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Local Marketers get SUED

You haven’t ever done anything like this have you? LOL

The fact is, these fake review companies are doing this for a very good reason (not that I encourage this practice)


Because this is one of the big changes recently to the Google Plus Local algorithm.

They are factoring “reviewer authority” into the ranking.

That means not all reviews are created equal. If your reviewer account has certain signals of “authority” your review can push a business up in the rankings much easier than other accounts.

Fake review companies create their own authority accounts, to easily game ranking on Google and Yelp.

We recently created a video about this in my Google Plus Local Course.

In this video we teach you how to increase your reviewer authority, and how to get these powerful authority reviews on your own business, or your client’s business.

BEST OF ALL, You can do this without getting SUED when you follow our methods (our techniques work WITH google on this, not against them).

(PREVIOUS CUSTOMERS: we constantly update the videos in this course, so if you haven’t been inside the members area in a while,  you should jump in now and watch the updates)

Local Search

Postcard Verification Hack (Profit from this google maps loophole!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We had a video on this page on bypassing the google maps postcard but took the video down. 

If you are interested in bypassing postcard verification, phone verification of google plus local listings where you have no address click here:

This loophole, plus my software that I created (see last post) can make it much easier to profit from local traffic by exploiting low competition niches on google maps.

Once you are ranking on google maps you will get so many calls that you will need to hire an inbound closer to just handle all the new customers! There are still TONS of them out there: