Get a PageRank Link From Google For Free

There is a little known areaof google’s website where you can actually get a link for free and it passes you pagerank! Now, the important thing to remember is that it passes AUTHORITY to your site, as well as pagerank. That is what makes it valuable.

It is called “google profiles”

To set one up, go to
And setup a new profile.

When you setup your links, use the anchor text that you’re targeting for your website.

Keep in mind that after you set this up, you will need to point some links to your profile in order to give it pagerank. But the pagerank that you get from your google profile will have AUTHORITY added to it, since it is a link directly from google themselves.

(A PR3 linkfrom google is a lot more valuable than a PR3 link from another site)

You can build some links to it using directories, squidoo, ezinearticles, or even from your own site if it has PageRank!

(If you link from your site to your google profile, then back to your site, you’ll essentially be trading “non authority” pagerank for full “authority” pagerank.)

Try it!!

P.S. Another great use of this technique is if use my domain tweak method in conjunction:

P.P.S. If you need help understanding what I mean, just shoot me an email after you check out the domain tweak system and I’ll explain this special tactic:

4 replies on “Get a PageRank Link From Google For Free”

Chad.. can I open more than one g mail account under different names, and then do a profile for each one.. all linking back to my website?

Multiple Google links..? Its possible I think .. I will give it a go.


Actually I checked.. you cant because google now send you a pin no via sms when you open a new unless you have a heap of cell phone numbers.. its not likely to work.

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