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Postcard Verification Hack (Profit from this google maps loophole!)

IMPORTANT NOTE: We had a video on this page on bypassing the google maps postcard but took the video down. 

If you are interested in bypassing postcard verification, phone verification of google plus local listings where you have no address click here:

This loophole, plus my software that I created (see last post) can make it much easier to profit from local traffic by exploiting low competition niches on google maps.

Once you are ranking on google maps you will get so many calls that you will need to hire an inbound closer to just handle all the new customers! There are still TONS of them out there:


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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

41 replies on “Postcard Verification Hack (Profit from this google maps loophole!)”


Once again… very informative. Chad you continue to provide excellent information without filler. Great job & I look forward to the new release.

Hans R. Luginbuhlsays:

lots of good information and some teasing :-) going on in this video, Chad! If your new release is any as good as your first release, you got yourself another sale.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: Teasing?? me??? (lol)


Chad – I freakin’ love your stuff! These are killer tricks! I always look forward to your vids.

Cheap Auto Insurancesays:

Chad – as always nice tip – Thanks.


I am forced to say it again. This is just fine diabolical marketing. Thanks — bru-haha…


I’ll be buying on Thursday! How do you get a PO Box in a city you are not in? You mentioned that we may want to use this strategy for getting a site up in every major city in the country. This seems to imply we need a PO Box in every city.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: See Art’s post below


Hi Chad

Absolutely brilliant info in the video. I am in the UK, so will test this out tomorrow and hope it works here!

Will update you once I get the “letter”!

ANSWER FROM CHAD: yes keep us posted if it works in the U.K.!


Chad, you say it works for multiple cities. But how do I manage to get the postcard verification if I do not live in that city?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you are working for a client, this would be particularly useful because the client probably has an address in the city in question, but just not near the city center where you’re trying to get them ranked. In that case the client’s real address would go on line two to enable you to verify it. If you are using it for affiliate traffic or your own business, you would need some sort of real address in the other city, PO box, mailboxes etc, or something. It would just be a temporary thing until you get it verified then you could cancel the service.


Why is the phone number different in the beginning listing (773-655-9668)
and after you receive the postcard and go back into the google places account, the phone number is (312-974-3968)

You said if the phone number, the first line of the address, business name or zip is changed that you will have to re-verify your listing with google. I’m confused how your phone number has changed and you didn’t have to re-verify.

Could you please explain this.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Good catch! We did tons of testing to make sure this worked in various scenarios (PO Box, regular street address etc…), and the early part of the video I’m showing screenshots from one of my staff’s successful experiments, where she used the first number. Then, I redid the whole process for the video later because I wanted some different shots that she had not managed to grab when she originally did it, but when I redid it I just punched in a random number because I’m not intending to use this for anything.

Art Derfallsays:

The flip side to Sarah’s post is that one real PO Box would allow you to list countless businesses that exist outside the city inside the city. Chicago must have many zip codes / one zip per Post Office. You will need to go to the Post Office to get a box and keys. Around $50 for 6 months…correct? If you were trying to get a fake address listed in another part of town, you would need another POB.

You mentioned using your real address on the second line, meaning your home is in the same zip. That also means the second address line has a second street address. An interesting test would be to have the second line include something like: 33 Elm St., some city, IL different zip. In other words, have completely different address as an alternative possibly even as c/o all on the second address line.

This would work if the Google system is somewhat automated; perhaps the “reader” only reads the business name, first line, and last line. Worth a test.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Thats a great idea, we didn’t test this but if you do, post back here and let us know the results!

Ralph Mortonsays:

Once again Chad you are up and running. Great information, and I certainly need that verification method. It is a shame it does not work by changing the cities too, however this will help immensely.

Thanks, look forward to the 18th.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: My course shows you how to get listed in cities where you are NOT located, I just saved those tips for the paid version of the course!


Love any video that sticks it to Goliath(google). Where can I find information on citations?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I provide everything you need to know about citations in my course coming out on August 18 Thursday. there is a lot to know about the topic to do it effectively.

Nurul Chowdhurysays:

Wow Chad, that is a great discovery. I come a long way to watch your videos. Hope we can apply the same techniques here in europe. US is much advanced, but I am sure Google will have the same loopholes out here also.

