Wholesale to Millions Review

Real estate investors are always looking for better ways to attain success. This includes attending training programs, webinars, looking for mentorships, and doing regular research. Whether you are a seasoned or newbie investor, if your goal is to grow quickly, you will be in constant search for the right information. 

In the quest to find the right guide to grow your business, you may have come across King Khang’s Wholesale to Millions and you are wondering if it is as good as advertised. This article will explain what the program is all about and answer the most popular questions.

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The course my daughter used above is much better than the Wholesale To Millions program. But since you are here to learn about wholesale investing, lets get back to our review:

Who created Wholesale to Millions?

The company was founded by King Khang, who also goes by the name Khang Le. King Khang moved with his family to the United States when he was 9 years old. Before that, his family lived in Vietnam. His family was so poor that he could not afford to go to school. Naturally, he was unable to read and write. 

He started school when they relocated but that was short lived. At age 17, he quit school because he was constantly bullied and he had no intention of going to college. 

He met his wife at the age of 18 and they got married. The two worked odd jobs and managed to save $15,000 to invest in a hair extension kiosk. The couple bought their first house when he turned 23 and by 27, he was able to pay off the debt on his car and house. 

King Khang’s wife talked him into attending a real estate seminar after chancing on the ad. They did their first flip which made them $50,000. Khang knew he could replicate the process which he did several times.

But he soon realized and hated the downsides of fixing and flipping properties so he decided to rather venture into wholesaling. His first wholesale property earned him $28,000. He became successful quickly and hired a team of Virtual Assistants to help him scale and run the majority of the business virtually. He became a billionaire at the age of 32. He spends a lot of time creating educational content on real estate wholesaling. 

What is Wholesale to Millions?

The program is designed to help both beginners and experienced investors to wholesale properties successfully by replicating King Khang’s process. The program includes mentorship and on-demand videos. The program was created in 2017 and has been featured on reputable YouTube channels such as Real Estate University and Flipping Mastery TV. 

How Does Wholesale to Millions Work?

The program is based on these 3 steps; finding distressed properties, negotiating the deal, and finding investors to buy the property. There are three options and you can choose either depending on your goal. But if you are looking for an all in one guide, the Wholesaling Playbook is idea. 

When you register for the Wholesaling Playbook, you will get guidance on how to do the following;

  • Set up your business.
  • Find motivated sellers.
  • Find cash buyers.
  • How to wholesale virtually and locally.
  • Comprehensive instructions on how to get your first deal.
  • How to find the hottest zip codes to target.
  • How to find distressed properties.
  • How to scale your business to six figures with the help of systems and a team.
  • Where and how to hire Virtual Assistants to help you scale your business.
  • Deal with seller objections.
  • How to pick the best wholesaling market for your business.
  • King Khang’s Inbound and Outbound Seller Script for Cold Calling and making offers over the phone.
  • All required contracts and instructions on how to fill them out.
  • Recorded seller call videos.
  • Several other important resources to get you started as a wholesaler. 
  • You will also get access to a private Facebook group. 

The Playbook costs $1,495. 

There two other programs are the Virtual Wholesaling Guide and the Amazing Seller Scripts. They both have some of the resources available in the Wholesaling Playbook and they are usually ideal for experienced Wholesalers who don’t need help a lot of with getting started. 

The Virtual Wholesaling Guide will give you guide you on the following.

  • How to set up your business.
  • How to find motivated sellers for free.
  • How to market your business.
  • A comprehensive guide on how to secure your first deal.
  • How to pull distressed properties.
  • How to find hot zip codes to target. 
  • Access to required contracts and how to complete them.

The Virtual Wholesaling Guide costs $497.

The Amazing Seller Script focuses more on helping you to sell. It’s best for people who have already set up their businesses. You will get access to the following.

  • Seller call videos
  • Videos on how to handle seller objections. 
  • King Khang’s Inbound and Outbound Seller Script for Cold Calling and making offers over the phone.
  • How to lock a property under contract over the phone. 
  • And all required contracts. 

The Amazing Seller Scripts costs $495. 

You need to review the three products and find the one that is best suited for your needs. 

Refund Policy

The company does not offer a refund policy on their products. 

Should You Invest in Wholesale to Millions?

King Khang seems to have the relevant experience to provide the right guidance. But you cannot be completely certain if the content he provides is unique and not rinsed internet content. 

Unfortunately, there are no reviews from people who have bought the program except for reviews on his website. This is weird for a program that is claimed to have helped lots of people. 

The only helpful comment from Reddit was from a user who advised someone who asked for views about the program to buy scripts and not memberships. Even this comment is not super helpful since he gave no reason for his advice. Most of the other Reddit comments are from people who are against purchasing real estate programs, to begin with. 

Since there are no reviews, it will be advisable to first check out his content on YouTube and TikTok. If it provides some value to you, there is a likelihood that you will get more value from the paid content. Good luck!

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