Partner Driven Review

So you want to start a career in real estate but you are struggling to come up with the capital needed to get started. You also have no idea where to start. I have news for you. Actually, Peter Vekselman has a proposition for you. 

The proposition sounds like a good way to get started as a real estate investor but we know you don’t want to jump right into any deal without reviewing it first. That’s why we are gathering all relevant information about Peter’s offer. So that you can make an informed decision.

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Here’s a video of my daughter’s business using this:

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The course my daughter used above is much better than Partner Driven Real Estate. But since you are here to learn about Partner Driven, lets get back to that:

What is Partner Driven Real Estate Investment?

This is Peter’s company that helps real estate investors to close deals quickly. According to Peter, these people get access to the company’s resources, team, knowledge, and even money to help them close the deal with ease. 

Who is Peter Vekselman?

Peter and his family migrated from Russia to Ohio , USA when he was 8 years old. He was placed two years lower than his grade because he was unable to speak English. He struggled in school for several years because he spoke bad English and was bigger than most of the kids in his class. 

Peter was an entrepreneur quite early in his life. He took on odd jobs such as shoving snow for neighborhood homes and selling t-shirts, and hats. He graduated from Miami and couldn’t even get an interview because he was almost at the bottom of his class. He resorted to selling insurance and radio equipment.

He got into real estate later but he made a very big mistake by trusting the wrong contractors and realtors. He lost $500,000 in 6 months and he had to borrow another $250,000 for deals. Unfortunately, he lost that as well. He decided to build a team to work with instead of working with random people. 

This changed everything for him and he managed to grow his real estate business quickly. Peter is a well-known real estate expert, and a public speaker, and has been featured in several real estate podcasts. 

How Does Partner Driven Real Estate Investment Work?

This company treats everyone who comes on board as a partner. They first coach these partners to understand how real estate works. This training includes elaborate videos, presentations, quizzes, and other resources that will facilitate quick learning. 

The team then helps them to secure profitable real estate deals, get the deals under contract, and negotiate the best prices for the deals. According to Peter, they have made finding deals easier by giving access to their deal-finding technology. 

Then Peter and his team will support the partners to secure funding. The team avoids any kind of loans at all costs. They also provide consultation on property rehabilitation. Partners learn to fix properties without the usual struggle. When the property is flipped, they split the profit 50/50. 

Partners get live daily training calls from a team member and one-on-one coaching with the real estate experts on the team. 

When it comes to closing deals, the team will take care of all the paperwork, contracts, inspection, and title work. 

Partners also get access to their partner community on Facebook. This private group is where partners nationwide come together to network and support each other to close more deals. 

To get started, you need to complete the short form on the company’s website. The form will only request your name, mobile number, and email address. Once you share that, they will send over the Partner Program Proposal, and Syllabus. 

Cost of the Program

Although they haven’t revealed the cost of the program, we came across a review on Bigger Pockets that said you should expect to pay about $1500 a month. The reviewer mentioned that the lump sum fee is around $10,000 but you will be offered a monthly payment schedule and that works out to $1500 a month. 

You will also pay an additional $50 per month for the company’s deal-finding software. And all these are for the training. Remember that, when they fund deals for you, there will be a 50% cut. 

Refund Policy

This company does not offer refunds for payments made. 

Should You Invest in Partner Driven Real Estate Program?

Honestly, paying $10,000 for the training is quite a stretch, we would need to see as many positive reviews as possible to justify that cost. So we went out to look for reviews. We found a lot of Google reviews and a few on Bigger Pockets. Let’s check them out. 

The company has 55 Google reviews and most of them are positive. The average rating is 4.9 and most of the reviewers were happy about the support they received from the company. One reviewer also mentioned that the company updates their resources often hence you will also get access to up-to-date resources. Some reviewers have also attributed their success to the mentoring provided by the company. 

However, there was one negative review on Bigger Pockets and a few on Google. The reviewer on Bigger Pockets mentioned that the company has too much going on and it makes it difficult to focus on one thing. He also said that the program isn’t great for someone who isn’t tech-savvy. The person who gave a negative review on Google said that the company gave him plenty of promises but they always said the deals he found were not good enough. 

The bottom line is that, invest in this program only if you can comfortably afford it and are ready to keep up with the several different phases of their training. 

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