. I love that the AWM team is transparent enough, keeping you updated about every step. I also love that they can help you find the best-selling products with a high ROI and turnover rate. This means you’re likely to recover your money within a short period. The only bummer is that they don’t provide the course price or information about their refund policy. I’d also have loved to see more reviews on third-party websites like Better Business Bureau and Reddit, given that they have been in the market for over five years.

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