Future Flipper Review

I am sure you would appreciate it if someone could listen to your real estate career goals and straight away tell you a program that will work for you. A program that when you actually invest in, you get the goals you are looking for. Wouldn’t it be great if something like this existed? 

Unfortunately, the unlimited real estate coaching programs and the diverse goals make it impossible to point out a single program that works. Even if we choose one and declare it as the best coaching program, it may not work for some people because their goals may not align with what is being offered. 

This is why we are trying to review popular programs and help you to identify what they offer. Then you can easily decide if it is what you are looking for. We will talk about on of these popular programs, Future Flippers in this article. You will discover what it is and if it is even legit.

Now, before you read what I have to say about Future Flipper, let me let you in on a little secret: there are 2 categories of real estate: physical and digital. Imagine if you could rent out DIGITAL properties. I’m talking about renting out properties that exist ONLINE only (not in the physical world). You may not know this, but properties like this can get you much higher rent, and there are no property taxes, no repair costs, no homeowners insurance, and the profits can be MUCH greater: Digital Real Estate Video Here.

Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this :

Click Here to Get The Course My Daughter Used.

The course my daughter used above is much better than Future Flipper. But since you are here to learn about Future Flipper, lets get back to that:

What is Future Flippers?

This is a real estate coaching program for both beginners and experienced investors. The program covers training on fixes and flips, wholesaling, and rental property investment. You will learn how to successfully launch or scale a real estate business without taking the long route. 

Who is the Creator of Future Flipper?

The creator of the Future Flipper is serial entrepreneur called Ryan Pineda. He was a baseball player in a minor league until he turned 21. He was earning $1200 per month, which wasn’t enough for him considering the kind of life he wanted to build. 

He got a real estate license and started a side business to help support his income. He managed to save $10,000 and started flipping houses. Within 5 years, he was able to flip over 500 homes and manage over 550 rental properties. 

He shared a lot about real estate on social media and that got the attention of a lot of people who wanted to get into real estate. This increased his social media presence quickly making it easy for him to start a training program. He did not stop at flipping homes and renting properties. 

He went on to build more business and he currently owns six businesses including Wealthy Investor, Pineda Capital, and Future Flipper. He is also the author of the 2018 Amazon bestseller; Flip Your Future. He is a graduate of California State University. 

How Does Future Flipper Work?

The program has been divided into six modules. The first module introduces you to real estate investing. You will learn the basics of real estate investment and the first things you need to put in place to have a successful real estate career. 

The next module takes you through the process of finding good deals. It is not only about finding the deals, it is also about finding them easily and quickly. It will be unprofitable and impractical if you spend a lot of time and money in finding deals and some of these deals end up not being ideal. What makes a deal a great one? You will know how to answer this question so that you don’t waste your time with deals that do not have any potential. You will learn more about how to analyze deals in the third module. 

Most of the time, your capital is not enough to fund the deals and you will need to rely on lenders. How do you find these lenders who will lend to you easily? The fourth module of the Future Flippers program covers this. 

There are important things to look for when choosing a property to rehabilitate. Some rehabilitation projects may end up being unprofitable if you do not choose right. This is why Future Flipper teaches you how to find rehabilitation deals that are lucrative so that you can make a good profit. 

How do you find sellers that will accept your offers? You will learn how to offer sellers a win-win situation so that you can accept your offers quickly.

To get started with the Future Flippers program, you need first watch Ryan’s introduction video. The video talks a lot about Ryan life, what will be covered in the program, and testimonials from past students. Once you finish watching, you can schedule a free strategy call with a team member. 

You will be required to complete a form that asks questions about where you are in your career as a real estate agent. 

What is the Cost of the Future Flipper Program?

Although Ryan has not mentioned the cost of the program, one reviewer revealed that it costs a minimum of $8000 and it’s a one-time payment. You will be required to pay upfront. We are not sure about options for installment payments. 

You may also be required to pay for integrations and other programs. Ask about these when you hop on a call with the team. 

Refund Policy

Ryan’s website does not say anything about refunds. You should ask about this when you schedule a call with someone from Ryan’s team. 

Should You Invest in Future Flipper?

For a company that charges $8,000 for training, there should be more proof out there that the program works. We are not talking about reviews on the company’s website; there should be lots of reviews on independent review sites.

Unfortunately, we struggled to find reviews about the program. And when we found one on BiggerPockets, it turned out to be a negative one. The reviewer mentioned that her husband tried the program and when she went through the material, the guidelines didn’t make any sense. 

Her partner had to pay $600 to file tax although he didn’t make any money after all the investment. 

Even without a negative review, the program is too expensive and the content is not unique. You can get information on how to find good deals and motivated sellers without emptying your pockets. 

If you have money and you are willing to invest in a real estate program, go through our reviews. We have made some great recommendations for programs that offer value but are reasonably priced. 

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