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I’m giving away 3 vouchers for google adwords clicks, worth $100 each. I also have another voucher for $75 in Yahoo PPC clicks.

Here is how to get one of these bad boys:

Post your best, most unique money making idea in the comments below. The best 4 ideas posted here will get one of the vouchers emailed to them.

Criteria for money making idea:

1. It must be something you have actually tried and made money with.

2. You have to post the time it took you and how much take home PROFIT you received from the technique.

I’ll be judging the techniques based on uniqueness, ease to implement, and time involved. If you don’t have a money making idea, traffic generation techniques are acceptable as well, as long as you have actually generated a lot of traffic with the technique.

IMPORTANT: Even if you don’t have an idea yourself, I highly recommend you come back and visit this post within 24 hours to learn from the others!

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Chad Kimball is an entrepeneur and internet marketer who shapes his work around his life, rather than the other way around. He quit his job and has been working (as little as possible) from home since January of 2000.

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Before I submit a technique, can I use the voucher if I already have an Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing account?


1) Learn to play guitar
2) Learn to sing and do it while playing
3) Write some songs
4) Record those songs
5) Put them up for sale on a site call Bandcamp
6) Drive traffic to that site


Went to college, got a job, had a career, retired, play golf, fish, putz around with the web, eat pizza, drink beer. Somebody’s gotta do it.


Registered a domain name for a very popular niche. Before I was able to put up the site, got an offer to buy the name and sold it. Timeframe about 6 months.


Check out jvnotify, look for an upcoming lauch within the next month. Register the domain of product + review. Create a wordpress site promoting the product. Build backlinks continuously. When launch day comes around you want to be in the top 3 of google.

Time takes aprox 1 month with 20 mins a day work.
Take home profit $920 but it brings in money every few weeks after the launch.

Rank High on Googlesays:

Went to Amsterdam in 1996

Got in the que to play songs with my guitar on the Leidseplein terraces (very organized, you actually get in line)

Did the same on the Rembrandtplein

Learned the timing and location of playing the smaller terraces, and did not over-indulge the Orange Bud, which will turn you into a street bum. A little is okay.

Made between $200 and $400 US per day April thru August.

Wintered in Puert De La Cruz, Tenerife playing Irish Pubs and living on the summers take.

Rinsed and repeated for 4 years, burned out, came home to Florida

Still trying to learn how to make $200 per day that easy after being home ten years


Anyone can see this can be very useful for you and others. Since you’ve contributed a lot to us (by giving away the Google Maps Keyword Tool alone), I feel the need to contribute. Here’s what I did:

Got an exact-match .com domain name. Wrote a couple of blog posts, and got Google to index the site and wrote a couple more to get Google to see I’m adding fresh content. Got the site to rank as #2 for a 3 letter KW in 2 months. Have seen traffic go from 0 to 500/month in 2 months. Not much backlinking (2 links of related forums, and perhaps 5 social bookmarks). Have links on site to affiliate offers using no-follow tags (added only after Google indexed site). Cleared $240 last month (all seo traffic). On track to get more than $400 this month. Will be adding Adwords traffic slowly (and only for KWs that my site doesn’t show up for on 1st page of Google).

I don’t care if I get the $100 coupon or not, although I probably wouldn’t have considered sharing w/o the bribe. ;-)

Thanks for delivering non-pushy, content-full emails/posts.

Phil Tozersays:

Hi Cash Creators
One of the oldest money makers is haggling!
It has lots of fancy names.
It has one skill: negotiating from a place of certainty!

If you know something about a product or service that is a little out there you can begin to separate your knowledge from mine. Keep separating until there is a sizable speciality there & you have what has become the mainstay of much of the IM haggling home pages.

You have a market NICHE!!

There are empires on the net that simply started out giving people a chance to separate themselves from everyone else. Look at ClickBank, PayDotCom & another little group that I can’t quite remember the name of. It is something like e… eb… eB… !! No I can’t remember.

Of course there is another emerging giant of the art of separation. You are reading about them as you read my comment on their website. Will they soon be the go to place for all things NICHE? They certainly know how to haggle!!
Let’s call them The Brothers Kimball.

