Bear Market Millions Review

Real estate is always on the hot list of how to make good money even in 2023 and people who have programs that make it easier for others to get into the industry are always popular. This article is about another real estate program that is worth exploring. 

Join me to not only explore what this program is, but also to see if it is worth the hype.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Bear Market Millions program. But since you are here to learn about Bear Market Millions, lets get back to our review of that:

What is Bear Market Millions?

It is a program that replicates Sean Terry’s process of flipping houses irrespective of market conditions. The program outlines all of Sean’s strategies and affordable ways of acquiring regular leads.

Who is Sean Terry?

Sean Terry has had quite an eventful life and he continues to do so. He is a veteran who has won many awards for his leadership skills. While serving the United States as a Marine, he traveled to over 30 countries and his experience in the Marine Corps made him fearless.

When he left the Marine Corps at the age of 22, bought his first house. He founded his first sales and marketing company right after that and the business was incredibly successful. He recorded $5 million in annual sales and he also expanded his business to 6 other areas across the country. 

Some of his transactions included real estate investments and the results were great. He saw the success he has achieved and started a real estate training podcast on iTunes in 2010. That podcast still runs and has over 9 million listeners from all over the globe. He is also the author of a highly-ranked book called The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Blueprint. 

Sean has created many other programs that focus on real estate including The Bear Market Millions. All these programs are listed under a much bigger business called Flip 2 Freedom. He currently fixes and flips up to 10 properties monthly. 

Sean is married and has two daughters. He currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. 

How Does the Bear Market Millions Work?

When you sign up for Sean’s program, you will get access to a 7-step Nationwide Wholesaling model. The program will help you to identify the most promising small market for your business. He will also teach you his top three proven techniques to help you find distressed properties with ease. 

Once you identify the properties, Sean teaches you how to strategically reach out via phone call. The program also teaches you to engage with a reliable closing agent and you get to feature your properties on the nationwide Multi Listing Service.

Since the program teaches you to have options, you will get the chance to choose the most beneficial offer and pocket your earnings. 

Sean will also give you a set of tools he calls the survival kit. The kit includes budget-friendly software and resources that make your business easier. According to Sean Terry, his blueprint can make you an average profit of $28, 000 per deal. 

How Much Does the Bear Market Millions Cost?

The program costs a one-time payment of $997. But you may need to invest in some automation tools. 

Refund Policy

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Should You Invest in Bear Market Millions?

Sean Terry seems to have great experience with real estate wholesaling. Since he doesn’t only manage Bear Market Millions, all the reviews are under the parent name; Flip to Freedom. The reviews on Trustpilot about his courses are mixed but the positive ones outweigh the negative ones. 

Many reviews on Trustpilot talk about how good he is as a mentor and how he and his team are dedicated to helping students succeed. The negative reviews are about how you need to pay extra for some tools since they are not included in the original program offer. Another unhappy client said that the company is unresponsive when you have issues. 

Since this is a one-time payment and you get to learn from an experienced wholesaler, it is worth considering. The reviews are great and the price is reasonable; if everything works out as promised, you will earn way more than the amount you paid. The bottom line is you can invest if you are willing to learn and put in the work. 

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