Thanks for sharing


Thanks for all the information! What I guess I don’t understand is…. what if I do not have a “real” Chicago mailing address? You obviously do, so you were able to walk into the Post Office and get the card.

So if I want to do this for San Diego, CA… I will have to somehow rent a Sand Diego PO BOX that perhaps forwards mail… I just want to understand this correctly.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: If you are working for a client, this would be particularly useful because the client probably has an address in the city in question, but just not near the city center where you’re trying to get them ranked. In that case the client’s real address would go on line two to enable you to verify it. If you are using it for affiliate traffic or your own business, you would need some sort of real address in the other city, PO box, mailboxes etc, or something. It would just be a temporary thing until you get it verified then you could cancel the service.

Phil Tozersays:

Hi Chad
Is this right?
I must also have a PO Box in the middle of the city so that I can have the imagined (or vacant) address appear as if it is real.

Is this similar to the UPS system that is floating around the internet?
Phil Tozer
Twitter philtozer

ANSWER FROM CHAD: No this is different from the ups system. Your real address doesnt need to be downtown, just anywhere in the same city.

Phil Tozersays:

Hi again Chad
I wrote the above comment before I saw the end of the video.

To be honest I’m amazed at the persistence of the post office there!
Phil Tozer
Twitter philtozer

Art Derfallsays:

This may no longer work.

I used a street address in Boston for a site I have for photo retouching. Photo retouching does have the seven Google Places. When I tried putting anything in the line below the legitimate address, the map to the right gave me a message that the location wasn’t defined, and it wouldn’t let me relocate the pin. I removed the addition and the pin was replaced.

I did reinsert my POB number, diff. city, diff. zip all in [ ] for the hell of it and submitted it. I’ll see if I get a post card. The pin may not be correct if I get the code, or the system is wise to a second line. It doesn’t seem right. If there was a suite number, it would have to go on the same line as the real address.

This was done at my work computer, but I don’t think that’s the problem.
Try it from your end again for Boston.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yep, this is new, since I published this video. However, here in chicago it gave me the same message “not clear marker location” but it still let me go through and submit as long as you check the box that says “Yes, the address and marker location are currently correct.” before clicking “submit.” did you try that?


A little disappointed… I thought we were going to learn how to get listings in cities we are not in.

I also thought this hack was going to be in the paid course so I can’t complain… oops I think I already complained.

Chad- serious question now, you said in the vid that you tested this out a few ways .

Did you test running multiple addresses or businesses to one real address or po box?

I want to get a po box in the city i want to work and it would totally be worth the money if I could verify multiple addresses.

I would get a po box then find a fake address close to the city center. Then get the postcard and verify. Then I would find another fake address but also send that verif card to the same po box.

Do you think I would have to wait to get the first verif then take it off of the places page before I could try to get a postcard from the second address?

Have you tried this?

Do you think it will work?

I will let you know if it works for me if you don’t know yet.

Thanks again for the great free info even if I don’t get to “eat the cake too”.


PS How long will you have the discounted early bird special? I don’t get paid till Friday (:0

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We’ll leave the discounted early bird special for a couple days, don’t worry!


Again, Chaddo yet another great video on Google Places.




Your daughter is adorable!! Very cute, putting her in the video.
Thank you for sharing everything you do with us. You always have great content and tricks to show us, where do you come up with this stuff? lol

God bless you,



Thanks Chad nice little move. The only possible downside is you are at the mercy of the USPS and how long it takes them to get the postcard to the address you want. It’s certainly worth the effort but it’s still a dicey game with the USPS. Just speaking from experience – many years of direct mailing.


thanks for your answer. Could you please take me out of the list where I get all these updates of comments?

ANSWER FROM CHAD: At the bottom of the email updates, there should be a link where you can delete yourself from the comments updates… shoot me an email at chadwarrior at gmail if you don’t see that link.

Irinel Lazarescusays:

Hi Chad !

Thanks again for the great free Software
and another great video on Google Places.