I have been learning the fine art of haggling for more years than I care to remember. It has been a souce of income for more than 15 years. The IM scene has made such a fine art of separating us all into our specialist niches that some of the rules of haggling ettiquette are changing. This is the new world of trade & negotiating. It is both exciting & challenging. Follow The Brothers Kimball & quickly learn to separate yourself from the rest!!

Phil Tozer


Back in the day I bought a domain name for $7.00 of a celebrity whos daughter was getting into the music business. The domain was of the daughter of one of the most famous wrestlers ever. They went on to have their own reality show. Im guessing you know who it was by now.

I sold the domain name to them for $3500.oo

Nice profit.

Chad, I have proof of this I can send you to verify this happened. You might be interested in looking at it just because of everything that was involved


Go to google trends and see the on any it and see the information.make a free blog(blogspot) or a site with that keyword and post an article to that topic.put adsense.see money roll as it will be the hot topic and be searched thousands of times a day and ull be the 1 of at max 30 people with the info.i made $116 a day with adsense max.also if there is affiliate product related to the niche,try sell it.

Alessandro Zambonisays:

I use this method.
I research a common niche in Google.
I access to Google Wonder Wheel from Settings.
I build my Table of Contents from each branch of Wonder Wheel.

I complete the e-book chapters connecting to the resources indicated by Google Wonder Wheel and I start to gather info.
The e-book or report can be ready in 2 days.

Sell it on Warrior Forum with three set of prices based on customers (for example $17 for first 10, $27 for next 10 and $37 for the next 50.
But if you want to add videos your price can go up !

It works !


I started article marketing for a product it took about 2 months to start seeing results I made 3 sales in 3 days and continued to do so. even though I have stopped writing articles for this product I am not only still getting opt ins and traffic to that blog I am still making a sale each week of between 1 and 2 items and I am not doing anything to get them.

Article marketing still creates tons of traffic as well as sales and it is free and it is easy. What more can I say.


Richard Mortimersays:

Went to an old cupboard in 2002 when I was getting married. Found all my old Action Man stuff (original and in very good condition). Put an advert in Exchange & Mart and had loads of calls. One collector bought the lot for £750 (about $1,000 at today’s prices). Probably a few weeks from ad to getting the money (cash in hand). Nice!

Must tell you about a friend, while I am here: He needed to raise some money and was selling off some old car books. He had a signed copy of the original factory publicity book for the Jaguar XJ220. (Signed by Richard Owen, the designer, who is a friend of his). Put the book on eBay. It soon reached £1,000.
Then, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6… two guys were bidding on it. When it got to £7,000 one chap emailed to say he had made a mistake about the comma and decimal point (they are different for Euros). But, the guy in the UK bid to £8,000. Even nicer….!



Jonathan Steele of Speechmastery.comsays:

Purchased an on line course on how to sell on the internet. It had the sequence of letters and what to say in them and how to say it. You know, story telling, etc.

I then took the lessons and used them off line with snail mail. Asked my employer for his dead leads list. These were actually going to go in the trash as the sales staff had pitched them and got nowhere.

Using on line selling techniques, (if you have ever got autoresponder mail, well, it is along those lines) and started snail mailing them with hand written letters.

Starting with 50 letters, after the returns, deceased and no longer living here were eliminated, there were 20 left. Of the 20 finalist, 8 purchased the financial product I was selling. I got around $400 commission each.

It took five weeks of total days and less than 15 hours in actual letter writing and envelope stamping and stuffing. Basically, it took about 3 hours once a week, every week till I made the final sales call. The actual sales call was a breeze as the customers were of a mind, “how soon can you get here.” It was not even selling at this point. It was order taking. Including drive time, the order taking took no more than about 2 hours each.

Total time, about 30 hours over a 5 week period for $3200. The cost of mailing was less than $120 (it saved me considerably more than if I drove and cold called). Oh yea, it also put me in the sales leader spot for the month.


Opened up a Blogger account including brief research on keyword rich subdomain name, title tag and description (19 minutes). Developed a brief business plan not more than four pages (34 minutes…I am a fast typer), including marketing plan (I have a system which was developed using a lot of the techniques taught through Chaddo’s videos). Focused on internal linking structure that linked related keywords from keyword list and related terms (i.e. latent semantic indexing), and used Joel Comms’ Adsense Guide to accurately.

