Stephen Colbert talks about my Youtube Technique??

My wife and I were cracking up at this video just now! No matter what your politics are, you gotta love Colbert.

But seriously, you may not know this: Colbert’s silly youtube prank is actually very close to how my students ranked Youtube videos in the past!

We would use much higher quality comments, but we would simply place comments on high pagerank youtube videos. Usually when you hit 30 or 40 comments, your youtube videos and sometimes your entire youtube account page would rank on the first page of google. I’m oversimplifying the technique here, but the reality is, it was very easy to rank.

Well, google shut all this down with the new comment system.

But, GOOD NEWS, they made it even better when they brought google plus into the picture. There are some very powerful techniques now available with the new system that I will teach you.

It is now EVEN EASIER to rank youtube videos.

I’ll be teaching all about this in my LIVE ADVANCED BLACKHAT Youtube course next week.

I’m only leaving registration open for 2 more days.

Register here, don’t delay!

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