Irinel Lazarescu


Chad, I got your G. Cash course v.1 and used it with great success and can’t wait to get the upgrade on Thursday. Quick Question: to do this for a brick and mortar client whose location is in a suburb of a major city, but wants to show up in the search results of the keyword + Main City, how could you use this technique specifically? If you can pull it off, wouldn’t the driving directions be misleading to the end user as the ultimate goal would be to draw people inside the physical location? Please advise.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: Yes you’ve definitely hit on a “grey area” here, it really depends on the specific market your client is in. If your client has the type of business where customers might just drive there without calling (like a grocery store or retail type place) then this tactic could cause problems. If they would tend to call first to ask questions or setup appointments, I don’t see any problems with it except that some prospects might end up not coming when they find out where they need to go. Phone staff would need to be trained to mention this if you’re getting a lot of calls from that places page.

Art Derfallsays:

I did submit the listing after the message regarding the placement pin. I’ll let you know if I get a postcard.

I mentioned in a second post that the word “suite 2311” is accepted and not “suite-POB” or “POB 2311” or “PO Box”. It would need to read “suite 2311 at Post Office at 01888”. I’m sure that they’ll translate to the box number.


ANSWER FROM CHAD: “suite 2311 at post office at 01888” thats a great idea, did this work?


Yes lets use black hat methods when doing work for our clients shall we?


Finally watched this video. Will try to combine with BHvid 5 .


Are the videos flash based? I was wondering if the can be watched on an iPhone or iPad….



good content – looking forward to your course. I’ve invested in some courses in the past and i hope this one is worth it. Can’t go wrong since your offer money back guarantee.

Tree Dwellersays:

Just a thought.
It is possible that all of us here could lend each other our addresses to verify in each others states or cities?
Sort of like, I’ll lend the use of my address (for verification purposes only) in Orange County, CA for your New York, NY address.
Just a thought.
Let me know if this sounds plausible to anyone.


I know that we are all seeking an “edge” but we are cheating out clients when we use black hat on their business listings. Who suffers when these techniques backfires? The client!

Since Google has been more than unfair to affiliate businesses, this may be a way to “get back” at them. Just leave unsuspecting clients out of it.

Art Derfallsays:

I tried (see my posting above) to force a POB using “suite” rather that POB and I never got the postcard from Google.



Interesting, BUT this is all nonsense as when google eventually verifies your address, they will call you on the phone and ask you what is the color of your building, who is next door, what is the color of the building next to you, what is the closest landmark, hell I have had google say they are on the way to my location and can I meet them outside asking am I next to ***** cuz We can’t find you.

Even if you make it by this you will have to satisfy the map people at google who are not associated with places to redefine your fake address because they are confused your building is not where they can verify it. Not because they don’t trust you but because it is their job to be more accurate than the post office. When these guys call they are looking at your location with great detail.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: I have listings that I used this technique for and it works. One has been up for YEARS. I did get a phone call but just jumped on streetview and answered all the questions they had about colors of the building etc


Jim needs a chill pill, and just let go and let life come as it may…


Yea I’ve totally talked a rep through this–its easy to just tell them hold on a sec and then log on to google streetview and explain the location of the address.


Is this course still available?



This rocks. I did mine a little different. I used two completely different addresses. It took three times for it to get to me. Something you mention no one else does is that its best to use an address that doesnt exist at all. I will be doing that on my next one. Thank you for the video

Li Husays:

Hey Chad,

First and foremost, I love your blog and all the content you post, it’s really awesome stuff.

Quick q: I have a client that wants me to start ranking their Google Places site in a city where they haven’t picked an address yet. They know they will be downtown Dallas and are moving there in 1 year and want to get a jump on the local SEO rankings. They want to pay me top dollar so I don’t want to lose them. It’s a service biz so they aren’t worried about anyone ever actually coming in the store so that’s nice, but I have no idea how to get around having no address at all.

Any thoughts?

Much appreciated,
– Li

ANSWER FROM CHAD: We talk extensively about strategies for this in my monthly course (option 2) inside the private forum and live Q and A sessions:

Bob Josephsays:

Does the current version of your course (as of May 2015) have the latest ways to get into Google Places without a physical address?

The lack of dates on these comments makes it hard to know how up to date this course is…

ANSWER FROM CHAD: My standard course doesn’t teach this, we only teach this through one on one coaching. Email me at for more info on this.

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