Now take the $100.oo Google Adwords credit you are going to give me (haha, confidence is infectious) and assuming a CPC value of 10 cents, that would give me 1,000 visitors to my new blog. To formulate my projected revenue i will use the stats for one day taken from my Google Account – Here is the stats:
Aug. 13, 2009 17 (impr.) 5 (cks) CTR: 29.41% eCPM $177.71 $3.02 (Total)

Assuming similar results and a consistent CTR with a projected eCPM of ~$177, my net profit for 24 hours using this equation is as follows:
ROI = [(Payback – Investment)/Investment)]*100

Now performing the calculation:
ROI= $177-$100/$100*100%
ROI= ~77%

This also assumes that I can reach my target average of 1000 visitors per day and assumes that I can reach this key performance indicator every day.

There are some serious flaws to this business plan but I do hope that demonstrate some creativity and get Chaddo’s attention and that this prize will go to a good cause.

The beauty of this simple ‘business plan’ lies within the ease of application resulting from the duplicity and replication within the business model. Many of these tasks can be automated or outsourced. If it did not work, why are so many websites using adsense? This model just relies on one revenue source but can be rapidly expanded with ease once the performance of the keywords can be compared to such key performance indicators such as % conversions – which may also include opt-ins, sign-ups, memberships, etc. as well as backend offers, upsells, downsells etc. which would be noted in the marketing plan.

i hope you pick me!


Daniel Tetreault.


I made 1600.00 about a year ago for a launch selling a commercial RE course. Put up a blogger blog, squidoo page, submitted to Digg, stumble and “feedagg”. Got top rank for product name and Persons name. Forgot about it until the check came.

Silver Dollar Coinssays:

Sign up for a CPA network like Neverblue Ads. Find a good offer to promote. Take the URL to the offer and change it to a tinyurl. Sign up for several free, or paid, safelists and design an email to send them over the next few months. You can also purchase a domain to forward the offer to and use it in your emails as well.
I used my own domain and created a subdomain on it to forward the offer to. After finding a good converting CPA offer, and sending my email containing my subdomain forwarding URL to several free safelists and 1 paid safelist, I made a profit of $500 in 4 months.


Post a money tweet message to twitter containing a link and keyword rich message

Write an ezine article and link back to the tweet

Write another article in squidoo/hubpages and link back to the tweet

Digg both the articles

Get the Rss feeds of the articles and submit to RSS aggregator sites

Finally bookmark ezinearticle and hubpages/squidoo pages

Matt S Rincsays:

I’ve spent more than 100 hours to create multimedia infoproduct how to create PowerPoint presentation in an hour or less (with body language and tips for giving presentation), even got ISBN number for it and for DVD (video) version.

I sold less than ten for now, for about $650 but I intend to:
– sell more after promoting to e-mail list I’m now importing from paid business CD-ROM directory (with legal consent from companies for first mailing, in my country),
– offer it as a bonus to SEO multimedia infoproduct I’m prepairing,
– use it as lead offer for coaching.

But what’s most important I’ve gone over my comfort zone and learned how to create videos with Camtasia, how to write pretty effective sales letter, how to write good SEO blog posts etc. All that is much more value than earnings so far and all these practically pushed me to start creating mentioned SEO product.

And now this second product will take much less time, providing this time will be focused and uninterrupted, for much more income than the first.

Keep your blog up and running!


Free, sign up for a Netlog account.
Next thing is to write a blog post
Add the link to your Netlog homepage in your blog.
Automate the process of visiting anyone who is online on Netlog.

Fallow step by step from YouTube video. ( Free Script )

Thousands of profiles, how many visitors do you think would come back and look at your profile? 1000’s a Day.

Profit of $50 Google adsense, Plus Affiliate produkt. (a Day)

Time takes aprox 2h, with 5min a day work.

Thank You for $100.oo Google Adwords. (Just a Joke)



Make quick money by doing the following:

1. Go to the warrior forum and interview one of the popular guys their. Preferably someone with a good rep for selling quality products.

2. Record the video on .mp3 and transcribe the video as well.

3. Start a WSO saying that you interviewed this person who’s giving away good techniques on how he makes money in his business. Interview can focus on CPA, adsense, PLR, whatever is the guy’s or gal’s specialty.

you should be able to sell at least 100 copies of this interview at $5 a pop.

