Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program Review

It would be great if there is a guaranteed shortcut to attain success as a real estate investor. But there isn’t and there are just too many programs out there that promise you success. The journey to identifying one that is genuine and works can be overwhelming. 

Are you considering investing in real estate? If you are, you have probably chanced on this article because you want to know if Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program is legit or not. Our article will not only tell you if Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program is legit, but it will also tell you everything you need to know about the program. 

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program. But since you are here to learn about Freedom Mentor Apprentice, lets get back to our review of that:

What is the Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program?

It is a mentorship program that is designed to help real estate investors to improve their investment skills. It teaches you all the relevant skills that will help you to make huge profits quickly while avoiding the common struggles that real estate investors face. It also helps you to find properties to buy and sell. 

Who is the creator of the Program?

The Freedom Mentor Apprentice Program was created by Phil Pustejovsky, a real estate investor, coach, and mentor who has gained a lot of recognition in the real estate industry. He was inspired to start this program as a way to pay it forward for having received great mentoring from another investor in the past. 

He has always attributed his success to the great mentoring and support and he wanted to provide the same thing for other people who are new in the industry. He has been featured on the Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Inc, and Business Insider. 

Phil has published two real estate investment books; How to Be a Real Estate Investor and Real Estate Investing Gone Bad: 21 True Stories of What NOT To Do When Investing In Real Estate And Flipping Houses. Both books turned out to be best sellers. 

Phil did not start on the rosy side of life. He used to work in corporate until one day he argued with his boss about his time off schedule. He ended up without a job and eventually became homeless. He lived out of his car and ate canned food. 

He tried real estate and flopped big time but he was fortunate to meet his mentor after that flop. The mentor trained him to make money in the industry in exchange for a 50 percent share of the profit. 

Today, Phil is not only a seasoned investor but he is also well known in North America for his knowledge on the subject. Phil now lives in Florida with his wife. He has also built a strong online presence through his YouTube channel that he uses to educate people about real estate investment. He currently has over 330K subscribers on the channel. 

How Does the Program Work? 

Phil has some prerequisites for his potential apprentices. You should only apply if you meet the following requirements. You need to be open to learning; people who think they already know everything there is to the real estate industry do not qualify. You should also be willing to implement everything you have learned and be an honest individual. 

You should also be committed to success and have a positive mindset. If you think you cannot achieve the level of success you are looking for, you should not be applying to this apprenticeship program. 

If you meet all these prerequisites, you can go ahead and complete the registration form on the page. If the team accepts you, you will get access to the following. 

  • A custom investing plan that caters to your unique investment needs. 
  • A lead generation software
  • Conference calls with your mentors every week
  • 3 coaching calls per month
  • Email support

According to Phil, you will master the following by the end of the apprenticeship. 

You will know how to make lots of money from real estate even if you do not have cash or credit. He promised that you can do this even if you do not have prior experience and the risk is also minimal. Phil also teaches you how to get motivated sellers and buyers on autopilot. 

You will also learn how to communicate with motivated sellers and negotiate for the best short sale and foreclosure deals with banks. He will also teach you how to fund your deals, and you will learn how to do most of these from the comfort of your home. 

Phil will teach you to avoid the common mistakes that investors make and close deals like an experienced investor. 

Note that there is a pre-apprenticeship program that is less expensive and serves as an introduction to the main apprenticeship program. The structure is similar to the main program. 

What is the Cost of the Apprenticeship Program?

The pre-apprenticeship program costs a one-time payment of $997. For the main apprenticeship program, you will be required to make an upfront payment of $3000. This is a one-time payment but there is also a $197 monthly payment. You will also pay 50% of the amount you make to the company until you make your first $200,000. Thus, you will be paying $100,000 to the company and you will only stop paying when your earnings exceed $200,000.

You also need to set money aside for setting up your business and website. 

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, there is no refund policy.

Should You Invest in Freedom Mentor Apprenticeship Program?

Phil seems to have in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry. His YouTube videos are informative and easy to understand. This gives you an idea about what his mentorship programs will offer. The only problem is that his contracts are in a completely different name. 

We have talked about Freedom Mentor Apprenticeship Program throughout the article but when you sign up, the contract will be mentioning another company called Business Mentor Coaching LLC. This makes it difficult for people to complain about the company since they didn’t sign a contract in the name of the company that is advertised online. This can be considered a red flag. 

Despite all these, the company has mixed reviews online. The reviews on Trustpilot are mostly positive but most of the reviewers were invited by the company to leave their reviews. Most of the positive reviews talked about how they learned enough to build a profitable real estate career. 

The negative reviews talked about the fact that you won’t get any refunds when you decide to leave the company. Another also talked about how you end up paying more money for extra services. Freedom Mentor has, however, responded to all negative reviews and utterly denied most of the claims harshly. 

The bottom line is that since even the negative reviews have not talked about not getting results, it can be safe to assume that you will get results if you are willing to look past some of the red flags and work hard. However, I will suggest that you study his free resources and even sign up for the pre-apprentice program before considering the main program. 

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