Variations on the method can include you hosting a webinar with some expert in the IM field. Especially works if this expert will be releasing a product in the near future.

Get participants in your webinar through various methods including forum marketing, twitter and facebook. Try to get at least 100 attendees on your webinar.

At the end of the webinar offer a discount on the guru’s new product if they buy through your link. You should be able to make some quick money using either method.

By the way, the expert or guru will agree to do it because there’s really no work for them involved if you bring the customers to them.


I got a personal invitation to a secret CPA affilitae network that pays per click. Pay per click ranges from $0.05-$2.00. Since prospects don’t need to optin to any offer before i get paid. I just send quality acceptable traffic generating 1000 clicks in days.

The calculation is: for an offer that pays $2.00 per click. That’s $2,000 gross revenue. Profit would be around $1800 when all fees are deducted by the network. Pretty cool for me.

Turn around time……..One week max.

Jim Schiblysays:

Mini niche sites and doing SEO for local businesses

Approached a few businesses with high profit margins (attorneys has been my best) whose yellow page ads is wasted advertising. Used Google Keywords tool and Market Samurai to find high volume local traffic keywords with low competition and built 2-3 page niched site around the best keyword – including exact match domain. built the site in a few hours, got it indexed quickly with a couple posts to do follow blogs and social bookmarks at Digg and Mixx and got a #11 ranking and Number #6 ranking within 10 days.

Did this with 2 businesses in first month and received $3850 + $1500 a month from one and $3250 and $750 a month from the other for the sites and doing basic monthly SEO (primarily backlinks, an article and a video or 2 a month using Traffic Geyser). Think this worked as well as it did as I targeted businesses with high profit margins whose investment was easily paid back with a single customer – thoroughly explained the value of the traffic they received using stats obtained from market samurai


Two separate tests demonstrated that just two $12.00 “For Sale” signs from Home Depot earned $412.41 per day, which equals $12,372.32 per month, or $148,467.84 per year.

The bandit sign tests proved that just one sign covered with a few words about the product or service and a domain name would sell 3 web hosting accounts or 5 digital products during afternoon rush hour traffic between 3PM and 6PM at a busy intersection.

The web hosting accounts paid a commission of $100 each for a total of $300.

The digital ebooks paid commissions of $37.47 each for a total of $187.32 , but there were 2 refunds requested, so only 3 commissions were paid totaling $112.41.

Both signs were lost when they were removed by public service workers at the end of the day, but the cost of the signs are tax deductible.


Rob a bank and take hostages.

ANSWER FROM CHAD: One of the requirements was that you’ve actually tried to make money from this technique. Hopefully you haven’t tried this one!!! lol


Because internet marketing makes most of us put on weight, I started a blog with my weight loss, I have been using a clickbank product and I am showing pictures and all of my weight loss. Starting to make sales, just being honest and telling a true life story. When I have lost my weight I am sure I will make more sales and the google ads voucher would really help drive traffic to the site to make more sales. :)


I normally would not share this idea, but I think I have received a ton of really useful information from Chad and Seth, so I would like to give a little back,

Ok, just to make it clear I am not in need of the $100 Adwords Credit. I would ask Chad to give it to someone else, if I was selected, but my idea was pretty simple, and very similar to Jim Schibly’s idea.

I created a quasi-wordpress directory. I selected lawyers as my target, just as Jim, they have marketing budgets they blow on yellow pages quite often.

I came up with about 15-18 different types of lawyers and wrote articles about that niche, for instance Personal Injury, Criminal, etc… I made sure that I only targeted one county in a particular state (as I have found that is how more people search for local attorneys). It was very simple to rank for the (County + Lawyer Type)… I then leased the page out to different lawyers… I put their Name, Phone #, Address, and a Contact Form that goes to their email address. I make sure that I do not collect any people’s information as for the legal issues with being a lawyer referral service…. I position myself as a Lawyer’s Advertising Service :)

I run about $1200-$2000 a website per month…. I duplicate the process and start with a new county.

You could basically do this with many different local niches..

Jim, I am glad to see that there are others out there that think a like!

I will also share one more easy money maker…
I have a blog that I put two Double Medium Size Adsense boxes on the top. I do very well with the one site (about $1500-$2000 a month). I found that one keyword phrase that was generating a ton of traffic. I checked and found that keyword was available as a domain name. I registered it and put up another site with Adsense double boxes on the top and wrote a few unique articles… Well now I own Spots #1 & #2 for Site 2 holds #3 & #4 on Google for that keyword phrase. I know do about $800 a month on site #2… I am sure almost anyone could do this with any existing site… Check it out..

Ivan Hsiehsays:

Online surveys (e.g. SurveyMonkey)

We probably brought in over $50k from one survey to our client list. You can ask some bold questions because people like to share their thoughts. It was a client satisfaction survey that we turned into a revenue generating campaign. We also increased awareness about our services through our survey questions. So there might be residual revenue we received in the process.

Other Uses: Generating leads from your website. Gathering ideas for complementary info. products from your own list.

Total Time: 1 month, mostly collecting responses
Actual Work Time: 2-3 hours creating 10+ questions and funnels based on people’s answers. If you aren’t familiar with online surveys, it’ll take you more time to set up the survey.

Pennie Friessays:

Hi, well let me tell you! I actually did join PROJECT PAYDAY when I was short of money because they always state FAST MONEY! There’s good comments about them and bad comments about them- give me one moment to digress so I can explain the “bad comments” – there IS an assemblage of Project Payday people who have fromed sort of a forum for negotiating deals. They completely take advantage of “newbies” and wipe them clearn! BUT IF YOU STEER CLEAR OF THEM AND GO TO THE “LUNCHROOM” FORUM THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE AND WHERE DEALS ARE NEGOTIATED, THESE FOLKS ARE ALL VERY NICE AND HONEST! So, I continue, I took 90 minutes to complete the turorials and learn what I had to do. Then it took me another 45 minutes (being new) to locate the exact deals I wanted to complete. The first one was for $200 paid immediatley to my PayPal account upon completion. I poste my job offer and a gal accepted to do all my offfers for $45. She finished in 2 hours and I was paid my $200 within another hour. So, I made $155.00 in my very first total of 5 hours with Project Payday. Of course I continued the next day and got 2 more projects completed but this time it took paying half to finish each of them. So I paid my original $200 from my PayPal account from the day before to the fellow who completed my 2 deals and I received $450 – total profit from both days $450! You must absolutely be sure you go ONLY to the “Lunchroom” to do your dealings and you must be saavy and just take a look at what the experienced long timers are doing, take their examples and sign up for the exact ones they are using to get cash fast. It’s so simple – you’d be brain dead not to make money fast! And by the way, don’t ever pay attention to the bad reports about Project Payday, these are posted by the poor soles who go to the other forum and get ripped off. Stay at the Lunchroom and your money is assured! Pennie Fries

Chad A. Wilgussays:

After a few years (About 8), I finally followed about half of the manual I bought from a guru. Guess what, following directions at least half way made me $120.00. Now unfortunatly I didnt follow the tracking part of the instructions so I dont know exactly what keywords drove the traffic. I went with a guitar lessons niche, built in my on add ons to the template in my product. I bought a keyword similar domain name it was only $10.00 so if it didnt work oh well. Opened a new adwords account (be careful) and spent only about $10.00 of my own money and about $20.00 in credits. So $30.00 made me $120.00. This is good all day long, however, dont forget to track so you can do it over and over again. I am pretty well versed in all this but I am just missing something. If one of you GURU’S would take me under their wing (Kimball-wink-wink) anyway they would have rights to my true testimonial for their new product based on what they did for me. I have an outline for a full newbie to pro product series as well 50/50 we will take anyone from never even using a computer to have a fully operational business online. Maybe with continuity 1 month at a time type deal. I can get all the way to free to cheap targeted traffic at a reasonable pace. Al right off to Jonny Andrews blog to offer up a similar deal.


put up a mony tweet message to twitter,containg a link and wealthy key phrase message
write a ezine article, post a hyperlink back to twitter
write one other article/ hyperlink again to squidoo/hubpages
now digg each articles
get your rss feeds for every article, undergo rss aggregator websites
now bookmark your squidoo/hubpages/ezinearticles for future use


John Mauldinsays:

I found out about a manufacturing company that had taken bankruptcy. They had been manufacturing a machine that cost from $750-1,000. The machines had a part that had to be replaced about every two to three years or it would not work. It was the only part in the device that needed replacement for it to operate. I found a fabricator to make the part for me at $4. ea. I sold the part for $30. each and generated a net profit per month of over $30,000. exclusively from organic search. I operated the site, which took less than 8 hr. a week, for over eight years consistently generating the kind of sales I am referred to above. I sold the business to a competitor that eventually emerged for a big profit. Looking for a new product to market from a manufacturer gone defunct.

Sonny Chenowethsays:

Chad thanks for sharing the info.

Don Almsays:

$550 A DAY +, with “VIDEOS ON SPEC”

Restaurants spend lots of time and money on the INTERIOR of their eateries. The Interior DECOR is extremely important to them. However, the only time potential diners see the interior is when they are inside the restaurant.

I thought, “Why don’t I make it so diners can see the interiors of restaurants BEFORE they go inside?”

How would I do this? By making a Video and placing it on YouTube and other Video sites and, on the restaurant’s own website.

As I was stolling thru WalMart’s electronics section I saw some “Portable DVD Players”. One of them looked like a small laptop with an 8″ screen that flips up. You just put your DVD in and it plays on the screen just as if it was on your Laptop. I bought it (Phillips for $88)

I then proceeded to take photos of the restaurant with my “35mm Film Camera” (this was before I bought a Digital)…developed the film and put together a Video with a free program (PhotoStory3) Then burned it into a DVD using “Sonic” (available on PhotoStory Microsoft’s Page, $20 I think)

Brought the Portable DVD Player with my “Home-Made” DVD to the restaurant. Set it on his desk and…he went “Ga-Ga”! He LOVED IT! Then asked “How Much?” I told him $350 for the Video and another $200 to put it up on YouTube and other Video Sites.

$550 for about an hour worth of “Work”. Here it is…

I now use that Video and others to show other restaurant owners what I can do for THEIR restaurant. I just walk in “cold-turkey” ask to see the owner, show my sample DVD…ask if I can make one for his/her restaurant at NO Obligation. (If they want to know the price, I tell them I don’t know yet if it will “Turn Out”. After I make it they can see whether it fits them and we can discuss price then)

Here’s another…

When I go back to show them the Video I made for them, they ALL buy! And 99% have taken the $550 Price….soon to be more because I’m creating a “Restaurant Portal Site” including their Videos.


Don Alm….Idea Guy


This one broke some rules and took a little bit of work:

-Registered a weight loss domain and forward it to clickbank weightloss ebook product.
-set up 100 myspace accounts (and yahoo accounts to create MS accounts) Manually
-found ramdom pic of girl who was fat then skinny and put before/after pic as profile picture (for all accounts).
-wrote “Her Story” in the about me section with link to new domain
-bought myspace friend adder for $50 or so and added 100 friends per account (criteria was very specific based on demographics and girls who were not “thin”)
-sold 107 ebooks @ $25 net = $2675 – $50 – $25domain/hosting = $2600 net

Took about 2 weeks..then myspace deleted all accounts. I also got pretty burnt out typing all the captchas from MS and setting up 200 separate accounts!

I did not even contact each friend, I knew that most would see my profile after they saw profile pic.

The good thing about it was that TONS and TONS of those girls were thanking me for letting them know about the ebook.


Get yourself an easy to memorise and catchy domain name and forward it to any affiliate product you think people would be interested in.

Get yourself some print stickers labels and print your website address to each and stick in public areas such as bus stops; telephone booths, back of taxis etc.

Clean Up.

peter mcgrathsays:

hi Chad and all contributors well what agreat way to get money making ideas this shows Chads true genius and i have printed off all of these ideas and hope to start using some of them
the only tip i can give is to start promoting your products on stumbleupon asd ther advertising is targeted in the extreme and you have no competion like on ongoogle adwords
start but purchasing say 500 targeted visitors it works out at about 05.00 cents a click you must have an interesting site lots of good info on it other wise it wont get approved by stumbleupon advertising
peter mcgrath

Kunnu Singhsays:

hehe.. I have own web hosting site but now I think I need to follow you :).

Maverick Money Makerssays:

Really nice information, thanks!

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